Police state runs amok in Eldorado Texas

Residences for families of breakaway Mormon sectLet’s face it, Republican US President, George W. Bush, and Republican Texas State Governor, Rick Perry, are simply in total cahoots in coordinating the incredible police state witch hunt going on in Eldorado, Texas. The US police state is running amok and this is a test case for how much the government can get away with in denying US citizens their constitutional rights.

And where are the damn Democrats? I thought that these great leaders were grand protectors of civil rights? Is everybody just going to remain totally silent and complicit with this government child abuse and disregard of all citizen rights? Right now, it certainly appears so, doesn’t it? This is a test case, and the report card for all so far, is FFF. Make that F- PLUS.

The number of kids removed from the Eldorado, Texas religious compound is now over 400, with 133 women taken away, too, as if they were mere children. This is the federal police state and their local henchmen posing themselves as grand and noble knights on white horses, saving the maidens and the children from bad men folk, we are all to suppose? Not hardly. And yet, nobody has been charged with any real crime! Talk about going fishing Texas sized. This is Dick Cheney out fishing! Feel that hook in America’s heart?

What is to be established here? That the federal government and/ or local and state governments can treat ordinary US citizens as if they were Afghan civilians in a war zone? Bombs away? What happened to due process of civilian law? We are now all presumed guilty until; we are proven innocent by government authorities, who meantime can do anything they want with our kids, our families, and everybody? Cooperate, or else! So?

Under normal law in a non-police state, if the police has charges against somebody, they arrest that person and charge them with a crime. They don’t go out and throw the lives of around 600 people into total turmoil, including traumatizing small kids. This America we have now is shameful and disgusting. It takes the complicity and apathy of all of us to allow this charade to continue as it is. Shame on the Democrats for not speaking out! Shame on them! And shame on all of us for simply tolerating the abuse of our fellow citizens by police thugs.

12 thoughts on “Police state runs amok in Eldorado Texas

  1. This makes me sick, sick, sick. Still, it involves them, so don’t expect anyone to get too upset about the flagrant violation of civil liberties.

  2. People who I know and love, respect even, sometimes tell me (must be a brain fart because they know my attitude) that “They” proved that David Koresh was this that and the other thing.

    The “proof” being somebody who survived the conflagration and facing charges of Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder if he/she didn’t cooperate, testifying that Koresh was a sadist, a tyrant and a child molester.

    After Koresh was long dead. And of course, the police wouldn’t have any vested interest at all in Koresh being convicted in the Court of Public Opinion…

  3. And how would one describe our current president? He is most definitely a sadist, a tyrant and, as evidenced by this latest assault, a child molester.

    Is anyone else tiring of this? How far does it have to go before people start to understand that which you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me?

    The current victims are them to us. We are them to those in power. Duh.

  4. Bush could, conceivably, plead insanity.

    At least 19 percent of a jury would be moved to acquit.

    I’m waiting for the R’s to start crowing that it’s “Waco, without the blood”… or some stupid shit.

    They really didn’t disagree with the Waco Massacre in principle, just that it was “sloppily executed”.

    Or with the Rajneeshi action.

    They called that a “Cult action to take over an entire county government”…

    Kind of like New Life and FOTF did up here…

    I know it’s a bad habit to compare the Bu’ush Regime to the Nazis, because at least the Nazis were highly motivated, efficient and effective… until their country got bombed into Very Large Piles Of Rubble….

    But Herr Bush does have at least a common intent with them…

    I kind of miss America, you know? (he says from a spot that’s 250 miles from the center of the U.S.)

    I won’t have much joy in the downfall of his regime, because he’s going to take us down with him.

    Actions like this are just milestones, in a very long road.

    We haven’t gotten to The End just yet, But we are measurably closer…

  5. How about the women and children who are not educated beyond a second grade level? Who are locked away and held against their will? Where are their constitutional rights? I do believe in the freedom of religion but this does not include women and children being imprisoned mentally and physically. Religion is a freedom to choose. I am shocked and disgusted our government has let this injustice go on for years.

  6. Freedom of religion isn´t really at issue here, Elle. As Tony said, if a crime is being committed, the authorities should investigate and, when enough evidence is gathered, arrest and try the perpetrator for his crimes.

    Storming the gates, rounding up alleged victims of abuse, and hauling them off — against their collective will — to an unknown fate is not how things are to be done in this country.

    The only thing scarier than the egregious violation of Constitutional liberties in Eldorado is that people like you, Elle, approve of the government’s actions.

    Cheering the government’s abuse of power in Texas is surely based on complete ignorance of not only the law of the land, but world history. When the government is allowed to single out certain groups for persecution, round them up and take them away, with nary a peep from the citizenry, we are well on our way to becoming a country where no one is safe.

    Í can’t wait until they come for the dumb people.

  7. If people who were dangerously stupid had to wear an armband identifying them as such, it would be a civil rights violation.

    Print up a bunch of tee-shirts and bumper stickers that say basically “Support every action of the Government unconditionally”, sell them for 5 or 6 bucks apiece, and they’ll come running with money in hand to buy their identifying marks.

    Seriously, Elle, rather than just call you deluded or anything I’ll go ahead and engage on an Intellectual level.

    There is no proof and very little evidence offered for any of the Government’s accusations.

    Just like Waco, the “evidence” only comes out AFTER anywhere between 87 – 104 people got collectively barbecued.

    It’s really easy to convict dead people.

    Apparently it’s really easy to convict living people in the eyes of potential jurors before any charges ever get filed.

    The charges of brainwashing and predatory recruiting of minors could just as easily, and with a whole lot more evidence, be applied to the United States Military.

    Think back, Elle, when did you first hear “The policeman is your friend”…?

    And who told you? I would bet it was in a government sponsored or government subsidized classroom, when you were too young to even know what was being said.

    I would also bet it was in a presentation by police officers “volunteering to help educate”.

    Now, if the Government ever gets enough evidence to actually FILE CHARGES and maybe convict somebody, I’m very sure that he’ll file an appeal and be free within a week and the Brave, Noble and Righteous Police and Prosecutors will lose their jobs, be hounded forever after and maybe sentenced to life in prison…

    I know because the “policeman is your Friend” brainwashing has been reinforced by every Crime Drama show on television.

    So “everybody” KNOWS that the policeman is always right but they can’t fight crime because Liberal Judges and Jurors ALWAYS side with the obviously guilty defendants…

    and “everybody” knows because we’ve been told that so very many times in our lives.

    If you want to read something really intriguing about Brainwashing and especially Mass Conditioning …you know, what your government accuses the ALLEGED “cult” of doing…

    Two works by DOCTOR Aldous Huxley one from 1924 and one from 1959, Brave New World and Brave New World, Revisited.

    Of course, you’ve been told in Church and even in School that Brave New World is pornography.

    Even though there’s not one single narrative or graphical portrayal of a sexual act in the entire book….

  8. You can buy both books at Eric’s bookstore.

    Fat chance you would be able to find them at Pike’s Peak Library District, the “Government is Always Right” crowd have a most effective censorship program going in this town (and many many others)

  9. Aldous Huxley? Who the heck is he? Who would name there kid Aldous, anyway? He writes pornography? I’ve never heard of him.

  10. Police are out of control. They claim they care about families. What crap!

    Government pigs are the problem. Let people practice there religion. They would never do this to Muslims. This is PC.

  11. Hate to agree but this move was wrong. More to issue than
    just one church group being busted up. They had NO proof.
    Only the word/call from a nut woman in Colorado Springs CO.
    From that they busted up families. Put children (any age) into
    a different type of church who, of course, teaches their way
    is the only way. Where is the ACLU? Where are the lawyers
    who believe in law? Where are the people of Texas, heck
    of the USA? You all should be yellinng. Do you not understand there is more to this. Next all churches will be
    closed down, then the Republicans or those with blue eyes
    or. Proof has to be present BEFORE the federal/state cops
    roll, huh? No, just because this time you agree this was ok
    what do you do when they come for the guy/gal next door
    or then come for you. Who will stand up then? This is
    just what they do in a commisinst state like China.
    WAKE UP folks before it is too late.

  12. You show moments of great lucidity at times, Major.

    There is hope. We’ll help if we can, and there are others waiting to help.

    Always… (or at least until they drag the last one of us off to the camps)

    By the way, Jesus was a homeless socialist and the early church lived in a Commune in Jerusalem..

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