Rekindling Hiroshima: Shock and Awe

The 65th anniversary of dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima marks the first time the US will send an emissary to Japan for the commemoration. Will it be to reconsider remorse for committing history’s most time-compressed crime against humanity, or as part of the fear-nukes campaign being waged against Iran? While anti-nuclear activists forever protest against arms buildups and proliferation, the US government is pleased enough to rekindle the specter of the bomb. Witness the Zionist crockumentary COUNTDOWN TO ZERO, this year’s anti-Islamic OBSESSION, focused not on who has too many WMDs, but on the axis of evil smoking gun mushroom cloud.

3 thoughts on “Rekindling Hiroshima: Shock and Awe

  1. Yeah, when they’re trying not to offend the Israeli government (who happen to be Jewish) they echo Josef Goebbels and his statement about “America Deutschland is a CHRISTIAN nation.”

    Without once acknowledging the source. And without mentioning that if American governance was guided by Christ all this time, the fact that America has been the only nation to use all THREE classes of WMDs , Chemical, Nuclear and Biological, in war.

    With Tear Gas they even use prohibited chemical weapons against AMERICANS. The same with their much denied use of Smallpox. Their celebrated starvation of not only the American South during the Civil War (the Confederates were wrong, make no mistake, but starving American civilians to make that point was Wrong too) and systematically killing off the bison to starve the Plains Indians into submission, and even “our local hero” Kit Carson was an advocate of that, and an active participant. And stuck far and obscurely into his autobiography is his admission that he had used his contacts in the Navajo tribe to find out where their food supplies were, and led the Army to destroy them. In order to destroy their resistance to the Invasion and Occupation “coalition forces” of their day.

    Bio warfare against Americans, Chemical Warfare, against Americans. Gotta love it.

    No, on second third and all the way to infinitely Last thought, you don’t have to love it. I think it sucks, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Oftentimes… In order to defeat an enemy who attacks you and murders your fellow countrymen, you simply have to drop atomic bombs on them without remorse.

    And Brother Jonah… Starving anyone is wrong and as far as the southern states fighting for their RIGHTS was not a wrong fight… Thise sotherners who had already told the southern gov’t that they would go to war when slavery was scheduled to end (two years prior to the north invading the south because the north wanted taxes on the slaves and the waterways rather than the release of the slaves)… Slavery was then and is now wrong, but during the slavery era which included Irish immigrants, at least they were fed, clothed, housed and given a ‘rough form’ of health care for the work they did…

    HOWEVER, anyone who suggests they love bio, chemical warfare against anyone, including this proud American, needs to be put down like the rabid dog you are.

    If not for the Americans, you’d be either:
    1). Speaking Nazi German…
    2). Be speaking Soviet Communist Russian…
    3). Be speaking Communist Chinese…
    AND you would not have full use of the Internet or be allowed to write the crap you just wrote without being whipped, stoned or thrown in a gulag. Oh, and your mom would not have the right to go outdoors without a face veil, scarf or in any way to vote or do much more than work in a factory wearing black, tan or grey burlap home sewn clothing.

    Think next time.

    JL Mealer

  3. The Confederacy fought for the so-called “right” to hold people as slaves, deny them their liberty based solely on the circumstances of their births.

    My grand-uncle was one of them, and he was a tough old dude, he fought bravely but he was WRONG.

    You sound so much like somebody who wants to justify Mass Murder. “Ends Justify the Means” is a philosophy used by murderers for a very long time, like the Romans justifying crucifying people for not obeying them. Like the Confederacy justifying beating and hanging and shooting people for not obeying them, even long after the Civil War. Like their Klan offshoots who “justified” their support of the Nazis. Ends justify the means, right?

    By your token, by YOUR judgment, the Afghans can justify murdering YOU and your piglets as retaliation for your support of their children being murdered.

    Back to the Confederacy angle, there was no “states right” to deny people liberty. It’s a States WRONGS. Your racist murderous bullshit might play out well at a Klan rally.
    But saying that the Civil War was about anything other than the systematic denial of liberty to PEOPLE, American PEOPLE, based solely on their race makes you a LIAR, sir. People who tell lies are customarily called LIARS and that, sir, is what you have done and thus what you are.

    The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen not for any military value but precisely because, since they had no military targets, they had been relatively untouched by bombing raids earlier in the war, and the Military needed untouched towns to demonstrate the Mighty A-Bomb.

    It was, in fact, a Terrorist Attack against CIVILIANS. Nothing more nothing less. To inspire enough fear in the Japanese people and anybody else who didn’t bow the knee to the American Empire, that they would capitulate without further fight.

    To top off the names of Liar and Racist you already visited upon yourself, sir, you may now add Babykiller and Terrorist, since that is what you support.

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