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MMJ patient Bob Crouse walks free, and that’s a good decision, Jury

What a disgusting police and government effort to go after trying to convict a leukemia patient for playing around with his marijuana! When are they going to simply decriminalize and end PROHIBITION? Instead, the Police State continues to try to wreck peoples’ lives in a way that only adds onto any dangers that widespread mj use could ever be doing to the public. Medical marijuana patient Bob Crouse acquitted: Another wasteful prosecution? ___Why Hell YES!

More ‘marijuana’ madness

Now that the ‘Miami cannibal’ toxicology report came back clean except for him having marijuana in his body, who else has been going crazy on that innocent ‘marijuana’ thing? The Miami cannibal could not be tested for all hallucinogenic substances but just the standard US law enforcement array of them. So who knows still really what he actually had smoked?
So the toxicology report left it really unclear with exactly what the weed had been dusted with? And now another such news item comes from wacky Waco, Texas … a sad story of a man again possibly thinking weed to all be a harmless ‘medicine’ because of all the pro-marijuana people pushing their lines about it supposedly being so. See Michael Daniel Accused Of Killing, Eating Dog On K-2 (so-called synthetic marijuana) Fueled Rampage. If you buy weed on the street, it could have almost anything added into it. BEWARE. Better just not to do it.

Was the Miami cannibal just out innocently smoking some ‘dusted’ marijuana when he was turned into a human monster?

______________________________________________________________________________ ‘On Monday morning, she (the girlfriend of the cannibal’) got a call from someone in his family saying ‘Rudy’s dead, Rudy’s dead.’ She went to meet his family to grieve and that’s when she learned Eugene was the ‘Miami Cannibal.’

‘She insists that he never used any recreational drugs besides marijuana and was even trying to quit. Eugene would refuse to take over-the-counter medication for headaches and was sweet and well-mannered, she said.The attack could only be explained by Eugene being drugged or the victim of a Voodoo curse, she said. ‘I don’t know how else to explain this,’ she said.’

Full report at 'I'm going to be late. I love you and I'll be back': The last words of Miami cannibal to his girlfriend just hours before horrific attack

‘That wasn’t him, that was his body but it wasn’t his spirit. Somebody did this to him,’ she said. ‘He loved God he always read the Bible he would give you knowledge on the Bible. Everywhere he went his Bible went. When he left he had his Bible in his hand.’

Ruth Charles, Eugene’s mother, was also shocked by the news reports of her sons crimes and reached out to the media to try and clear his name.
‘Everyone says he was a Zombie. He was no Zombie. That was my son,’ Ms Charles said to CBS.

She said that her boy was good-natured, went to church often and had recently given her a Mother’s Day card.
‘I never had any problems with him,’ she said, flipping open a photo album of Eugene growing up.’

ACTUALLY rather than a voodoo attack, the rather more probable explanation for the change that came over Eugene is simply that he had just smoked some dusted marijuana he might have just bought. It was dusted with ‘bath salts’ perhaps? That would explain his behaviors.

Sometimes marijuana can be not such a great ‘medicine’ after all.

Update on the Vuvuzela ban in British Soccer

I mentioned the cheaply made plastic horns being banned on the ridiculous “public safety-homeland security” excuse that they could be a weapon.
Now, I’ve a passing familiarity with weapons and the scars and record to prove it. If you could possibly use a vuvuzela as a weapon, if you have that skill level, then you would do a far quicker job of it with your bare hands. I also mentioned that the Soccer Football clubs don’t ban drunken rowdies, and the existence of beer so strong it’s properly measured in “proof” the way distilled spirits would be, 40% alcohol = 80 proof. The usual strength of distilled spirits in the U.S. Anything over 100 proof, is considered “overproof”. This is not from direct experience, I don’t drink. I do have a steadily decreasing number of friends who do. One of the many Reaganite approved ways of offing yourself with a little help from the Corporate Empire. Like this example. 55% 110 Proof BEER. It’s a microbrew, sure. Most English beer that’s a mere 25% alcohol (they call American beer “piss”) isn’t micro-brew, it’s commercial grade toxins.
This stuff is called “The End of History”, they made like 12 bottles for sale, at 500 pounds per bottle. Using stuffed animals to hold the bottles. By that I don’t mean Winnie the Pooh dolls or “my pretty pony” dolls…

REAL animals, dead and stuffed.

Yes, that’s really a dead squirrel. You’d be drinking, had they not sold all 12 bottles almost immediately, so we know there’s at least 2 dozen truly SICK ind-DUH-Viduals on the loose in our planet who have enough money to pay about $750 for something like … drinking from a dead animal.

It seems to me that you’d be French-kissing a dead rodent. While and at the same time, in a pointlessly repetitive, yet redundant, sort of way, poisoning yourself.

Bottoms up. These dudes seriously need to make friends with Bill W.

Meanwhile, in America and in Britain one can get the equivalent of a life sentence if you have pain medicine that’s not prescribed for you. The Capitalist Propagandists who are cheering this particular piece of Legalized (and insane) Drug Dealing, also cheered when Jeb Bush refused to issue a pardon to a Florida Resident who had 20 Vicodins which had been prescribed to him, for neuro pain from Multiple Sclerosis, and given a 25 year sentence without parole on the One-strike-you’re-out rule. The same week that Jeb Bush’s daughter, who also happened to be the niece of the (at the time) Current President of the U.S. and the granddaughter of another President…. got probation and a “sentence” to drug rehab after testing dirty for cocaine while already on probation for drug offenses.

And, meanwhile, here in Colorado Springs, the TeaBags are petitioning to ban the use of Medical Marijuana citywide. Their Puppet Organization the “Our Westside Neighbors” Fascist Control Freak Group is supporting the petition.

Hypocrisy in action.