Moms For Pot, damn the kids

For Mother’s Day I was wondering about… MOMS FOR MARIJUANA. Are you kidding me?! Could cannabis users choosing motherdom as commonality for a niche advocacy group be any more half-baked? Motherhood is more than a special interest, demographic or hobby; it bears maternal responsibility. Women For Marijuana for example, doesn’t imply there are children around. One infers from Moms For Pot that there’s a role for drugs in the mothering process, a Just-Say-Yes policy in store for her children, if even there’s an age of consent.

How literally do you want to chain yourself to the adage that an apple doesn’t fall far from the [stupid] tree? Let’s set aside the stupor-addled myopia. Where is that child supposed to go to school? I wouldn’t want a Moms For Pot parents participating with my school. Remember the permissive mother who let kids drink in her basement because they’re going to drink, she rationalizes, why not somewhere safe? But this is worse, more than the condoning of drug use, it’s advocacy of drug use, as a medical treatment, as home remedy, as cure for cancer, who knows, she might recommend it for acne.

I think Moms For Pot are taking a big gamble that pot legalization happens before their kids reach school age. Who is going to be the first one suspected of dealing in school, having the most obvious ready supply? Who will be called to always explain his mother’s public preoccupation with addiction? If the pretext is Medical Marijuana, does he have to describe her as disabled? Will he have to denounce her public advocacy or be accused of being in denial? All pretty heavy for a kid.

Instead of a family leg up, this is a push off the cliff, but not out of character with the drug abuser mentality of me me me.

CLARIFICATION: I’m in favor of drug legalization, and MMJ, just not pushed on kids. And I’d like to see people, for whom chemical dependency doesn’t upset going about their normal life, give serious thought and empathy to the large number who succumb to pot’s worst predations. I know far too many victims of pot and alcohol than can be ignored.

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  1. You are talking to us all the time. Some of you get so damn nasty and vulgar though that some of you DO get blocked offline from NMT from time to time. So damn what?

    And why should nutty people making repeated threatening phone calls to me and my family (hanging up when we answer the phone) even be given that right to come on here and further spam yourselves into our lives? Why, Mr. Anticommunist dittohead?

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  5. When he sobers up some, my offer to buy the dude a Barbeque and have a beer with him still holds. God it’s hard to be friends with some people though! Some are just so intent on being paranoid about almost everything.

    Me not thinking very highly of the US military as a whole is not the same thing as showing the individual soldiers in it any disrespect. I treat ALL the soldiers right on my job same as do any other patients I ever am working with. HOWEVER… some are basically decent people and some just simply are not.

  6. Eric the first msg was a mistake I accidently hit submit…look I have no beef with either of you…I’m focusing on my job and kid I have due in October..anti sounds like an idiot I don’t come on this site bc I don’t agree with the views Plus I don’t want stuff like above to be mistaken in fact I’m surprise you two ain’t jumping all over the fact that were building a missile shield in Europe and Russia is threatning a preemptive strike…Tony write about that ..ill be by later to see but otherwise don’t drop my name unless you know its me…and anti…shut the fuck up

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  8. And what about my proposal to buy you a beer and a barbecue, Jeremy? Believe it or not, but the offer was sincere and was not with any intent of keeping this idiotic battle going on between us in any way. I really do try not to hold grudges or try to screw other people over in any way. I wish you the best and hope that both of us and our families do good in the years ahead. Why should I want anything different?

    Also, I HAVE already written about the missile shield several times, with the last time being here.

    And several of us are on the way to the antiNATO demonstrations to participate, too.

    As to who and what is being written here on NMT by people opposing Eric and I and our views? Some of you are long time hard core Right Wing antis-, and some of you think you are, but actually don’t really know anything much about the views you think you despise. Unless you really are into hatreds and being nasty, I urge you people who write here to just calm down some, use some basic courtesy, and you will more than likely USUALLY get good treatment and discussion about the differences in points of view.

    Best wishes to you, Jeremy, and the offer to just get together over a beer or two still holds. I think that if you can ever get over feeling that I am somehow disrespecting you some, then we really mind actually find that we hare a lot in common… more than you might now think we do. I just think it stupid for both sides here to be hating each other so damn much.

  9. Keep up the good provocation of thought Eric and Tony. Amazing how much anger is stirred up here. It does become apparent after much name calling and condemnation who the skulls with the most numbness are. What really is still so surprising to me is when readers comment and think they will be taken seriously when they don’t even know the difference in usage between “their”, “they’re”, “there”, as well as “you’re” and “your”. It is a true sign of education or the lack of it. Go back to school anti…. you have not earned the education to be anti anything.

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