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Robert Bales still not tried due to continued Pentagon coverup of his (and the Pentagon’s own) war crimes

images-46— Remember, after all this delay, the US war criminal Sgt. Robert Bales? Only with the most twisted thinking can anybody call this swift and real justice for the multiple Afghan civilians Bales murdered in cold blood, and most probably with the help of multiple fellow US soldiers who have never been identified or brought into custody by the US government. Instead the Pentagon has helped Bales cover for his US soldier comrades in crime, by whisking him way afar to his military base in Washington State where he is close to his wife, family, and friends. See the latest US military and governmental shenanigans with their featured Afghan war criminal- Six Afghan civilians who are expected to testify at the court-martial of Kandahar massacre suspect Staff Sgt. Robert Bales traveled to Joint Base Lewis-McChord last week. They made the trip to prepare for the trial of the veteran Stryker brigade soldier accused of killing 16 civilians, mostly women and children.

Bales is no more crazy than the US military commanders and politicians that sent him to do the dirty work. He is an assassin and murderer, no different really than all those Pentagon snipers who get top awards. All the multiple US war criminals need to be tried in an international court of law and put away for good. Only then could we say that true justice would have begun to occur for what the US has done to so many people in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US population itself is covered with the innocent blood of so many others they have helped their politicians and military goons harm through the many years.

Sgt Robert Bales, your wife wants to talk to you….

Talk about pure denial! Kari Bales, Afghanistan Massacre Defendant's Wife, Says Husband Is Innocent ___There seems little doubt that Bales is guilty as sin. The only remaining true question is just how many other US GI pals of Bales were also in on the killings? Who is the Pentagon covering up for? How many soldiers?

Pentagon is hiding Sgt. Robert Bales away to keep itself and US from being tried in a court of law for war crimes

The Pentagon and the Obama Administration seem in no hurry to try Sgt. Robert Bales for his crimes, do they? Where are they hiding him away? Month after month goes by and the public hears nothing about the war criminal. Afghans know that the US is in their country not for their own good, but for the good of the US based military industrial governmental complex. Child killers like Bales and his other GI comrades that aided the man should have been on trial already. Other child killers like Obama and Clinton and Panetta also need to be on trial. All of us Americans are guilty in the eyes of the world for our roles in funding and supporting America’s soldier killers. Bring these murderers to trial!

Sgt Robert Bales hidden away, as George Zimmerman walks out of jail

Oh Lack of Justice USA! Military and cop impunity reigns supreme everywhere now, and the Right Wingers talk of us a being ‘free’, ‘free’as the wind! BULLSHIT! I defy anybody to find some recent any recent info about Robert Bales and how ‘the prosecution’ is doing, AND what they are doing in his case? And the effort to turn George Zimmerman’s cold blooded killing of Trayvon Martin into a plea about his own supposed victimhood reminds us of the sickening display of Norwegian Right Wing psychopath Anders Breivik’s claim to be a victim of ‘multiculturalism’. Zimmerman executed Trayvon and now the authorities are prepping the stage to let him walk free once again…. ‘legally’. Justice in the US, like Democracy itself, just doesn’t much exist. I’m totally fed up and sick of the Right Wing talking about soldiers and cops supposedly ‘keeping us free’.

Police response to Tulsa killings contrasts to killing of blacks elsewhere because in Tulsa the cops are not protecting those seen as their own

A couple of White men killing Blacks ad lib in Tulsa, and the police have responded quickly and appropriately and arrested the responsible parties, so far. But in Florida it remains a different story as the police apparently there see George Zimmerman as being somehow basically one of their own. Th reason for that is the intervention of the father or the vigilante assassin, and how that and his local political allies influenced decision making.

In Pasadena, California, the police just blew away another Black teenager and they then afterwards tried to charge another man entirely with the charge of ‘manslaughter’! That charge did not fly but still the cops allowed themselves to walk scotch free despite their unnecessary killing of a man. See Family of Black Teen Killed by Pasadena Cops Alleges Racial Profiling for that story of cops protecting their own, as they themselves commit unlawful acts.

And in Chicago, Black ex-cop shot 28 times by White cops is found guilty, fights for justice the cops shot away at a Black man 28 times, and then charged their victim with ‘assault’! The cops walked away free of any investigation of what they did in their attempted murder of a Black ex-cop. Protecting their own once again, gets both cops and soldiers free rides so very often! These two uniformed groups apparently see themselves way above the law themselves and their government bosses see it that way as well, because The People have allowed democracy to be totally stripped away from our society.

Let’s not let them continue to allow Robert Bales and the other soldiers to get off, despite their slaughter down of innocent children in Afghanistan. Cops and soldiers should not be above all law. That’s just too dangerous for all of us. Bales needs to be sent back to Afghanistan to face the law there for his crimes, and we the American People need to demand that the US government and the Pentagon stop hindering the investigation there of what happened. Throwing dollar bills at the survivors of these dead civilians simply is not any real justice for them. We should be ashamed of what our government and military officials are doing. And we should feel personally threatened by it as well.

Pentagon-loving corporate media says to pay no attention to real details about the Sgt. Bales led USA war crime

The news report yesterday, hidden away for the most part, was that Child witnesses to Afghan massacre say Robert Bales was not alone and read that the Afghan reporter who was reporting for the Australian press had also reported being impeded by the US military in her access to the war crime witnesses who were children. Here is what the child witnesses to the slaughter by Bales and his squad said to her…

‘In the video, the children told Hakim that other Americans were present during the rampage, holding flashlights in the yard. Noorbinak, 8, told Hakim that the shooter first shot her father’s dog. Then, Noorbinak said in the video, he shot her father in the foot and dragged her mother by the hair. When her father started screaming, he shot her father, the child says. Then he turned the gun on Noorbinak and shot her in the leg.

“One man entered the room and the others were standing in the yard, holding lights,” Noorbinak said in the video.’

Now who are you dumb shit, American soldier uniform lovers going to believe here? Why the Pentagon, for sure, who calls the children liars! Right? So no need for the American media to even much discuss this event any more, you Flag waving dips have your minds made up already… and it’s all that Bales and the other soldier troopers are great heroes and what not, though no doubt it’s a shame that so many perhaps have been traumatized by their killing of foreigners who got in their way of career advancement through the vet Welfare Establishment…. blah, blah, blah. 10% off that hamburger and fries, Soldier Dear. Take this job right now, Mr. Vet Preference Dude. Got a back ache? Take some dope and here’s some disability right away no questions much asked… for life. We love you, Soldiers!

But Sgt Robert Bales and his squad seemed to have some anger control issues so they might be slapped on the wrist in the days ahead, and Bales might even have to serve a year or two in jail as Hero Man, while his comrades get the free walk, all thanks to the Big P of northern Virginia…Insurance Company for trailer trash heads who Uncle Sam recruits and turns into even worse criminals than the petty hoods they were in civilian life before.

(‘Now, Tony, you are being a tad bit disrespectful to our heroes who kill kids, so that you might have that nasty thing we all vet- soldier Right Wingers hate called Free Speech. Go live in Red China, Commie a-hole!’)

Oh, and that Black and White picture at the start of my bad? That was the American soldier men in uniform defending ‘free speech’ during the Vietnam War ‘error’…. at Kent State. If I only had a nickel for every dumb ass Right Winger vet, that has told me that they fight/ fought for American imperialism to supposedly defend my no existent right to Free Speech, I would be rich by now!

Robert Bales, US military war criminal, was a conman with a nasty background when he signed up as a soldier

Info is now beginning to leak out about the criminal background of Robert Bales when he signed into the US military to be put into a command position. See Afghan Murder Suspect Joined Army During Fraud Probe …What a seedy guy this Sgt. Robert Bales is, defrauding a couple out of $1 and a half million and then running off to the military to join up to escape having to pay it back and/ or be criminally sentenced!

Of course, the military itself is the bigger con, trying to pretend to the world that Robert Bales acted alone as US war criminal. Afghans are not buying this, even as most Americans seem to be now playing stupid about what happened. Does our country even have any sense of shame left as it occupies country after country with the troops of its 1%? That is the big question the rest of the world would like answered.

‘Liebschner took his case against Bales and his firm to Wall Street regulators in May 2000, and an independent arbitrator later found that Bales engaged in fraud, unauthorized trading and unsuitable investments. In the midst of the pending case, Bales joined the Army and Liebschner said Bales could not be found after an arbitrator ordered him and his associates to pay more than $1.4 million.’

Not exactly the Mr. PTSD guy the media tried to sell us on, after all. Bales is just an ordinary thug that the US military had doing its dirty work of terrorizing people in foreign lands.