Character assassination par for course, but KOAA falls for “hijack” complaint?

THAT’S RICH. “Occupy Hijacked” is the takeaway from a KOAA news blort on division within Occupy. Because Agent Duh and Co had been calling the TV station to complain they’d lost their right to march into GA and take it over, KOAA concludes that someone stole their protest movement. Let’s see, was it the group on the corner, standing before the camera, whose faces have adorned the occupy protests since the beginning? They’re the hijackers? Compared to two newcomers and an internet slacktivist, who are under disciplinary probation for acts of aggression against OCS? Hijack is a baseless enough claim among discontents, but why does KOAA give it credence? Plus KOAA airs a tirade from the OCS encampment’s most vitriolic tormentor Mr. Clean, alias Michael Jay aka Mike Mike V-Jayjay, allowing him to rant on, incognito. What a scurrilous hit-piece, not unexpected, but probably their best shot. Let’s see the so-called hijackees pull off anything Occupyish as they pretend to be “more in tune with Occupy Wall Street.” Have at it. And best of luck to KOAA to keep up that charade.

12 thoughts on “Character assassination par for course, but KOAA falls for “hijack” complaint?

  1. Speaking of ‘character assassination’, I really loved how you Right Wingers pulled that one about Tony being supposedly just mean and rude to the ‘pregnant woman’ out of the clear blue sky! You guys are a trip!

  2. Agrees with Knee Slapper. In a “LEADERLESS MOVEMENT”, YOU have NO right. Also, your low brow insults and plays on peoples names are a lot less humorous than you think they are.

  3. I’d say you and Ed are the authorities on Low Brow.

    Are you going to join the rallies for universal healthcare? You missed the pro-union protests because you preferred to bicker online (to complain about bickering). Do something, or else stop pretending you have something to say about the matter.

    Occupy is leaderless. Show up and be part of it, or sit on the sidelines and complain that the people who keep at it are leading it.

  4. If its IS leaderless, then YOU or anyone else, cannot take “disciplinary action” of any sort against ANYONE.

  5. Really, you are going to just delete my posts here too? Any movement, story or idea that can’t stand up to constructive criticism, isn’t an idea that should exist. Enjoy your version of the world.

  6. Mr. Clean, this is actually a blog where we have commentaries about multiple things happening, none of which you Right Wingers are much interested in commenting about at all. You are basically too ignorant and too stupid to do so.

    In fact, your only interest in coming around here is strictly to try to trash the Occupy Movement which you were busy trashing long before this particular conflict between the militarized folk and Eric ever began. You have no ‘constructive criticism’ to offer anybody that I can see. Maybe you can offer it up to Rush or Glenn or Laura perhaps? Maybe Rick needs your ‘help’?

  7. Hey, the only reason I posted here is because I was called V-jayjay. Your blog, site doesn’t interest me. But I wouldn’t delete anyone’s opinions or thoughts unless they specifically threatened someone.

    BTW, I don’t watch TV or listen to “right wing” radio. As a matter of fact the only time I hear those names is when people like you on the left tell me about them. I think you don’t like them is because they are a lot like you, just way more successful at getting their message out.

  8. Also, I find it hard to believe that Jack Semple and Amanda Ward was just categorized as a right wingers by you.

  9. I did’t do that though, Mr. Clean. Good try in trying to split Movement folk, which is just what you try to specialize in. You’re kind of obvious though.

  10. You needed no help “splitting” the movement. It was splintered by your group without my help.

  11. No, the Occupy Movement is split by one group of Right Wing nuts and infiltrators who wants to go out and stand alongside the troops waving the American flag, and another group that tells the truth about the US military machine and that they oftentimes kill innocent people, including children. Which side are you owned by, Mr. Clean?

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