Straight blogger confesses he’s lesbian

Lesbian blogger PAULA BROOKS unmasked as straight manSo a retired Air Force man has to fess up that he was “Paula Brooks,” editor of the blog LEZ GET REAL. More critically, Bill Graber, 58, of Ohio, was a shill for fellow hoaxer Thomas MacMaster aka the Gay Girl In Demascus, whose wife Britta Froelicher has yet to be implicated directly, though she’s a Syria scholar at a Neocon leaning institution, and as supposed activists, their talking points are concern trollishly generic. With Graber unmasked, LezGetReal is being handed off to alternating erstwhile shill “Linda Carbonell”, who says she doesn’t use her married name La Victoire lest she jeopardize her husband‘s job with the government. “Victory?” Hello? Commenters are all LOL because LezGetReal still won’t get a real lesbian for an editor, and tittering because Graber and MacMaster flirted online, unknowingly middle-aged-man-on-man. Heehee, yeah, I don’t think so. MSM interviewers ponder that no one appeared to intend harm, but aren’t they missing a wooded Virginia campus for the trees? If psy ops programs were indeed coordinating trolls, what do you think the motley crew would look like? No doubt you’ve encountered your share already, a drearily uncreative bunch, frequently on the fringe of the military, with their fingers in many pies, the gay issue being not so distantly DoD-related.
“Paula Brooks” was one of the smelly loose ends of the Tom MacMaster Amina Arraf hoax, so I’m glad that someone smoked Graber out. But on the other hand I’m not.

I intended, with the title of this post, to lampoon the now repeated twist of lesbian bloggers turning out to be straight men. To get attention now, you’d have to be a straight blogger who is discovered to really be a lesbian. But then no one meant to bring this kind of attention to themselves, you’d think.

Maybe you’d be wrong. The worst element of this fraudulent blogger meme, is the seed of mistrust which increasingly poisons the internet. The only edge the established media had on the blogosphere was an inherent credibility, the indoctrination that if something is in print, it must be true. Though MSM journalism has been losing ground to the superior investigative output of the internet, hoaxes such as this work in their favor.

Although it’s been fun to unmask these frauds, and seek credit for the collar, the more attention paid to the story, the more eroded becomes the public trust. Yes, we’ve proven that the net will find you out, or more precisely CAN find you out. But what’s our success rate? It feels like 100%, but that counts only the identities we question. There’s no telling how many frauds remain undetected.

And worse, internet sleuths are slashing away at the very anonymity they cherish. To be a credible voice now, you have to be completely out, you have to show your papers basically. Who celebrates that?

We may think we’ve embarrassed MacMaster and Graber and Froelicher and La Victoire, but if they are indeed intelligence spoilers, they can go right back underground and on to the next alias.

Should we discount a Hasbara hand in this? Critics seem to be condemning MacMaster and Froelicher as anti-Israel, bolstering their Palestinian advocacy identities, but really without ground. In a video interview available online, Froelicher speaks about her gig with the AFSC and outlines her strategy for helping the Palestinians: make it so they have something to lose, she explains, so they’ll be less prone to violence and radicalism. Yeah. And MacMaster writing as Gay Girl Amina once posted her dream to learn Hebrew and live in the superior democracy Israel, just like your typical Syrian girl.

And if they are spoilers, then to be unmasked, to be the embodiment of fraudsters, fleshes out exactly what their handlers want, voices to distrust, to destabilize our common supply of information.

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12 Responses to Straight blogger confesses he’s lesbian

  1. Avatar Bill Graber says:

    This article is using a copyrighted photo of me without my permission,,,,

    Please remove it….

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Not that I have editorial powers but might I suggest a compromise? A NON-Copyright photo perhaps?

    A derivative such as a caricature drawing, maybe.
    Of course some people would probably rather their images not be made publicly available, for instance the two gentlemen and a lady brother and sister bank robbery tag team who are currently visiting Colorado.

    I can see where being outed as a man who wants to be a lesbian so badly that he would fake it, could be kind of embarrassing.
    But, hey, the genie is out of the bottle on that one. I’m pretty sure your family already know.

    Before deleting it, if Eric so chooses, I would recommend that our readers download the picture. If the picture is already gone by the time anybody reads this then look in Google cache and other versions of the WayBack machine.

    I mean, you are involved in some really seedy shit there, bubba, which really has nothing to do with how you get your li’l ol bedroom giggles.

    Mostly it’s disconcerting not because you disrespected lesbians with your disguise, but because it’s apparently led to the deaths of other people in the country where you pretended to be located.

    Fat chance of getting murder charges filed on you, your Propagandist Ilk is apparently well shielded from liability for any crimes you’re party to.
    Karl Rove, for instance, has yet to stand trial for even one of the many hundreds of thousands of people he has gotten KILLED with his (very much related) lying ass propaganda campaign.

  3. Eric Eric says:

    Oh Gruber –what a card! You’re not trying to hide your sorry mug behind copyright law are you? –So you can resume your faceless, unaccountable trolling? That’s not how it works Gruber. I mean Graber.

    NMT publishes your picture under the FAIR USE ACT, for the non-commercial, informational purpose of exposing your deceitfully anonymous ass. If you want to send us a more becoming likeness –that we’ll consider.

    Any readers care to confirm Asshole Graber’s email address? His comment comes from the gender-ambiguous

  4. Avatar Bill Graber says:

    this is not fair use…. only the Wapo has my permission to use this photo…

    but obviously… you must really want to spend considerable time in the South District Court in Ohio…. because to claim fair use…. you must first admit you stole the picture… then I will simply present the camera, which I own and that still has this image on its card to prove my ownership.

    SO be it,,,, I will be sending the required registered letters to you… your hosting company and to Google…

    You letter will include the price for the licensing

  5. Avatar Bill Graber says:

    would this be the correct address to send your notice and the bill to?

    Administrative Contact:
    Verlo, Eric
    Not My Tribe
    P.O. Box 6666
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80934
    United States

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Like, wow. You’ve helped wire up a war in which a lot of civilians, not to mention employees of various governments, have gotten killed. As in, their lives violently removed from what I call “our little corner of the spiritual realm”.

    Fair enough, MOST of them weren’t Americans. But it falls in with “almost a virgin but almost pregnant”.
    One can’t be “almost” either, nor can one claim to not be a killer once he has had at least one person killed.
    Most of them weren’t Americans or British, so most of the Right Wing of the blogosphere wouldn’t give a fat rats ass about their common humanity nor the fact that the United States has declared war against exactly none of them.

    I personally don’t know your original motives, probably has a lot to do with your obfuscation of the real issues, warmongering and murders, by raising objections to people getting a look at who you really are.
    And getting the dance started with a little tune called “Deceit: Graber wants to be a woman who wants to be a man” which under normal (non-killing of people) circumstances that would almost be high comedy.

    The jokes would almost write themselves, “Man, I’ve seen some pretty chicks, and some ugly chicks, but that Bill Graber chick is pretty ugly”
    Mind, that would be a misogynist joke, but not nearly as far into the realm of He-Man Woman Haters Club as a man pretending to be a gay woman. Either for private bedroom giggles but, wait, that part was no longer private when you published it…. or for the more sinister implications of deliberately sabotaging peace and therefore getting people killed deliberately…

    If you want to get a good look at who was deeply involved in that and got the balls rolling, you could look in a mirror… then clean up the shards, dispose of them safely, go buy a shatterproof mirror and look again. (remember, the jokes write themselves)
    Or simply look at that picture.

    But, hey, humor is a cool way to readjust and balance your perspective on the world, joke ’em if they can’t take a f*** and all that.
    Except I’m not entirely certain, and a lot of other people aren’t, that you actually intended the expensive creation of an online fictional character who was passed off as being NOT fictional, and female, and marimacho, and in the middle of a de-facto war-zone and just incidentally rousing hatreds that have been getting a lot of Real People, some of them Real Women, some of THEM Real lesbians… who Really are in that Real war zone… killed.

    And just as a coincidence got a lot of other people around them killed. It presents a moral picture that, Really, is pretty ugly.
    Which has a lot in common, same general area of the world, for instance, Kuwait being closer to Syria than Ohio is to Colorado Springs, the infamous “Slaughter of the innocents” hoax from GulfWarz One.

    Hor those not familiar with Christian theology that would be a direct ripoff from the narrative in the Bible of Herod the First murdering the infant boys in Bethlehem. Right wing liars can’t even be original in their propaganda.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    For those unfamiliar with the Dvorak keyboard layout, the key for “F” is on the same finger, right index, as the key for “H”.

  8. Avatar Bill Graber says:

    here are the elements which constitute Fair Use

    The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes.

    The nature of the copyrighted work.

    The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole.

    The effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work.

    Now I am claiming, that

    1… you altered the work with out permission, intentionally removing the copyright notice and you did so in full knowledge this was a copyrighted item. You were simply thinking I would not call you out.

    2…. that in appearing on this poorly written rag of a website, the potential worth of the photo is damaged.

    3…. if your use is non commercial/ educational…. please explain the active solicitation for paying advertisers?…. my claim is your use and your intent is thief for profit…. and it is you who is hiding that thief behind the fair use clause….

    4… this article is no news article at all…. it is simply an opinionated rant.

    The US Copyright Office this advice on fair use.

    “The safest course is always to get permission from the copyright owner before using copyrighted material. The Copyright Office cannot give this permission.

    When it is impracticable to obtain permission, use of copyrighted material should be avoided unless the doctrine of fair use would clearly apply to the situation.”

    You should have followed that advice.

  9. Eric Eric says:

    Oh Graber, USOFUNNY!

    Listen, I don’t doubt that hasbara propaganda subcontractors have legal budgets to protect their intelligence blog-trolls assets. But judging by your sub-professional mental facilities, you’re a freelance.

    So your blog-troll gig is up and now you’re faced with having to get a non-virtual security job, hence the need to re-inhabit your physical face. Good luck with that.

    Uh, you’re checking up on the wrong thread dude… This is no longer about YOUR PICTURE, but about WHOSE picture it is.

    Troll-dude, crowdsourcing is the third Billy Goat Gruff.

  10. I would think that discovering a person, not just reporting news but making that news, and disguising himself with a fake sex, possibly fake name and possibly fake picture, with the complicity of a large newspaper, in the issue of starting and prolonging a war… to be news. Of course, that’s my opinion, such as Mr or Mrs. Graber’s opinion of whether or not that opinion constitutes news.

    Since Graber, if that is indeed his or her name, had started the balls rolling with a plot twist worthy of a Dan Brown conspiracy theory novel, a man pretending to be a woman who is mannish, what will the next revelation bring?

    A woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a lesbian, and secretly ordained as a priest? A priestess who does unspeakable things to her pet squirrels? The squirrels themselves being trained as CIA operatives?

    Reporting on such manipulations of the so called News Cycle and speculations about how far it could reach, that’s something exploitation tabloids like the Enquirer and Weekly World News and The Colorado Springs Gazette and anything reported by Fox News or their fellow subsidiaries of NewsCorp do on an hourly basis without a whimper of protest from their Pentagon and their other corporate clients.

    And, again, Mr if-it-is-really-Graber, you opened the bottle of speculative journalism by (as far as we’re permitted to know by Your Royal Highness) being a man pretending to be a woman for the sake of publicity. If you didn’t actually want publicity, why then do you even bother to publish anything? Especially on such extremely sensitive and provocative subjects?

  11. Avatar Bill Graber says:

    after trying to deliver the notices of copyright infringement it would appear nothing about this site is what it says it is…

    the contact address is false… as is the phone number…. in fact all of the ICANN registration info is not what Eric here says it is….

    Notwithstanding…. I am gonna track you down and sue your ass Eric…. and then turn this rag of a web site into an apology sheet for Boeing, Lockheed-Martian and the IDF…. not because I like any of those guys… simply becuase I can see it will piss you off to the max.

  12. Avatar Bill Graber says:

    Would it be a big problem serving these papers at the Bookman store?

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