Time Magazine spites its face

This week’s cover of Time has to rank at their most scurrilous, a baldfaced attempt to evoke the iconic National Geographic cover, this time figuratively defaced. It’s Mona Lisa given a Howl; The Green Revolution’s “Neda” shot in the head, instead of the evocative-deficient not-in-your-face mortal wound elsewhere. If the Taliban cut off this young woman’s nose as a warning to others not to abandon their families, Time Magazine wants to broaden the extortion. Here’s “What Happens If We Leave Afghanistan.” But instead of counterspinning the Wikileaks’ Afghan War Logs, Time’s imagery reinforces the triumph of the leaked documents. This is the barbarity which will face the Afghans collaborators, those unmasked by the leaks, and those who might still be induced, in spite of the now certainty their confidence will be betrayed.

Time’s editors assure us that the young Afghan woman is safe from reprisal, held at an undisclosed location protected by armed guard. Do they take responsibility for her “If We Leave Afghanistan?” Time’s exploitation of this young Afghan is direct extortion.

2 thoughts on “Time Magazine spites its face

  1. This has a video of Afghan women mutilated not by the Taliban, but by “Our” hired Northern Alliance Gunmen.

    And, no, it doesn’t show many of the Ultimate Mutilation, a corpse rotted away killed by bullet or bomb.

    Doesn’t show the kids in Fallujah and other “hot” neighborhoods in Iraq born with birth defects from the chemicals and the Depleted Uranium, but that’s supposedly “not deliberate”.

    No sir, we point our guns in their direction and pull the trigger just so we can deliberately MISS hitting anybody.

    That should be “squeeze” the trigger but it’s really a moot point and since we’re describing professional liars here, I feel no qualms about ascribing a misplaced word to them.

    And, since they’re “our” mercenary soldier-slaves, errr…”comrades in arms” they’re protected by the same mechanisms which protect U.S. Regular military from answering to any charges of an Oopsie moment.

    In fact, the “Who’s feeding Charlie?” nonsense question about who among the people is Tory and who is Minuteman in any insurgency applies here. The Tory and Minuteman designations vary from viewpoint to viewpoint, the one thing that DOESN’T change is who the Redcoats are. I don’t think it helps the Pentagon case that the Redcoats in their Alliance happen to include the British.

    The Redcoats lost in the American Insurgency not in battles, but through the wallets. Bombs, cannons, bullets… Redcoat salaries and Turncoat bribes… they all cost money. Lots of money.

    They also, the same group with different members, lost in Afghanistan repeatedly.

    O, when will they ever learn?

    It seems the woman in the butchery photo, is one of “our” handiwork. Nice fellows.

  2. True that we need to stay out of Muslim affairs, but more Muslims have been killed (and disfigured) by other Muslims by FAR than by non-Muslims – the difference is perception. When the Taliban took over the Swat Valley in Pakistan, they were removed by a major offensive by the Pakistan army. Several/many civilians were killed (though not targeted, as it it when Muslims intentionally blow up each other) and this was acknowledged by a tribal leader – he said innocents getting killed is bad, but far more would die if the Taliban remained. It’s sad – I wish Muslims would have kept peace in their religion by getting rid of their miscreants, but they haven’t so we see the results most everyday. The violence is compounded by the Sunni vs. Shiite feud that has been going on since the day Muhammad died (about 1400 years ago). Only recently have we seen Sunnis vs. Sunnis when ISIS took over Sunni areas – at first the Sunnis in Iraq let them because they didn’t like the Shiite government, but after a while Peaceful vs. Killers took over. Hopefully this will start a movement against violent fundamentalism but I doubt it – killing and violence is part of Islamic culture and history.

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