Help this Settler-Zombie video go viral before totalitarian zombiehood spreads

Israeli West Bank Settler lunges at Palestinian youthOMGoodness, finally a settler video to go viral. There’s no bashing of Palestinian heads, no brandishing of guns, no drunken West Bank Settler mob on the rampage, nothing Youtube can censor, it’s pure comic theater! Here is a proverbial fat bully lurching as best he can, goading, coaxing, even screaming primordially, itching to pummel the young Palestinian cameraman who stays nimbly out of reach.

The scenario is spelled out in the Youtube comments, the cameraman is trying to document his friends’ efforts to tend their West Bank land, while Israeli Settlers repeatedly force police confrontations which result in the area being declared “militarized” and thence, theirs. While the cameraman observes, an angry settler who is already trying to allocate the land for his vineyard decides to run him off with brute force.

The ZOMBIE characterization describes Deutch’s particular Lurch-like lack of agility, but the relentless advance is a disturbing body language of Israeli Settler aggression. The hopped-up settlers move upon Palestinians with the confidence that their victims are unarmed and dare not strike back, that the Palestinian can presume that their attackers might have guns, and that sympathetic policemen have the the Israelis’ back. So yes, when it’s an able-bodied young settler advancing at a clip, clapping his fist, looking to draw blood, the effect is less comic.

Obviously, most settler videos are violence porn. Not this one — if you ignore what would have happened had Moshe Deutch got his mitts on him. That footage of course would not have survived.

Be sure to watch the follow-up, where a younger settler arrives at a gallup to reinforce Moshe Deutch’s stalled advance. The cameraman is forced to run, then looks on as the settlers slash all four tires of his car. It’s the high price he pays, but he’s got the West Bank’s Funniest Home Video.

West Bank Settlers intimidating unarmed Palestinian farmers

2 thoughts on “Help this Settler-Zombie video go viral before totalitarian zombiehood spreads

  1. Note to Russian spam heads: Feel free to nMap or otherwise attack the above IP address.

    Now before I make this comment, I permit myself to laugh the absurd, regardless of what lurks behind it.

    The video of the fat arse Israeli is hilarious, and mucho respeto to the Palestinian videographer. The part where the sick bastard screeches is a true gem, fit to adorn the goddess of kosher flatulence herself.

    It is a strange situation over there indeed, and I can only say what is wrong is wrong.. It still confuses me after years of contemplation.

  2. Lots and lots of years.
    The book of Kings in the Bible describes one Ahab, his wife Jezebel (one of the few women in the Bible with a name attached to her) and a vineyard in Jezreel which Ahab wanted for his private garden, the owner wouldn’t sell it, and so Jezebel got Ahab to bring false witness against the owner, owner gets stoned but not in the pleasant way we use the term today, and Ahab got the vineyard.
    I get the feeling that part was written out by a scribe hired by a son of Ahab but not Jezebel.

    Folks always like for Daddy to look good even if he died in a convent while raping the nuns. So the scribe had to find a way to make Ahab look less guilty by making Jezebel look like the sole source of the trouble.
    I mean, Ahab was a classic Middle Eastern Dictator in every other respect but somehow couldn’t say no to a woman from a political marriage? Doesn’t wash.

    It also puts into perspective the greed that causes so much strife in the world.
    It’s just that particular corner of the wilderness has been doing it with very few variations for the past about 4000 years.

    The first time Jerusalem gets mentioned in the Bible it’s in reference to a war. Like Philadelphia (either in Turkey or Pennsylvania, take your pick) a badly misnamed town.

    The peace of God and the City of Brotherly Love.
    You ain’t alone, the confusion is widespread.

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