Another Made-in-USA fake elections day for an occupied country

heil obamaUS elites never seem to get tired of their fake election days. Today, it was nonstop coverage of their Afghan elections on National Imperialist Radio, (otherwise known as NPR). I call these elections fake because they are run by an imperialist occupying force that doesn’t even have the ability to speak the native tongue, let alone have any valid reason for occupying Afghanistan. The yakity yaks on NPR and other corporate channels don’t have even the slightest clue of what’s going on, yet in their doting coverage of these fake elections made for the US-made Hellistan it was nonstop pretense otherwise.

At least the BBC gave out the real news and that was that 300,000 foreigner controlled troops were everywhere, even as nobody showed up. The ballot boxes were full though (how did those ‘ballots’ get there?), and this was heard even on NPR! What American actually cares if the ballot boxes in Afghanistan were stuffed? It was a fake election anyway, wasn’t it? So no wonder Americans are deserting Commander in Chief Obama in mass! Some ‘changer’ he was… Before it is over, Americans may want to waterboard the twit! BOOM!

1 thought on “Another Made-in-USA fake elections day for an occupied country

  1. … from the BBC
    Afghan polling ‘marked by fraud’

    Election officials have said ballot counting is over
    A leading group of election observers say there was widespread voting fraud and intimidation during Thursday’s presidential election in Afghanistan.

    rest of report at where it is mentioned that despite the fraud, the European Union election monitoring team came to the idiotic conclusion that…

    ‘However EU monitors said that despite widespread intimidation and violence, the vote was generally good and fair.’

    Never mind the widespread fraud and American and European occupation of the country, I guess? Those wanky Europeans! What they won’t go along with?! Nada, it seems? They just love Obama and like that Black Face on the imperialism team they are part of! Brits in Afghanistan once again!

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