Errant missile a setback for 12 Afghans

NATO spokesmen are preempting accusations of insensitivity concerning two US rockets which killed twelve Afghan civilians in Marjah, the latest operation against the Taliban. Six of the unintended victims were children. Military brass are expressing worry that such collateral damage will prove a setback to winning the hearts and minds over the latest US antipersonnel maneuvers.

US Marines are complaining that new rules of engagements are making the fighting more arduous and protracted. The stricter rules dictate that US soldiers cannot fire at people unless they commit a hostile act or show intent. This new policy abides by Geneva Conventions, meaning the earlier rules did not.

Before its resurged insurgence, Fallujah was not considered a setback. In other headlines, Secretary of State Clinton declared that Iran is heading toward being a military-led regime, the potential of nuclear weapons posing a terrifying threat. I don’t know about Iran, can we say that about the USA?

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1 Response to Errant missile a setback for 12 Afghans

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Not just ONE “smart” bomb going awry. at LEAST two.
    The Marines are bitching that they’re not allowed to shoot civilians, again. My My My Lai.

    The people of Afghanistand didn’t invite them to come over and kill their Other People of Afghanistan.

    I mean, seriously, what if WE, the people of the West Side, asked some foreign government to come and force a Regime Change here, have them come and kill all the Focus Terrorists?

    I mean, exact same scenario. Course, now, that’s one of the arguments the War-Pigs have made, that they’re actually fighting for the People of Afghanistan against a fundamentalist Middle Eastern Religious group which exports terrorists and uses the local facilities like say Fort Carson to train those Terrorists.

    A fragmented government structure, sez they? We got that too, sez I.

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