US documents show that US military did torture multiple POWs to their deaths

Unredacted documents reveal prisoners tortured to death. To think back to all that denial from Americans of all different stripes and stars that POWs were ever being tortured in the least by their beloved ‘boys and girls’ in uniform! All their Pledges of Allegiance and Prayers, their yellow ribbons and gift packs ad nauseum? Meanwhile, our government hid their documentation away out of sight. But we all knew all along….

4 thoughts on “US documents show that US military did torture multiple POWs to their deaths

  1. You know, the Trolls don’t seem to be responding.

    They did say they needed Hard Evidence that torture actually goes on under the wings of Likud’s Parent Corporation.

    You plumb reckon they don’t actually give a damn about Evidence, at least evidence provided by anybody but Likud, IDF and the Pentagon?

  2. Well, there’s been a remarkable dearth of Israelis posting.

    Mostly ChickenHawks in America who are unwilling to actually go and risk shedding their own blood in the Likud Jihad against civilians.

    Maybe a lot more people in the world could live very well without Death Salesmen making profits off the Killing of Kids.

    I’d say the probability is very great.

  3. My my my…

    Another one with the SAME ISP as several previous Trolls…

    What A Surprise!

    Say, Eric, on the ARIN webpage, there’s a link to his ISP, happens to be Verizon…

    And a link about “abuse”.

    Say, ChickenHawk Mitch/David/Denise whatever the hell your real name and or sex is, you are a Putrid little coward bitch.

    Is Mummy and Daddy paying for your internet?

    Are your mom and dad ChickenShit War-promoters but not actually Warrior Freaks just like you?

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