A face to launch a thousand protests. Leak your trophy footage you cowards

Young Iraqi watching as US soldiers raid her home
This is a still from John Pilger’s THE WAR YOU DON’T SEE, recently blocked from its US debut in Santa Fe. Why? Because such images will stop war. In particular this shows a terrified Iraqi girl held at gunpoint as her home is searched. I wonder how many such scenes have been captured by embed cameras or GI cellphones. Western eyes are being inoculated to violence and gore, our victims dehumanized, foreign civilians reduced to collateral, but it appears our media managers worry Americans cannot yet resist the ordinary tears of children. Imagine such scenes of heartbreak gone viral across the web. Never mind atrocity or war crime, show us emotional responses with which we can identify. The mass of digital records could doubtless overwhelm Wikileaks. These are not top secret, yet nearly any have been leaked. My appeal to the cowardly US soldier, or the damnable media embed, leak the footage which haunts you already, your PTSD may be the contagion to end public support for our state sponsored terrorism.

4 thoughts on “A face to launch a thousand protests. Leak your trophy footage you cowards

  1. Yeah, there’s a related story today that makes my brain want to crawl out my nose.

    “NATO says Gadafi using Human Shields”

    Sounds to me like a Pentagon set-up to justify killing more civilians then blaming it on the people they wanted to murder. How DARE they live among other people?

    Like NATOaww hell everybody knows it’s Washington, named for a man who would be described as a Terrorist today, as is any group who emulate his tactics… Washington calls the literal shots.

    That’s a cannoneer term, artillerymen can’t see their targets, they’re directed by spotters who find the targets and “call the shot”.

    But now they’re holding the whole population of Tripoli hostage, telling Gadafi that if he doesn’t surrender they’ll be “forced” to kill all those civilians they pretend to care so much about.

    The leaders don’t give a damn about kids, even their own. Blackwater trainees were filmed being conditioned to not stop because of cries for mercy, to respond with quick coldness to the plea “I’m an American, I’m one of your own people, how can you do this?”
    If they’re trained highly enough the cries for mercy, especially from those most helpless, just excite their blood thirst more.

  2. I was going to say that al jazeera TV shows these images (to just about everyone but Americans I guess) but after reading the comment from Brother Jonah…al Jazeera show images they want to show regarding Libya. Everyone has an agenda.

  3. True. And our supposedly “free” government, as in the CIA and Pentagon, just two departments in the same Corporation, have decided to put pressure on the supposedly “free market” enterprises who wished to show the movie in the United States, such as the Santa Fe “free” speech film venue…

    To not show it. To not show evidence of Their Agenda which is financed by us, and which they make the completely unreasonable demand that we support, unconditionally and apparently wish us to be as ignorant as possible about that agenda.
    They’ll allow simulated violence such as Jonah Hex, and a remake of “True Grit” and all manner of fictionalized accounts of war, which don’t show the harsh reality of what killing large numbers of people is all about.

    They also report, gleefully, the reactions of governments such as Syria and Libya, but not on the same kinds of protests, no… not really, more on the lines of Not Heavily Armed or Financed By Foreign Corporate Powers protests, such as the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan, which are met with gunfire on a routine basis by troops and police coordinated by the United States Military and Intelligence.

    And I don’t actually believe the Pentagon is really concerned about civilians being killed in Libya any more than they were about civilians killed by any other Military actions.

    To accomplish their agenda. They don’t care about the dictatorial status of any of their Clients or Foes either, if they did they would have both Bush and Obama on trial for war crimes. Also the British Petroleum corporation and Exxon-Mobil which instigated, through their control of the “elected” governments of the United States,Britain, Poland, Italy and Spain just to name a few, the takeover of Iraq.

    Some of the officers of those corporations, like Richard Cheney, Gordon Brown, Berlusconi, Blair, eh… they walk the streets as free men even though their callous disregard for the very word “freedom” allowed them to use that word to strip every human being on the planet of that freedom, or if we don’t surrender our freedom we’re “enemies”.

    And even though their war for THEIR agenda, profit and control of the World Economy, has cost millions of lives already.

    They’re not interested in Syrian or Libyan freedom any more than the “freedom” of the enslaved citizens of the Dictatorships who are already completely owned by their Corporation.

    Any more than the freedom of the child in the picture, “free” to stand, AT GUNPOINT, with hands on her head while stormtroopers trash her family’s home and belongings.

    I apologize for not explaining the links in more detail beforehand.
    But they are there.
    Instead of pressuring “independent” and “free” enterprises to persuade them not to display what war IS all about.

  4. Man, they say that about every Arab. You know,.. they said it about Osama – or was it Obama? – I get them confused sometimes.

    I guess if you really want to know what’s going on, you’ll need to find a Navy Seal.

    Maybe if Gaddafi keeps it up, they’ll bury him at sea in accordance with,….uh. Never mind.

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