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Why does the Colorado Springs D-11 School Board brainwash students with Ayn Rand Tea Bagger Thought?

D-11 pushes this Right Wing dope onto its PUBLIC SCHOOL studentsThe answer to our question is quite simple- Go to The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism at the Ayn Rand Institute and find out just why the D-11 Colorado Springs school board is pushing this Right Wing dope onto its PUBLIC SCHOOL students? The book Anthem by Ayn Rand is given out free by the Ayn Rand Institute and is then made REQUIRED reading to all high school freshmen at D-11.

‘Teachers, order your free copies of Ayn Rand’s books for your classroom! Ayn Rand’s novels contain many elements that appeal strongly to young readers. With the generous help of our donors and your local businesses, the Ayn Rand Institute is providing free copies of Ayn Rand’s novels, along with teacher’s guides and lesson plans, to high schools in the US and Canada. All you have to do is teach the book!

If you are a teacher, and you would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to teach Ayn Rand’s novels in your classroom, you can request your FREE books by completing the order form on the next page.’

Those so-called ‘donors and local businesses’ mentioned here include Goldman, Sachs & Co. That’s right! And Caroline Mann who is Managing Director and Associate General Counsel of Goldman, Sachs & Co., is also co-chair at the Ayn Rand Institute. What a coincidence NOT!

So what is a PUBLIC SCHOOL doing teaching its PUBLIC students in mass, Tea Bagger (collectivist) so-called ‘Objectivist’ Thought?

Goldman Sachs hires ethics advisers, forms committee to study legal aspects of their investments.

NAMBLAYou know, a company as large and old as that would have done something like that Centuries ago. If they’d any intent of actually following any kinds of ethical or legal standard guidelines. “Well, Gosh dang it, fellers, we just didn’t have any Idea that stealing from large numbers of people is immoral, dishonest and illegal.”

They could have called me, paid me a thousand dollars to study it, I would have given them their answer before they hung up, “No, Stealing is NOT Legal” and I would e ahead a cool grand, and they would, if they took such profound and sage advice, wouldn’t be out hundreds of millions in fees to law firms (Like Boyd, Dewey, Cheatham and Howe) who charge a million dollars a day to figure ways to LIE and say that it IS legal.
Lawyers are expensive, a conscience is free.

Annie Leonard versus the people who brought you Enron and Goldman Sachs

Video by Annie Leonard
COLORADO COLLEGE- Environmentalist Annie Leonard of THE STORY OF STUFF visits CC’s Packard Hall. Here’s an inescapably blunt video she’s made in advance of the climate summit in Copenhagen, called The Story of Cap & Trade, where Leonard looks at the devils in the details: “free permits to big polluters, fake offsets and distraction from what’s really required to tackle the climate crisis.”

Leonard knocked it out of the park at CC, setting a fine example for forward-thinking reformers. Keep moving, come back for the stragglers later.

How exciting for this Colorado Springs audience that Leonard visits just as her internet impact is being targeted by those previously presumed to be her allies. It’s a clever move, before COP15, to unmask the delinquents in our midst. Normally eco-radical Grist is alight with attacks on Leonard’s Cap and Trade dressing down, but the charlatans can’t see the clearcut from the trees. They’re cap and trade insiders, who short Leonard for arguments she omits, although her video is only ten minutes long.

One accuses the “semi-famous” Leonard of missing the mark, the other scolds the first for going too easy on her, beginning a catalog of errors with “Just colossally ignorant.” Both Grist dopes with too much invested in eco-business as usual.