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As US Right Wing rabidly foams at the mouth, Raul Castro’s daughter visits US with human rights agenda

This has got the Right Wingers’s mouths foaming all over the US. ‘How could Obama do this to us?’ they scream! …Castro's Daughter Scorned by Lawmakers, Praised By Gay Rights Groups

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Repeal DADT and enact the Dream Act because the Army needs more soldiers

A thousand times NO you ignorant dupes! The ACLU wants me to support the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so that more gays can join the military. Otherwise-progressives are lobbying for the Dream Act, so that the children of … Continue reading

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Gay, married, or in the military: pick 2

I admit to feeling less supportive than I ought to for gays pushing for their right to wed — in the midst of every American’s crumbling civil rights — while our country decimates foreign human rights and lives. Couldn’t gay … Continue reading

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Unholy Alliance at United Nations fails to stop call to end criminalization of the world Gay community

What a motley and sorry crew! The US government, all the homophobic Muslim states, and The pontificating Vatican all tried to stop the United Nations this Thursday from passing a resolution urging the world to stop criminalizing the Gay community. … Continue reading

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