Seize BP put cleanup fund in escrow

British Petroleum logoColorado Springs isn’t big on anti-corporate indignation. We tried Wall Street rallies, stood beneath WaMu with posters crying JUMP YOU FUCKERS! but got no takers. Not much understanding of finance fraud in the provinces: our teabaggers are so used to heckling hippies, they forget which side of the class war they’re on. So when ANSWER called on its grassroots to RALLY MAY 12 to SEIZE BP, we thought we better phone this one in.

No, the oil giant shouldn’t be let to slip out of its liability for the ongoing environmental havoc at its Transocean well blowout. They can call it nationalizing big oil, or a government takeover, but hold British Petroleum to account.

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4 Responses to Seize BP put cleanup fund in escrow

  1. Leave us not forget Socialist, Stalinist and Nazi. They’ll put that to us as well.

    We can have national ownership of the bills, like the cost in dead and wounded soldiers and civilians, the poisoned landscape of Iraq, and AfPak, (the Iraqis and Afghans are supposed to pick up the tab and the ownership of their own destruction) and of course the actual monetary bill for the Monstrous Giveaway to the Oil Corporations. But don’t DARE take the trough away from the piggies. That would be “unconstitutional”. We the People can’t own what We the People paid for.

  2. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Don’t stop debating the Zio Spam Machine now, Eric. This oil gusher is not that important and WE DO HAVE Colorado Cowboy Ken SalaZar and the rest of the Democratic Party team out there running the disaster show, and not those nasty Tea Baggers that want to lynch Jonah and torture him with tickles ’till he dies.

    So go back out there and give the Jews Hell, Eric! If not you stopping them, the Zionist Conspiracy will take over OUR America! Resist the Zio Spam Gun to the Death! Damn Nazis!

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yes, I for one realize that noticing that groups of heavily armed lunatics declaring that people who don’t agree with them are Enemies of The Constitution are a threat, especially when they block or try to block health care being given to Americans who just happen to be poor, and that it quite often results in their deaths, is a Very Naughty Thing… at least to some people.

    On the other hand, British Petroleum owes us Mucho Bread, of both kinds, because they’ve quite likely, by poisoning a MAJOR part of the earths Ecosystem, part that touches directly onto North America, they might have just Fucked Off our food supply. As in a crash course of Welcome to The Third World, Baby.

    So they might not be able to replace the Real Bread with infusions of Figurative Bread… But they could at least try to make good.
    And they’re obviously not.

    They owe the American People so much money already due to Uncle Sugar sending lots of Americans to kill and die and spend lots of Taxpayer money doing it, money that goes into the same Corporate Pockets that the profits from BP go into…

    That for all practical purposes we own their debt, but not the profits.

    The TeaBags say that for We The People to own shit that We, The People actually paid for is somehow Unconstitutional.

    And they have just enough pull in Washing Tundy Sea that they might be able to get away with delaying any realistic action on the Oil Gusher as well, which would again cost American Lives. And Now, Mexico might get a large slam of the oil.

    None of it makes any difference to the Corporate PuppetMasters at BP or to their Corporate Meatpuppets at the The Tea Party.

    They don’t care who dies, so long as their Masters make money.
    It’s good of you, however, to point out how Evil or Crazy we are or possibly both for noticing stuff like that and keeping it in view.

  4. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    As Jonah continues to froth at the mouth against Tea Baggers, here is the real dope about the Democratic party he actually supports…. From Democracy Now….

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Well now to the Gulf of Mexico where the enormous oil slick in the Gulf continues to expand. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has ordered a 3-week halt to all new offshore drilling permits. Emphasizing that the companies involved had made “major mistakes,” Salazar spoke to reporters Thursday outside BP’s Houston crisis center. He noted that lifting the moratorium on new permits will depend on the outcome of a federal investigation over the Gulf spill and the recommendations to be delivered to President Obama at the end of the month.

    SECRETARY KEN SALAZAR: Minerals Management Service will not be issuing any permits for the construction of new offshore wells. That process will be concluded here on May the 28th. At that point in time, we’ll make decisions about how we plan on moving forward. There is some very major mistakes that were made by companies that were involved. But today is not really the day to deal with those issues. Today and the days ahead really are about trying to get control of the problem.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Secretary Salazar added that the existing offshore oil and natural gas drilling will continue, even as public meetings to discuss new oil drilling off the Virginia coast have been canceled for this month.

    AMY GOODMAN: Salazar’s announcement comes on the heel of a Washington Post exposé revealing that the Minerals Management Service had approved BP’s drilling plan in the Gulf of Mexico without any environmental review. The article notes that the agency under Secretary Salazar had quote “categorically excluded” BP’s drilling as well as hundreds of other offshore drilling permits from environmental review. The agency was able to do this using a loophole in the National Environmental Policy Act created for minimally intrusive actions like building outhouses and hiking trails. Well, for more on this story, we’re joined now from Tucson, Arizona by Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. Welcome to DEMOCRACY NOW!, Kieran. Explain this loophole, how you found it, and what it means for the Gulf….

    And the expose of the role of the Democrats, Obama and Salazar, in the BP gusher continued…

    Jonah, I didn’t notice any role that that rotten Momma Sarah Palin had in letting BP do what they did to the Gulf of Mexico and parts all around…. It was all Obama and Ken Salazar! That bad Ann Goodman over at Democracy Now. Tea Bagger ‘Puppet Masters’ they are!

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