Smell test shows KONY 2012 viral vid tests positive for military grade virus

Solidarity with AngolaWas mainstream media endorsing a viral Youtube video your first clue that the Invisible Children campaign bears the suspicious signs of US war-making propaganda?! What “Save Darfur” was to Sudan, the CIA-spelled backward [Africa’s] Invisible Children operation is to Uganda. With its Libyan protector out of the way, Africa and its resources have never been more accessible, so now AFRICOM’s cross-hairs are on regional insurgent defenders. Apparently Joseph Kony is today’s poster villain, and those pitching a US intervention in Central Africa want to convince the public the engagement would have an exit strategy not to exceed 2012. Flowers and candy.

What are we holding against Joseph Kony, indoctrinating child soldiers? What are American recruiters doing in our middle schools but trolling for our Invisible Children who, undereducated, undernourished and unprotected from predatory militarist propaganda, succumb to the economic or criminal justice draft?

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  1. Since none of our ever so esteemed NMT readers have commented on this commentary by Eric, I will simply just post the link to Black Agenda Report’s commentary about the USA Right Winger propagandists behind this campaign supporting US imperialist interventionism in the African country of Uganda. Check out what they have to say about US imperialism’s latest propaganda barrage… ‘Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony’ @

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