Haiti public menace is old stereotype

Once again NMT scoops the corporate media desperate for images of menacing Haitians on the verge of violence. These 1793 engravings aimed to anger the French public against the savagery of the Haitians rising against their masters in then Colonial French St. Domingue.

A detail from The Pillage of Cap François, 1793, from Brown University Archives.

Another detail of the murder of French colonists. These are extracts from a tableau which depicts the eleven days of mayhem before the arrival of military reinforcements. These inflammatory scenes show whites being victimized by grotesque pig-nosed blacks, looking absurd in stolen clothing, gorging themselves with the food and drink of their masters.

The same event, this is titled the Burning of Cap Français.

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Now I know where Michael the Savage Weiner gets it from.

    Royals getting a taste of Storm the Bastille.A year late and in a place they felt safe.

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