Camp OUT NOW delayed for St Pats

Peace of the Action with Cindy SheehanPEACE OF THE ACTION and Cindy Sheehan had to delay their March 13 start by two days, to accommodate the Washington DC’s St. Patrick’s Day. Parade organizers objected to sharing the National Mall with an antiwar protest encampment. Deja vu? Camp OUT NOW will raise their tents on March 15 on the lawns between the White House and the Washington Monument, to protest America’s ceaseless war-making. Sheehan and co will direct civil disruptions of DC activities and don’t plan to strike the tents until troops -and drones- are OUT. Join them!

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    One of the national “news” propaganda magazines is declaring victory in Iraq, saying they’ve attained “Democracy” American style Meaning that the Corporate War-Pigs gave them a choice of candidates for whom they’re allowed to vote Same as here

    When they say that the Iraqis and Afghans are being given the “same freedoms” as Americans, they’re not quite exactly lying. Because, well, we’ve seen the kind of “freedom” they dole out to us here.

    Like Sean Paige and the other Right Wing freaks in town said, sure we have freedom of speech, we just have to “accept consequences” if we dare to exercise that freedom.

    We have “freedom” but the government has the “freedom” to repress our freedom.

    Talk about your basic Orwellian Blackwhite.

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