Repeal DADT and enact the Dream Act because the Army needs more soldiers

A thousand times NO you ignorant dupes! The ACLU wants me to support the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so that more gays can join the military. Otherwise-progressives are lobbying for the Dream Act, so that the children of undocumented immigrants can join the US military. Let me also warn you I oppose Affirmative Action for the School of the Americas torture curriculum. And equal pay for female armed-drone specialists. DADT is the homosexual’s exclusive escape clause for war crimes complicity. Is this an LGBT rights campaign to assert that gay soldiers are dumb enough for the military?

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2 Responses to Repeal DADT and enact the Dream Act because the Army needs more soldiers

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, my sister the sergeant was really into the idea of women in combat. Which there’s no physical difference when it comes to commission of violent crimes, in fact women can be better at it than men. Or worse depending on how you look at it morally.

    But here, reason stops and something truly nuts takes over.
    Women in Combat not for actual social equality, but because a CI badge, being certified as having been in combat, is a faster track for promotions. Meaning, higher pay.
    They told us in Basic that rank simply meant higher pay. That, and if you disobey one of those who’s higher paid than you are he can have you thrown in prison or killed depending on how severe the mutiny.

    But that was the crux of the argument. With the Combat Infantry status a woman could make as much blood money as a man.
    So let’s contrast that to the Capitalist Myth, that sheer diligence, intellect, and super-elite skills can make it a slam-dunk that you’ll succeed in Capitalism. Hell, they even use it in the Army commercials.

    But if you have all that hyper-elite skill going for you, wouldn’t that mean that you could simply skip the military middleman, and go directly to Success?

    Or does it mean that the Army considers you to be such a loser that the only way you can possibly have a career or even a JOB is to join the Army and kill people for them? That’s a wondrous amount of respect they’re showing.

    But the fun part is that you get more money by being a confirmed killer.
    Other peoples’ lives are therefore reduced to Dollars in your bank account. Schweeeeeeeeetttttt….

    But if I make the same arguments the Army recruiters make, that you Kill for money or that you’re so worthless and stupid that the only way you can get a job is.. ahhh. you know the rest. I get called a Traitor a lot for pointing out that it’s exactly what the Army says. Maybe it sounds better if the fellow with the Smokey Bear hat screams it in your face daily.

  2. On the other hand, it could ramp down the hate a little bit. I can see why the Top Marine James Amos and Right Wing Extremists like John McCain wouldn’t want any of the Hate ramped down
    Because they’re in the business of selling hate. General Amos sells it directly in the form of unrestrained warfare against anybody who is “different” while John McCain has to face American PEOPLE who are “different” either in ancestry, religion, or sexual orientation than what he would be comfortable seeing, like, an all-White Protestant America led by himself of course and with the loyal support of Extremist Supremacists like Tancredo and Arpaio and Palin.

    But you can’t have a decent war without Hatred. Especially since they don’t actually HAVE any other reason for it. Not ones they can parade about in polite society, of course. Not yet, but the TeaBags are working on softening up the heads of Americans to get them to accept the Collar and Leash, while General Amos is working diligently with different tools (like bullets, bombs, torture) to soften up the resolve of their Foreign victims to get THEM to accept the leash and collar.

    The Greeks and Turks, two nations where the majority ethnic group is actually the same one, (think Troy, Athens, Sparta) and have been killing each other in massive numbers for thousands of years (Troy, Athens, Sparta…) cheerfully and heartily, while they have their Nasty National Perversion of, you know, killing a whole bunch of people, also have another thing they’re famous for. For those who really don’t understand that, google the term “Greek Army motto: never leave your buddy’s Behind”. “Turkish Army Motto: always turn your back on your friend” and you’ll get a whole boatload of jokes explaining the situation.

    Which, really, is the most appropriate venue for the discussion.
    Stupid concepts, stupid jokes. What could be more perfect?

    The Marines, among others, like their very competent and equally nasty WaffenSchutzStaffel German counterparts, took turns being viciously handled by Greek military and paramilitary types who don’t even bother with Don’t Ask and have never in their very long history of beating up on other Armies had any kind of prohibition with it, and obviously, results, right?
    Can’t argue with Results or so they say.

    Where’s the “morale problems” that General Amos and Stupid-Boy who was one plane shy of becoming a Communist Ace McCain like to whine about?

    McCain is upset on “illegals” getting any kind of respect or chances to earn citizenship. He’s really hanging with the wrong crowd on that issue. If they DO repeal the 14th Amendment his own head is on the block. Panama doesn’t officially belong to the United States.

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