We’re so sorry…

OpieThink of it: You are a 13 y/o boy and a foreign power has just killed your brother, Mom, and other family members, and you get a knock on your door (not at your own house, since it stands no longer) and says…
‘We’re so sorry. Here take these dollar bills and we wish you the best. We made an awful mistake.’

Do you feel better now? Do you then get out a piece of paper and tell the person at your door to wait a second as you write this following letter?

Dear President of the United States,

Thank you so much by sending me this money. You and all of your country are forgiven since you have apologized to me. I know that you did not actually mean to kill members of my family, but an accident happened. Thank you for saying you’re sorry.

13 y/o Boy

See US apologises over Afghan deaths … Does this tragic comedy played out really make you and your neighbors feel that the US military is a moral unit that cares, and tries to behave? The couple of thousand paid out to this child are to buy you off more than to buy the 13 y/o off. Did this payout by Barack Obama’s command work?

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