American tv viewers outraged at rape of white blond woman by dark horde

You’ll think I’m minimizing the rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan by of a mob of Egyptian “celebrants” at the height of the Mubarak-departure delirium, as reported so far, but I want to point out that hers is not even representative of the rapes suffered by the victims of America’s wars, crimes ongoing, tragedies unseen, unheralded and as a result -or not- eliciting scant sympathy from the American public. Yes it is embarrassing that white people care only about their own women, especially blonds. In fairness, the brown victims in other lands are kept from American view. Logan by the way is part of the apparatus which directs the media lens. Has Ms. Logan shown the humility to express concern for victims who cannot be airlifted to proper medical care, who may be victims of sex trafficking war zone gang rapes and have no rescuers? Perhaps as a media propagandist for US military enterprises, Ms Logan and her defense contractor husband will be opening their eyes to the millions of men, women and children whose lives are destroyed as a result of their livelihoods. The crime suffered by Lara Logan was as reprehensible as inexcusable, but it brings into sharp focus a dilemma I have: what fate worse than death do we wish on those who perpetuate America’s wars?

13 thoughts on “American tv viewers outraged at rape of white blond woman by dark horde

  1. There’s another couple of explanations that The “left wing media” like Fox would probably rather that Americans not consider.

    How many of the agents-provocateurs from Mubarak’s Regime who, disguised as Democracy proponents, incited just such acts of violence against reporters, have been either arrested or left the country? The “efficient” CIA and CIA Backed Omar Suleiman cartel who so efficiently identified and arrested, beat, tortured, probably in many cases KILLED the civilians who weren’t their employees, why can’t they equally efficiently identify their employees, no doubt having been given a stringent background check and, you know, pictures taken of them when they were hired…

    and more pictures taken of them recently obeying orders and beating up journalists on camera…

    Wouldn’t people with such a blatant record of abuse be prime suspects in such an attack? Why Not?

    The other possibility, just as disturbing, is that the incident was staged with the full cooperation of the victim. Whose husband and therefore, she herself, made money selling arms to Mubarak, who in turn bought them with American Aid.

    They’re Corporate Welfare Handout bums. They have a motive to do something like that.

  2. I agree with Eric, as a Black man in America who are forever charged and lynched with the rape of white women, this sounded like a set up to slander the Egyptian protest movement. i have no doubt that there may be sexism in Egypt, but we saw women, men, and children protesting the corrupt regime, and did not hear of any rapes until this American news journalist made the charge. The U.S media has tried to make this all about them, claiming to have been beaten, intimidated, and now raped, instead of reporting on the brave people of Egypt defying a murderous regime, which was supported by the U.S. imperialists for over 30 years. I would never make light of a woman’s charge of rape, but this sounds like a distraction to me or the kinds of racial frameups which led to lynching of Black men in the South in the pre-Civil Rights period..

  3. Give me a freakin break Lorenzo. How long are you brothers going to use slavery and such as an
    excuse for your crimes. Were you a slave, no
    has anyone alive today in the US ever owned a black. NO so get over it or go back to your place
    of ancestry if you hate the US so bad.

    “I agree with Eric, as a Black man in America who are forever charged and lynched with the rape of white women”
    come on, who got lynched where in the last 100 years? A hell of a lot less than black on white crime that national statistics show.

    What is the percentage of those rape
    charges that are untrue? I suppose we should just dismiss all rape charges against the brothers because 400 years ago yourgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandfather was sold to some white guys by his tribal leader. RACIST

  4. It took away nothing from the fact that racism of the anti-brown variety is used to exploit any incident to cast the societies which “our” government picked yet another fight, this time over those societies telling “our” government that they shouldn’t be held in bondage any longer.

    Kind of like the Exodus and in about the same place, “let your people get the hell out of our countries”.

    Pointing out that Racism exists is not in itself racism. Although that IS the current Right Wing theme.

    And all the ugliness of slavery didn’t end with the official end of slavery. The current battle is being waged against the former battle to achieve some recognition of equality regardless of skin color, they’re even bringing and flying the old canard that “Some ‘RESPONSIBLE’ colored folk didn’t want segregation to end, they were perfectly willing to wait until the Great White Father tells them they’re ready to join White Society, just, like the White Mans’ dogs, only, you know, with a more stringent leash law”.

    And pointing to people like Clarence “uncle” Thomas and Condescending Rice as examples of “good nigras”.

    The fact that the repression and racism of Jim Crow is being used, for economic gain of a very tiny minority of mostly white Rich Bitches doesn’t improve anything, especially not people recognizing Racism for what it is.

    By the way, the Bush family got a substantial portion of the money they spend every day, in their trust fund, from a slave-trading venture.
    It’s easy for THEM to (send other people to say) that slavery ended officially 146 years ago, but they’re still spending the money, Much like the moral disconnect involved in touting George HW as a war hero in what might have been a faked for propaganda incident where he crashed his plane and was rescued by the Navy….

    While and at the same time HIS daddy was still selling arms to the Nazis. They like to trot out the “Pearl Harbor” analogy and forget to notice that the Germans, who unlike the Japanese were WHITE, sank American ships in the High Seas all the time, the most notorious of which was when they sank the Reuben James in AMERICAN territorial water.

    and that Prescott Bush sold the ammunition to the German Navy to do it. And this happened BEFORE the Second Naval Bombardment of Pearl Harbor.

    The first one was 5 decades earlier when the U.S. Navy “liberated” the island from their government which had been stable far longer than the current Noble WHITE English government had.

    I suppose that could be a White-Pride Tea-Shirt slogan

    But before that happens they’ll have to find something to replace the Pearl Harbor analogy in the Global Racist War on Rich White Folks Being Terrorized.

  5. Oh, and Cracker…
    In some places in America, like Louisiana, a black man having sex with a white woman is ALWAYS rape. It’s called Miscegenation and is an actual sex-crime as defined by the state. In Texas the cohabitation, marriage and Miscegenation RAPE laws weren’t taken off the books until 1971 an a whole lot of white “christians” including a Tarrant County JUDGE were refusing to recognize the legality of black and white relationships in 1982. And yelling “States Rights” and waving the Slavery Flag.

    It’s prosecuted as Rape in far more instances than you’re willing to admit. I guess Sexism goes hand in hand with racism, because apparently, the White Woman is so stupid she needs to be protected from the wily Predatory Negro Male.

    Then there’s cases like Medgar Evers being murdered. The cops knew who killed him, and they knew why, but they kept the guilty parties from being prosecuted, and allowed other similar incidents.

    Now, I’d just purely be tickled to be able to join you in declaring racism to be a dead beast, a defeated foe.

    Either at home in America or in the far-flung Puppet Dictatorships under our Imperial Rule.

    But first I’m going to wait until the beast stops breathing.

    Right now the Tea Party and Republican Party have the son-of-a-bitch on life support and are working to bring it back to full strength.

    Oh, and that bit about great great however many grandma being sold by “her own people”? Yeah..

    A Zulu warlord selling off captured people from other tribes isn’t exactly “being sold by your own tribal leaders”.and guess what? The tribe selling them, probably the English and German people would be more “closely related”.

    And the Rich White Lazy Bum who bought African PEOPLE to do his work for him, make “his” fortune for him, how would it excuse HIM if the person whose liberty, and the liberty of all that persons children and grandchildren, he purchases like a loaf of bread, was sold by exactly whom?

    If YOUR momma sold YOU to some rapist pervert would the Rapist Pervert be any less guilty?

    How about the people who Defend those actions by saying “oh, that’s in the past”, especially if the same crime Is Still Being Perpetrated Today?

  6. I fucking hate your website to the core. You greasy ass motherfuckers if I could only get my hands on your greasy necks I would snap you in two.

  7. Calma te.
    Usually it’s the warmongers who hate us. Something about what they’ve decided to call “infowar” meaning, if people know the truth or at least question the lies spread to keep the for-profit wars running,. Apparently not enough people are taking the “nfo warriors” word for anything anymore.

    More people are questioning the War Dogma. Like, the dogma that it must have been the Citizen Rebels in Egypt who committed the rape.
    Which I don’t doubt the rape happened. The way it’s hyped though, it’s slanted way to the right and… leaves out one very obvious group of suspects. The Mubarak cartel.

    Which is usually the reason we get threats and silly-ass demands to shut up. Because WE will point out such obvious irregularities in the Official Story.

    Since the people attacking journalists were also attacking the Democracy marchers at the same time, the pattern is there.

    Plus Mubarak’s chosen successor, Suleiman, is a torturer. A pervert who gets sexually aroused to acts of violence.

    Rape, in other words. And he has a corps of Rapist/Torturers who do his bidding and that of his puppet masters in the U.S. and Britain.
    Is that the reason you wish to “snap somebody in two”?
    Fantasize much about killing Americans who disagree with you? That’s not very healthy and you’ll wind up with ulcers early and a heart condition later. Knowing how the Right Wing are systematically gutting health care, you really would not want serious health problems should your side get your way.

    Perhaps you feel it would be easy to snap one of us in two? Is that why you make the threat? Easy targets seem to be the big thing with the Right Wing, you know.
    It’s also the attitude of rapists like Mubarak and Suleiman and their Stateside masters.

    Your masters and mistresses like Beck and Palin keep telling you that it would be easy to break us in two, or frighten us into submission. Notice, though, that they personally don’t have the courage to do it for themselves. Same reason they hire Rapist Torturer freaks like Suleiman is the same reason they get really stupid people to attack the “weak” liberals…

    It was unarmed “weak” liberals who tackled and disarmed Jared Loughner when Silly Sarah launched his particular un-MANned drone against what he was convinced were weaklings, easy targets.

    Same as the “weak” liberals, one of them a retired marine, who intercepted and wrestled down Jim Adkisson at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian church, when he had been convinced all he would have to do is show them his big scary gun and they would fall down on their knees begging him not to shoot them.

    That’s not a very good plan, you know, attacking people mostly because you believe they’re weak?
    There seems to be a lot of that in the air lately, frightened Right Wingers convinced that liberal “weaklings” will somehow subdue them and their ideals.
    Their leaders obviously know that they fear and therefore hate non-whites the most. Hence their simultaneous defense of slavery, both the Old South plantation variety and the New World Corporate Order kind. And racial profiling such as the fearmongering using the Rape.

    While trying to convince their cannon-fodder suckers that they’ll have an easy time assaulting the people their leaders are afraid to confront.

  8. Rape is a matter of great concern. But it is never specific to any country. It can be Egypt, USA and it can be Pakistan. Any crime is not specific to any country.
    Even the USA has its police force, its judicial system and it has prisons – perhaps many times better than anywhere else in the world -but it does not mean their job is done.
    Rape is not an act of love – it is an act of domination, control, manipulation and exploitation. The intention is to humiliate the men who are supposed to protect them “You are useless, because you cannot protect them from us”

  9. Lol great job trying to just point out how america has ruined your lives. Black people always want racism to end, but yet they are the only ones that bring it up anymore, so really they keep it going.

  10. Why do hatemongering racists always get offended when somebody points out their racism?

    I mean, you automatically pop off with “all black people” but you don’t see any racism in that? I bet the PIGS just love having your ignorant stupid retarded ass on a jury.
    Alle Sieg Heil am der Republikanisch Reich!
    Alle Seig Heil am der UberFuhrer Sarah Palin!

  11. Now, here’s something you won’t hear on Fox news or from your boss.
    The Racist wars your Racist ex-president started, to give more of Americas money to his Corporate Cronies, Like the Koch-Sucker brothers,cost America more than the entire budget of every state in he union combined.
    That would be more than the “overpaid” workers… Combined. More than the asphalt, electricity, petroleum products, automotive parts, snowplows… that the Corporate BigPigs sell to everybody for more than it costs them to produce them. They’re entitled to “make a profit” correct, Stupid? Have any of you Right Wing Racist Freaks ever once complained about an office manager making $150k a year?

    Unless you were bitching whining and sniveling that the poor abused manager was underpaid. Which apparently was your theme from the OTHER stupid comment you regurgitated onto our screens

    Now, I also hear none of the BILLIONAIRES who have been paid millions a year to sit at a microphone and call Workers “lazy and greedy” for wanting to be paid a profit for THEIR product… Racist Bitches like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly.
    The same as their rich daddies buying their way out of the draft (Beck was too young… O’Reilly and Limbaugh were just too yellow… And Giuliani, and Romney, and Chambliss, and Bush, and Cheney, and… the list goes on, Chickenhawks on parade) yet they criticize people who oppose war. And, incidentally, oppose the War Profiteers who pay their Multimillion Dollar Annual salaries, for sitting behind microphones and in front of cameras LYING to the Real Workers.

    What, no complaints that pampered chickenshits like Palin and Giuliani get paid millions a year? NO? Oh, only workers making a fraction of that.

    Corporations are allowed to make profits, but not the workers. We’re supposed to produce OUR labor for not even as much as it costs US to produce it.

    How does that tie in with the racist hoo-haw about the Servants of Your Corporate Empire raping somebody?
    Because you use racism in your propaganda when you want really stupid people to go and fight your wars for you.

    You have to convince the Stupids that the “enemy” are inferior and evil and that it’s part of their racial, religious or cultural background.

    Much like when your Corporate Mouthipieces convince really stupid people to go and shoot Americans IN AMERICA like in Tucson, Arivaca, Knoxville, get stupid people to jump a liberal “dissident” like the three TeaParty Cowards who attacked Lauren Valle because she criticized His Royal Highness Rand Paul…

    Racism is a tool for you. And you wield it skilffully.
    Just like whining is a tool for you, playing Christ-on-the-Cross persecuted if somebody mentions your racism to you.

    Like saying that Egyptians or Iraqis or Afghans are so inferior that they NEED your (white European) leadership and if they defy you you send other people to kill them for you.

    You’re probably whining right now because somebody threw back some of your Corporate Bullshit when you threw it at us. Too bad. Grow up.

  12. With all due respect, you Americans know nothing about the Middle East. You Americans sell weapons to both Egypt and Israel, while supporting the Banu al Saud and ignoring the suffering of the Sharqiyans -the real owners of the “Saudi” oil, whose only great “crime” is to be Shia. How many rapes were committed by British (America’s ally) in Iraq? And not by angry crowds or agent provocateurs, but by regulars. I wonder how many Iraqis were bombing the towers? And how many Saudis? You should have supported Juyahman al Otaibi and not the Banu al Saud and the Bin Ladens, who by the way are profiting from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  13. If it makes you feel any better, although I don’t think it would… they’re destroying America the same way they’re destroying the Peninsula… and every other place where there’s money to be taken, at gunpoint.
    There’s a lot of Christian folklore about selling one’s soul to Satan, usually for a fleeting amount of money and power. Too bad the fellows who sell the Bible as a way to justify them selling their own souls don’t actually believe that’s what they’re doing.

    Or maybe they do and figure that it doesn’t matter to them anyway.
    It’s a sickness of the spirit.
    They’ll pretend whatever suits their goals. They’ll sell the idea that the “Ay-rabs” including non-Arabic or even Arabian Peninsula nations like Afghanistan and Iran are born evil. Any physical differences that would separate the “evil” people they’ve made the enemy, to gain support for their taking everything from the entire world, will be used.

    Salaam, sir. Although I hold not much hope that either you or we will see much of it. Just a sincere expression of something that might be. Only if we keep working for it though.

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