Israel attacks Syria! Surely Syria will be accorded the right to defend itself

It’s the pretext Israel uses whenever it strikes Gaza or Lebanon or European cafes or US ships: the right to defend itself. In fact the right to do it preemptively is how Israel justifies bombing Iran or assassinating Iranian scientists. So where do the rights of others begin? Has not Syria a right to defend her lands and people against this unprovoked attack? Is Israel so cynical to pretend it doesn’t have to declare war on its neighbors because it shares “most belligerent status” with all of them? –even, let’s add, with half its citizens. Of course the US stands with Israel, they share a foreign policy of illegal, preemptive, and/or covert war. No doubt Israel has already calculated that Syria is in no position to retaliate. All Western powers knwo enough to only strike the defenseless. Apparently Israel has grown impatient with the Western-backed attempted overthrow of strongman Assad and fears the astroturf public support will wane before regime change is achieved. Assassination, covert coups, wars of aggression, used to be illegal.

3 thoughts on “Israel attacks Syria! Surely Syria will be accorded the right to defend itself

  1. Firstly, Israel and Syria have been in a state of war since 1948.

    Syria has the right to retaliate to Israel. It has prudently chosen not to; it is already involved in one too many conflicts.

    Israel rightfully feels threatened by the transfer of Iranian arms to radically anti-Israeli terrorists in Lebanon, viz. Hezbollah.
    You are not complaining about how the government of Syria has killed more of its own citizens than people Israel has ever killed. Why is this not of concern?

  2. Notice that every nation Israel SAYS it is afraid of attack from is part of what the Jewish bible says is rightfully part of Israel – from the Nile to the Euphrates. All of this trumped up “threats” is just a land grab by Israel. Be thankful that Jews don’t believe that Europe was given to them by “god”, too, or they’d be claiming Belgium and Luxembourg were after them next.

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