Shoe Thrower tortured into apologizing

According to the BBC, whose parent Corporation, the British Crown, still has a few dogs in this fight:
Perhaps they, like the soldiers who voted down the P. (romise) O.(f) (more) W.(ar) Bush MeatPuppet Candidate who took his POW POW POW POW Torture Victim status and translated it into a much closer than really should have been Ass-whoopin’ on November 5, perhaps they too realize that their own comrades will inevitably suffer from the backlash, vengeance and just in general reaping of the whirlwind caused by a war of SO CALLED “Liberation” where one of the Former Prisoners of l’Ancien Regime is now being held without counsel, beaten and tortured not only by “cops” Trained and Funded by our “freedom loving” military, but by Actual Members Of The AMERICAN Military as well.

Because he’s being held at a USAF Base hospital.

Thus, it’s no longer the Puppet UnterFuhrer Dictatorship of Iraq who are holding him incommunicado, (save for a statement they forced him to make begging forgiveness for his “CRIME”) But Our OWN Beloved United States Air Force.

John McCain, who is championed by the Same Right Wing Torture Freak Serial Killer and Rapist George Bush, and ALL of his minions, Yes, O My Brothers, The Coward From Crawford and all his cronies,

John McCain who was famous for being tortured in the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam where he was being held for his War Crimes of bombing civilians in a country against which the United States had never declared war… and insists that similar confessions and apologies HE made for his actual murders were forced under duress…

Yes, O My Brothers, THAT McCain, is thunderously silent on the issue of a man who faces 3 times the total sentence he served in Hanoi, to be tortured daily by American Trained Experts every day for 15 YEARS,

For the “crime” of insulting George Walker Bitch Bush.

Even though he Himself rode the POW! POW! POW! Express to fame and Political Fortune that was really undeserved by any of his own actions or accomplishments.

The evidence suggests he didn’t really get shot down, but because he was a Spectacularly Bad pilot merely crashed Yet Another very expensive American Public Property airplane.

While recreating (a quarter of a century beforehand) the Terror Attack of 9/11.

George Bitch (as opposed to McCain who is merely George’s Bitch) is characteristically making himself look like a Hero in the incident, or at least to himself and his dwindling circle of Admirers.

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