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Who were the 1,415 victims in Gaza?

Americans aren’t accustomed to seeing their adversaries as human. The victims of our wars remain faceless and nameless, and maybe as a consequence we accept that our military “doesn’t do body counts.” Not only do we minimize the number of … Continue reading

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Colorado reps support Israel war crimes

All 7 of Colorado’s US representatives voted to put their congressional stamp of approval on Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, joining 337 more yeas for House Resolution 867, Calling on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose unequivocally … Continue reading

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Don’t buy Israeli Apartheid

Interesting counterpoint in Ha’aretz this morning about the Goldstone Report on the recent war crimes committed in Gaza, where the UN commission found grounds to investigate both Hamas and Israel for violations.   Hamas rejects the charges based on population’s … Continue reading

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UN report continues to condemn Israeli destruction in Gaza of UN facilities

The United Nations did a report on the Israeli military’s attacks on some of its own buildings and facilities in Gaza. Here is the summary of that report that has just been issued.

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UN calls for war crime investigation on Gaza Massacres

Video where spokesperson of the UN calls for war crime investigation on Gaza Massacres because of repeated and deliberate Israeli attacks on United Nations’ installations in Gaza.

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