Dubya goes to Haiti. Book him Danno!

The ultra-right wing Heritage Foundation made the suggestion yesterday, and it turned out President Obama liked it. George what-me-Worry Bush will co-chair the Haiti relief committee! The New Orleans Katrina aid travesty qualified him to do what? Play guitar and go fishing? Instead of slapping the pathological miscreant in a set of cuffs, our commander in chief will no doubt soon be saying “Good Job Dubya” –if the Heritage Foundation dictates.

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3 Responses to Dubya goes to Haiti. Book him Danno!

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I don’t think Dub will go to Haiti. Somebody probably already told him that the nation is filled with people who don’t actually like him.

    Like his Air National Guard “service”. The people in VietNam wouldn’t have liked him either. So he didn’t go. Something about his allergies. The thought of physical danger makes him break out in hives.

  2. Avatar pcm says:

    You have got to be kidding!! Well, there’s a good chance the earth will open up and swallow him. Our luck, it would spit him back out.

  3. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    ‘Instead of slapping the pathological miscreant in a set of cuffs, our commander in chief will no doubt soon be saying “Good Job Dubya” –if the Heritage Foundation dictates.’

    Aw come on, Verlo. This whole bit is why I know that you are a liberal Democrat apologist still at heart. Obama is not dictated to by the Heritage Foundation as you assert he is, but rather by his own fellow Democratic Party politicians in crime. They see their job (as dictated by their corporate funders and own think tanks) as being to rehab the downed reps of the Republican Party dips, so that the world can go on see-saw wise with the two party game of rule.

    When Slick got into power, he did the same, too, for Ronnie and Pappy Bush. That’s the reason the young folk following the ’80s all walked around in a daze still infatuated with/ in love with the Gipper (The Gypper) There simply is no reason to think that the Democrats are being bossed around at all by any conservative Republican think tanks, as you do Eric, since they themselves have the Democrats have their own conservative think tanks giving out their own directions, and coordinating well the Democratic Party’s affairs in Republican Imperial manner.

    This whole blog Same Old Tribe has now devolved into a standard and boring dumb ass faux liberal affair, where you guys now spend all your time bashing the Republican Right and pussy pawing around about the Democratic Party hacks you vote for and fall for. If you were not so inclined to be so pedantic in your style, Eric, you perhaps could fit in over at the Huffington Post.

    Jonah is too infantile and vulgar to ever get there though. Or anywhere else. So you 2 best stick together as a nut case circus crew bashing Sarah Palin, the anything Israeli Jewish State Right, and Rush Dittoshit.

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