Green is the new blue

I’m not talking about the verdant environmentalists, of the “Green Scare,” the syntax applied by the government to categorize eco-defenders under the axis of terrorism. Nor the hue of the ecological mind shift that launched the global political movement. The US Green Party stands for what, beside outsiders to the corporate party? Socialism, humanism, ecology — if you try to find common ground in a nutshell — all the progressive reform commonsensical to the educated class. It’s the Democratic Party platform sine qua non. Left unarticulated, the objectives are the Green Party’s to table for discussion when they will meet less opposition. In administrative parlance that’s to go nowhere.

1 thought on “Green is the new blue

  1. Yeah I think they’re placing to much emphasis on naming parties. They should be concentrating more on representing the people rather than representing a name.

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