Denver trial of R68 organizer starts Mon.

NEWS FROM RECREATE-68- The trial of R-68 organizer Carlo Garcia will begin Monday, January 5, in Denver. Carlo’s arrest was one of the worst cases of racism and police misconduct at the DNC. Below is a video of the incident which then led to the police assault on Code Pink organizer Alicia Forest.

Where: The City and County Building of Denver, Court Room 117
When: January 5 at 8:30 am. The trial should last 2 – 3 days. Please come to all if you can.

Carlo can use all the support you can show him. Other R-68 organizers will be testifying, please come and show support for this young important member of our community and stand against the racism of this police attack. When you watch the video, notice the police do not bother the white person on the other end of the sign doing the same thing as Carlo. When the police ask Carlo to leave, as they protect the hate speech being spewed by Rubin Israel and others, Carlo tells them that R-68 has the permit for the park and the hate speech folks are disputing the event. Almost immediately the police choke than attack Carlo.

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  1. Carlo, congratulations on winning your case! Hopefully Alicia Forrest will also prevail.

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