UN report continues to condemn Israeli destruction in Gaza of UN facilities

The United Nations did a report on the Israeli military’s attacks on some of its own buildings and facilities in Gaza. Here is the summary of that report that has just been issued.

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4 Responses to UN report continues to condemn Israeli destruction in Gaza of UN facilities

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Stephen Shalom discusses Target Iran at http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/21368

    Great article! Will the UN go in and continue to aid this US? Israeli war effort like they have done with US attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan and the subsequent lengthy occupations?

  2. Eric Eric says:

    An article in the Gardian summarizes the UN findings:

    29 December – The headquarters of the UN political mission in Gaza was damaged when Israeli air strikes hit the presidential compound next door. Staff were on site, but were protected in a bunker and not injured. The inquiry held the Israeli government responsible for the damage.

    5 January – An Israeli air strike hit the UN Asma elementary school in Gaza City, where hundreds more Palestinians were sheltering. The missile killed three young men who had been walking to the bathroom in the school compound. The inquiry found no weapons or ammunition were being stored in the school, and that the men had been going to the toilet and not taking part in military activity. The attack was “an egregious breach of the inviolability of the United Nations premises”, the inquiry said, again holding Israel responsible for the deaths and damage.

    6 January – The Israeli military fired several 120mm mortar rounds in the “immediate vicinity” of the UN boys’ preparatory school, killing between 30 and 40 Palestinians. The school in Jabaliya was being used as a shelter for hundreds of Palestinians who had fled their homes to escape the fighting. , the inquiry found. Although Israel at the time said Hamas had fired mortars from within the school, the inquiry found this as not true: there had been no firing from within the compound and there were no explosives in the school.

    6 January – An Israeli air strike damaged the UN Bureij health centre, injuring nine people. The inquiry said the air strike had targeted and destroyed an apartment opposite the centre. It held Israel responsible for the damage to the health centre, and noted that the UN had been given no advance warning of the attack.

    8 January – Israeli soldiers fired at a UN convoy, damaging one of the vehicles in Ezbet Abed Rabou. The marked convoy, flying a UN flag, had been cleared by the Israeli military to travel out to pick up the dead body of a UN staff member.

    15 January – The UN’s main headquarters in Gaza was badly damaged when it was hit by several Israeli artillery shells, including some containing white phosphorus. The shelling continued despite warnings from the UN to the Israeli military, and fires caused serious damage to the UN warehouse. Three people were injured. The inquiry held Israel responsible and said the Israeli military had a “particularly high degree of responsibility” to ensure the safety of the UN headquarters.

    17 January – Israeli 155mm artillery loaded with white phosphorus exploded early in the morning above the UN Beit Lahiya elementary school, where nearly 2,000 Palestinians were sheltering from the fighting. Two children, aged five and seven, were killed inside a classroom and their mother and cousin were seriously injured by shards of shell casings. Eleven others were also hurt. The inquiry held Israel responsible for the deaths, injuries and damage.

  3. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    This is not different to the destruction that happens in any war, however unpleasant, especially in an urban warfare theater. However, no war crimes have occurred. Had Israel not been provoked into war by Hamas with incessant shelling of Israeli territory, the war would not have happened.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Israel was not provoked. It simply wanted to destroy Palesinian economic infrastructure and create conditions of disease and starvation in the refugee areas. Sending blankets infected with smallpox would have been a little too obvious.

    ‘Dan’, have I told you recently that you are a total asshole?

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