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Aish HaTorah, Israeli based Zionist organization, spread their racist hate message against Arabs across America via their ‘Obsession’

muslim-protestThe news at last is coming out that it is Israeli money that paid and promoted the hate campaign against Muslims and Arabs that was contained in the dvd ‘Obsession’. This dvd was spread throughout all the states with competitive presidential votes coming up on behalf of the Palin-McCain crowd and the Republican Party. The distributors of his dvd called themselves the Clarion Fund and just seemed to appear out of thin air, but they stupidly used the same address as Aish Haorah and gave themselves away! What racist clowns they are! See NEO-CONS, ISRAELI HARDLINERS BEHIND GIVEAWAY OF ISLAMOPHOBIC DVD for the story.

A cursory map of electoral polling sites show where the McCain base of support comes from. It comes from the historically White racist Southern states. However, these days it is unacceptable to run a directly and openly anti-Black racist message so Arabs and Muslims became the (dis)honored Stand Ins for the Right Wing racist Christian Klan crowd, by way of money from Israeli Jews! A giant conspiracy by Muslim elements is alleged in this dvd, ‘Obsession’, and American corporate newspapers obliged and distributed this genocide loaded message, without any pause except for only an exception or two. (Good for you, St Louis!)

We can only hope that Americans learn about this news and that this sordid campaign backfires against Aish HaTorah and the Israelis for entering into the election activities of our country? If any other country’s people had pulled a stunt like this, they would probably correctly have earned the full force of government prosecution used against them. Instead, the US Bush Administration is complicit with this electoral interference in US politics by Israel. This is absolutely shameful for a government that has itself targeted Muslim charities and Muslim countries alike for murder and mayhem. For the Zionist Aish Hatorah, the profit was in trying to stampede Americans into further supporting the Jewish Israeli government’s stealing away of more Palestinian lands and properties. The world watches and ultimately learns of these shenanigans though, and the racist campaign they started hopefully will back fire and stall.

Check out wikipedia’s entry about this group, Aish Hatorah, for some good information given about their activities and connection with ‘Obsession’.

Hate attack on US Muslims during religious service at mosque; result of newspaper spread hate dvd, ‘Obsession’?

The US newspapers have hidden away a story that underlines how disgusting and irresponsible
was their spread of the anti- Muslim dvd, ‘Obsession’. I am referring to an attack on a Muslim mosque in Dayton Ohio by some thugs who sprayed chemical gas into a room full of children. Chemical irritant empties Islamic Society of Greater Dayton’s mosque

What a group of pathetic cowards these men are, and what a cowardly police force it is to not call this a hate crime. What a cowardly media we have in the US to have had them spread these dvds throughout the country that practically invited hate crimes like the one in Dayton to be done. Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After Obsession DVD Hits Ohio

Supposedly liberal New York Times spreads fascist filth around country

boratA spokesperson there said the (New York) Times last Sunday inserted 145,000 DVDs (of “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,”) in its papers delivered in the following markets: Denver, Miami/Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, Kansas City, St Louis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee/Madison. Note: These are all in swing states…

See America’s oldest journal covering the country’s newspaper industry full report about the so-called ‘Clarion Fund’ titled UPDATE: Newspapers Deliver Millions of ‘Terror’ DVDs to Subscribers — In ‘Swing States’ That is, they are delivering DVDs targeting a religious group with racist and US Christian nationalist filth urging yet more war, bloodshed, and Christian religious hatred directed against the Muslim World.

What is most disgusting about this material is the projectionism onto others of their own motives as authors of this DVD. The makers of the DVD urge Christian Americans to stop what they say is a Muslim effort to take over the entire world. Isn’t this exactly what Christian Americans advocate in American foreign policy, where they see American Christians as God’s chosen people and are encouraging a war to help America run the entire world for the supposed future benefit of Christianized America?

So here is the supposedly liberal (in the eyes of Christian Jihad Crusaders) New York Times spreading the Chruistian Fascist Movement’s racial and religious intolerance around our country. And this supposedly liberal paper is doing it to help along the campaign of John McCain, too!

John McCain is trying to create a war hysteria in this country against both the Muslim World and Russia, and the NYT is aiding and abetting the effort. Go figure? Maybe this paper with the liberal reputation is not that liberal at all? Not too liberal to help spread fascist hate mongering against an ethnic and religious minority in our country?

The New York Times is really a paper that totally sucks, Liberals. Why do you read it when it acts most like Fox News most of the time? You liberal dumbasses make conservatives actually believe that The New York Times is a liberal paper when it most certainly … well… really most certainly is not! Stop buying the damn thing! It’s boring, too, … and racist. Of course, many of you liberals are just that as well.

OBSESSION: anti-Islamic documentary is 2006 Zionist election year propaganda

Gazette insert
COLORADO SPRINGS- If you’re not going to watch the propaganda on CNN/FOX/”24″ they’ll bring it to you! Inserted in this morning’s Gazette was OBSESSION: RADICAL ISLAM’S WAR AGAINST THE WEST, a DVD distributed by The Clarion Fund and promoted by Alan Dershowitz. Why a free copy of a 2006 crockumentary now? This “non-partisan organization devoted to educating the public about national security issues” wants us to check out www.radicalislam.org because “it’s our responsibility to ensure we can all make an informed vote in November.” And the DVD insert went to newspapers in SWING STATES!

Obsession posterThe DVD wrapper features a blurb by Michael Medved, the pro-war Zionist cloaked as mild-mannered film critic. Says Medved, “Obsession is one of the most powerful, expertly crafted and undeniably important films I’ve seen this year…” No mention that the year was 2006, and the made-for-a-previous-US-election quasi-documentary has already been widely debunked as racist propaganda. An executive producer of “24” intones: “… required viewing for everyone.”

Oh, and of course Edmund Burke’s helpful nudge: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Bad enough that this insert went to the Gazette’s 100k readership, it also went out with the newspapers below. This is more than the FREEDOM COMMUNICATION chain, it includes the NYT and the WSJ.

Do you detect a Swing-State pattern where Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia predominate?

Paid Advertising Supplement to: Akron Beacon, Altoona Mirror, Ann Arbor News, Blade, Bucks Co. Courier Times, Centennial Citizen, Chronicle of Higher Education, Cincinnati Enquirer, Claremont Review, Clovis News Journal, Columbus Dispatch, Daily Camera, Daily Commercial, Daily Nonpareil, Dayton Daily News, Denver Post, Des Moines Register, Detroit Free Press, Erie Times-News, Examiner, Flint Journal, Florida Times-Union, Fort Collins Coloradoan, Ft. Lauderdale El Sentinel, Ft. Meyers News Press, Gazette, Grand Rapids Press, Greeley Tribune, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Hobbs News-Sun, Iowa City Press Citizen, Janesville Gazette, Journal News, Journal Times, La Crosse Tribune, Lansing State Journal, Las Vegas Review-Journal/Sun, Miami-El Nuevo Herald, Miami Herald, Middletown Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Morning Call, Morning Journal, Nevada Appeal, New Appeal, New Hampshire Union Leader, News-Leader, New York Times, Ocala Star Banner, Orlando Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Patriot-News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Portsmouth Herald, Quad-City Times, Reading Eagle, Reno Gazette-Journal, Repository, Rio Rancho Observer, Sioux City Journal, South Bend Tribune, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, St. Petersburg Times, Sun-Gazette, Tallahassee Democrat, Tampa Tribune, Toledo Blade, Tribune, Tribune-Review, Vindicator, Virginian-Pilot, Wall Street Journal, World Jewish Digest.

The Blue states of Iowa, New York and Wisconsin seem also to have been targeted…
Swing States 2008

I’ve got a few documentaries to recommend for everyone. In particular Colorado Springs. First, how about FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO about the means American Fundamentalist Churches sow division and hatred between peoples. Its climax is set in the Springs, but no local commercial movie theater will dare screen the film. It did visit Colorado College, so we’ll have more to report on the film and its director later.


Next, a recent investigation into the forces moving behind the sensationalizing of NINE/ELEVEN. It’s called FABLED ENEMIES and you can view it online.FABLED ENEMIES

Also online is an investigation of the tragedy of the USS Liberty, an American Navy surveillance ship that had the misfortune to witness the Israeli preemptive attack on Egypt in 1967. LOSS OF LIBERTY recounts how Israeli jets were forced to attack the Americans to cover their tracks, killing 34 sailors and wounding 171, and the US administration had to cover-up the incident because it was determined to keep portraying Israel as America’s ally.LOSS OF LIBERTY