Is Occupy movement about issues, not tents? Denver learns, it’s ABOUT TENTS

DENVER- Hundreds of police in riot gear were deployed against the Occupy campers today. Not for the peaceful march, nor the slogans they voiced, nor even activist demands to climb the capitol steps. No, the hundreds arrived with gas masks, and new batons literally out of the box, to roust a dozen protest tents adorned with Occupy Wall Street slogans. To the peaceful assembly, the sudden arms buildup could have been none other than a show of force.

Occupy Colorado Springs occupier Frankie Roper was among the first arrests. A DPD motorcycle cop drove into the grass and over Roper’s foot. He pushed the bike off, tipping it. Roper was struck by multiple pepper pellets as he ran quickly away. After being tackled by police, Roper required a stretcher and was taken to a Denver hospital.

Denver police chief discusses his strategy with Colorado Congressman Ed Permutter who circulated among the front line protesters being a condescending dick. Similar MO to unidentified cowboy at left let to roam behind police lines.

Speculation about why the state needed to clear original OccupyDenver camp from state grounds, because they needed it for a police parking lot.

Good coverage in Westword, page 4.

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3 Responses to Is Occupy movement about issues, not tents? Denver learns, it’s ABOUT TENTS

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, Pigs can’t fight unless they’ve got somebody heavily outnumbered and are wearing armor and packing weapons.

    They’re congenital cowards and then their Mommas refine it through childhood training like Explorer and Young Marine groups.

    Cop in Oakland did a propaganda shot after they attacked people, who, like the ones in Denver and every other place they’ve had their heavily armed hissie fit tantrums, never attacked THEM. He picked up a kitten, might have been a stray, might have belonged to one of the hundred and a half who were gassed, clubbed, shot, tasered and then arrested, but the PIG was pretending to give three quarters of a fat rats ass about the cat and the PIG Apologist Press made sure to say that the cat was “abandoned” by those no-doubt cowardly hippies who “fled the scene” …in handcuffs and sometimes ambulances (while handcuffed and heavily guarded by their PIG attackers).

    Any other time, if the camera wasn’t on him, the Pig would have just torn the cats head of and eaten it.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Maybe mixing cases here, one gets like that after having been assaulted by cops, their Uniform Anonymity makes it hard to tell which ones are attacking you and…

    They do it deliberately for just that reason. Plus if they all literally look alike it makes it easier for the brainwashed bastards to THINK alike.

    Also a brief reminder, these are the same DENVER cops who beat Marvin Booker to death in his jail cell.

    Again with the heavily outnumbered victim being assaulted by heavily armored Uniformed Thugs.

    Maybe one of our usual trolls will explain that the cops were “protecting” the people, or our Freedom.

    Sure, protecting the Rich from being publicly shamed and protecting our “freedom” to lick their Gestapo Jackboots.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    you know, when I compare them every Easter to the Roman Legiions, it’s not a meme I started. I picked it up from the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar.

    The Bellamy Salute meme got publicized a lot just before WW2 because it was also used by the Nazis and the Italian and Spanish fascists. They did it deliberately to honor Rome.

    Fox News downplayed the police brutality part, and showed footage taken after dark. and the cops in THAT footage weren’t wearing the legion armor. They’ve completely edited out the daytime MightMakesRight shock and awe display. I couldn’t see if they were wearing DPD on their shirts, didn’t really look actually. They all look alike to me and they do it deliberately. It did’n’t look like people dressed for 16 degree F weather, either cops or Occupation. They could have easily switched up pictures of police brutality from an earlier demo or one in another place and clime, or D all of the above. They also said the Occupy people had attacked THEM.

    You know, like “Mr Smith threw himself face first on my knee then despite repeated attempts to make him stop he beat the toe of my boot several times with his head, neck and torso until we forced him to stop. Fearing for his sanity we repeatedly administered shock trerapy with a taser then he forced the muzzle of my pistol onte the back of his head. and while I was trying to regain control of the weapon he shot himself directly in the brain 5 times, then reloaded and did it again”

    As one can see I have very little trust in the veracity of statements made by cops.

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