Crowdsourced Boston Marathon pics point to usual paramilitary suspects

YES, MORE CSI DIY CROWDSOURCING PHOTO-ANALYSIS! If you could anticipate that criminologists would scrutinize surveillance videos for who left what at the scene, or who behaved oddly after a bomb blast, you could probably plan to evade detection, by, for example, bringing a larger bag to conceal the bag you’re going to drop off.

A soft bag would be least suspicious but would need a reinforced shell to pretend it wasn’t empty afterward. That might explain some of the bag photos cropping up online, some of them dismissed because they’re mistaken for before shots that were really taken after. It turns out the after photo of the Craft/Seal Special Ops at the Boston Marathon Bombing isn’t problematic because their full packs appear to be weightless. Yet the bags are bulging at the same time. Would your elbow be bent, or would you be rocking on your heels, bearing a full load? What are they packing, parachutes?

No need to compare their uniform backpacks with scraps of bags shredded by the bomb inside. We need to ask, what WERE these guys carrying, before then after? Obviously it wasn’t first aid equipment or anything that came in handy for this deployment, apparently. Don’t you find it disturbing that the unspeakable happened at the Boston Marathon, everyone’s scrambling to be helpful and these two authorized attendees don’t appear to have anything to do?

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5 Responses to Crowdsourced Boston Marathon pics point to usual paramilitary suspects

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Evidently these 2 brothers WERE NOT the ‘usual paramilitary suspects’ you thought would be American Right Winger types.

    ‘Crowdsourced Boston Marathon pics point to usual paramilitary suspects’

    Guessed wrong again did you, Eric? It pays to wait some before too rapidly jumping to conclusions of this sort like you just did. These 2 now being blamed for this act of terrorism simply were not at all the ‘usual paramilitary suspects’ liberals might have had.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    You’re the one jumping to conclusions. This story is far from over. Btw, those are special ops in photo above, not brothers or “Right Wingers”.

    The marathon bombing will take a lot of explaining, and teen suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev probably played only one part. Who knows? The point of being a critical observer is to question what we’re being fed.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Sure, I think that we need to know ‘what we are being fed’…. and when we are being fed as well. However, we should not ALWAYS assume AUTOMATICALLY that we are being fed disinformation though. Many times we are not.

  4. Avatar William says:

    Fix the government and fix the border. Look after American interests first and then you’ll be in a position to help others. Obama has sold your country to offshore banking interests – they own your debt and they call the shots. Protect what you have left, especially your wild open spaces and your freedoms. You’re loosing them at an astonishing rate. You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to understand that globalisation is destroying this country from within.

  5. Avatar William says:

    They could have been security, sent in to protect the public in response to an imposing threat. Their clothing is similar, as in uniform. Their stature suggests they work out. Their use of sunglasses.. not sure.

    These may seem like dumb questions and observations. I don’t know who was really behind this event, bit Fear not being proven wrong by answers; fear being afraid to ask them for fear of consequence. You don’t want to live in that kind of state but this country gets closer to it every day.

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