The troops don’t want your support, they want you to enable them

In protesting war, it’s not enough to say you “support the troops”, even as you advocate to “bring them home”. Soldiers see criticizing war as directed at them because it underminds the purity of spirit they want to go about their destructive missions. Don’t expect to get anywhere with trying to explain legal or moral issues. Their military indoctrination omits understanding war crimes like collective punishment, disproportionate force, massacre, murder, and by the looks of it, even rape of your fellow female soldiers. No, today’s soldiers want enablers to help them “embrace the carnage” so they can “do what they have to do” wherever they’re deployed. Even stationed stateside, they’re unencumbered by critical thought, they certainly don’t want to hear yours.

13 thoughts on “The troops don’t want your support, they want you to enable them

  1. when is the last time you deployed? oh yeah never… lol. Are you angry because I truly do want soldiers home. I truly do want a pointless war to end.. so do those soldiers standing in the picture your really good at lying and manipulating things arent you? Things to your advantage so you look like a victim. Oh poor eric did the soldiers come out to speak aganist you? you want a tissue? or do you want to hand more pointless flyers to people at a g.a.? the only person sitting here and being a liar, is you. peaceful you are a far from a peaceful person eric, you will say and do anything to get a story and try to cover your ass when you get called out.

  2. It was real striking to hear your husband state at an Occupy GA, no less, that YES he would quickly AND WITHOUT QUEST shoot down kids while on active duty, since he viewed them as potential active enemies. He told us that it was his right to do so and thought that we would actually back all that all up, no questions asked!

    It was striking to hear him say how he embraced the mayhem of what he was doing because without wallowing in it, he basically said that he could not function as a military man and fighting unit. He told us that he could not afford to move in a reasonable manner while confronting probably civilian families in areas he was on combat duty at.

    We let you and your husband talk frely (no effort to censor you in the least) and all it was was his nonstop embracing of violence. We came to the evident conclusion that you and Jeremy were people that should in no way be allowed the license to patrol OUR neighborhoods with weapons, nor anybody else’s neighborhoods either for that matter, and wonder what in the Hell the military was doing allowing people with your husband’s total lack of reasonable judgement into the US military and letting your husband loose in other peoples’ land in the state of immaturity he exhibits?

    Despite the fact that your husband is in his 20s as you are too, Mrs. Westmoreland, he seemed more like an out of control young kid, plus he also admitted to even being supposedly out of control himself while supposedly suffering behavior problems (oops, I’m sorry, I meant PTSD!) Jeremy is on Dr given medication, isn’t he, supposedly for PTSD?

    You know what, Mrs. Westmoreland, I think that your husband and you are simply suffering from personality problems. You do not belong with the military since you think that gives you some sort of license to go around lying and threatening to do harm to others nonstop. The thought of your husband being in uniform is one that would make any normal folk absolutely nauseous, especially when they begin to hear you ’embracing’ the killing and bloodshed as you do, and defending not acting in a prudent manner when confronting people who most likely would be noncombatants in Jeremy’s military units jurisdiction.

    Too bad that the local newspeople could not have seen some of your two’s performances at our Occupy GA’s. You came off as mad dogs.

  3. Damn Tony i thought we was done..oh well guess not..and dont take my words out of context or try and pull an eric and twist them…i said if a kid pointed a gun at me or was walking towards me without stoping and i couldnt make him stop that yes i would pull the trigger…because then he is putting me and my guys and the civilans around at risk…and dont act all high and mighty like you wouldnt do it either…and i never said i was out of control…i said i have anxiety problems…and no i dont take medicine bc i dont wanna be doped up….and tony i have months of training on my belt…i can move extremly fast and still not shoot non enemy combatents…thats what im trained to do…and the whole embrace the carnage…lets see you go oversees…or fight a bad fire…or be a cop in a gun battle…and lets see you not embrace it….guess what gonna happen…your gonna second guess yourself and get yourself or others killed…oh and eric bc your so in tune with the miltary…the whole rape thing is again total bs…i have never raped anyone…and if i ever heard of people who did i would report them…so lets do something shall we…your making fun of a group of people so lets do it to…White people have killed and raped since the beginning of mankind…they are constanly at war with each other and always inslaving each other…no surprise then when people like timonthy mcvain goes and blows up a building…or when people like Dennis Rader go out a torture people before he kills them…how would you feel if people judge everyone off of a fewbad seeds huh?…i know you think im a bad seed…but its only becuase i uncover the truth and your scared…you see what i mean…Tony blaming me for stealing shit from you?…really?? I dont even know where you live at…Eric?…blaming me for something that happened a while ago?…really?…quit fucking lying and attacking me and ill quit exposing you…eric its to late for you youve already been exposed….Tony i tried to make peace with you last night…keep attacking me though and ill keep exposing your lies and mistruths…

  4. Wow, Very interesting coming from someone who never had to do any disgusting job in his life. Born with a gold spoon in his mouth. Well, there is a such thing as supporting the troops and not the war, but you are too ignorant to realize that. Easy for you to criticize the troops when you never walked in their shoes, and you didn’t have to because nannies and servants wiped your ass for you while you were growing up.

  5. ‘Richie’, you and the people we at NMT are at issue with on this blog are not particularly working class at all. You are more like the trailer trash element- Jerry Springer show crowd- petty criminal class of antiAmerican. Too bad the Pentagon recruits so many of your type in order to use you as war criminals abroad…. It goes to your heads, this little bit of grunt Goober Pyle ‘authority’.

  6. Sorry tony jeremy is part of the working class, and no my husband doesnt take medication, once again eric twisting words like the great manipulator you are. What jeremy has said is that if a kid comes up to him with a bomb strapped to his chest jeremy will take the action needed, once again you dont know war, they do send children with bombs and guns out to kill our soldiers, so either save a squad, platoon, or possibly a whole village by doing what is neccesary, since you want peace why dont you go out there and come with a peace treaty with the taliban lets see how fast they point a gun at you, which leaves the question would you shoot or be shot? Since you want war to be all flowers and rainbows, you and tony go out there with your banners, by the way when your out there in kabul walking with your peace and antiwar banners be sure not to step on a mine or hope and ied doesnt go off. Also hope you have the support from home to get a care package, or your stuck eating nasty mres. Seeing as you come from money I dont think you would like that to much.

  7. Tony,
    I find your comments to be very degrading to women.
    How could you verbally assault a pregnant woman?
    You are a sexist pig!

  8. What stupidity, not so ‘Gloria’. What is all this bs about me supposedly verbally ‘assaulting a pregnant woman’? It comes off the top of your empty head and has no basis in fact. Do you nuts hallucinate or something? We’re getting sick of you trash. Get lost! You are nothing more than stalkers.

  9. Uh Oh, Someone is picking on Tony (Talking on Radio) Please call a waaaaaambulance for mr Tony Logan because someone picked on him and hurt his little sissy feelings

  10. Don’t you worry Tony. I will call the Waaaaaaambulance for you since Gloria and Richie hurt your little feelings

  11. You’ve lost the high ground. Soon you will have lost the movement. You aren’t capable of leadership so don’t experiment with it. Give up peacefully and move back to your socialist agendas and leave Acacia park to the people who play there.

  12. We have all been very patient with you Right Winger cons on NMT, simply because we wanted the record of your trash talk and slanders to be here online. It’s a written record of sorts about your hatreds. However, you on going to have to reply to the ACTUAL threads from here on out, or your unrelated to anything HATE SPEECH will simply be moderated off.

    Good luck to all of you in your small, little petty and nasty lives.

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