The military recruitment playground

We at Not My Tribe have become increasingly accustomed to combating Israeli military propaganda coming this web site’s way, but what about the US military recruitment playground that we live our lives so immersed in? It’s so all around us so much that we sometimes don’t even see it and most of our neighbors just take it for granted like earth, wind, and fire. And now, here’s a new case of the US military propaganda machine going after our kids. It’s a Philadelphia area ‘playground’ for kids created by the Pentagon called The Army Experience… Pretty sick!

1 thought on “The military recruitment playground

  1. O good God!

    Maybe if we put up an “amusement center” that shows the REAL military experience, that would help.

    The Sterilized War of hitting people around the world from the comfort of your keyboard, with a Drone missile, and the press reporting it as “see, No Casualties”

    Because of course ALL of the victims of American Violence are “proven” terrorists.

    And anybody who denies that must be a Terrorist Too!

    But show a mock-up of a Drone Attack aftermath…

    Have a burnt out building, yeah, people around screaming, buy some rotten meat and burn some of it to get an approximation of the smell,

    Getting a fresh screaming Victim with pieces blown off of him or her, that would be even more realistic but Somebody would object.

    Not the least would be the person chosen to be the Victim.

    THAT would be realistic.

    That picture of the G.I. Jihadi doll? Comes from a website singing the praises of the GI Joe cartoon show aka 30 minute commercial for Mattel from the 80s and 90s.

    Where the Joe Team and Cobra would mix it up twice a day, more once it hit syndication…

    A whole lot of Real Estate would be destroyed, without of course mentioning the cost of the toxins left by all the burning buildings, munitions, you know that White Phosphorous our Trolls say was just “flares”, and the people and buildings killed or destroyed were Just Another OOPSIE moment?

    That stuff lights Concrete on fire. Sends up a toxic cloud of very finely particulate smoke too.

    Just look at the EPA and OSHA regulations, the ones the Army and other Republican Organizations use for toilet paper,

    On Concrete Plants and the steps they have to take to avoid poisoning the area around their plants.

    And that’s just ONE munition.

    Doesn’t show the general starvation that exists around any war zone either.

    Doesn’t show people dying EVER, and especially not any civilians.

    Doesn’t show kids blown in half.

    You know, just like the Video Arcade Fantasy Army Game you showed us.

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