Deadliest motorcycle “gang” in Waco shoot-out was not Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, or Vaqueros. It was police.

Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, Vaqueros Motorcycle Clubs
Was the Waco Shoot-out a gunfight between rival gangs or an ambush laid by law enforcement? Police are monopolizing the testimony but the evidence suggests a barroom brawl became a pretext to kill or arrest club officers, essentially grassroots organizers, now charged with “organized crime”. Investigators can litter the crime scene with brass-knuckles, knives and wallet chains, but the shell casings are going to be police issue. Motorcycle headlights were on, indicating club members were trying to leave. Police claim that the brawlers redirected their fire toward officers, but did that happen while the bikers were trying to ride off? Because riding requires both hands. This gangland “shoot-out” was a St Valentine’s Day Massacre executed by cops.
[5/20 Update: HA! The nine casualties died of gunshot wounds, sustained outside the restaurant. No shell casings were found around the bodies. Eight of the nine were Cossacks. The eighteen wounded are not expected to be charged. So much for the narrative that gangs were fighting each other, or that Bandidos were the aggressors.]

It’s described as being a gang shoot-out, but what happened in Waco is still shrouded in the fog of the official POV. Did motorcycle club members shoot at each other? They’re unavailable for interviews, locked up on million dollar bonds. The Twin Peaks restaurant claims the shooting started outside. The only witnesses reaching reporters are the sergeant giving the press briefing and undercover cops purporting to describe the tensions between the “gangs”. By my reading, informant provocateurs incited trouble by “rocking” patches which claimed the territory of “Texas” for the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

Something like three dozen undercover officers were monitoring the usually uneventful bi-monthly meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents, in anticipation that the “Texas” patch would offend the Bandidos MC. They were able to respond within 45 seconds of the alleged altercation. What might have been an unremarkable barroom brawl, if even that was not contrived, turned into an ambush that killed nine and wounded eighteen. Zero officers were hit and I will bet every bullet was theirs.

Let’s say the melee happened as the police and media describe. Why the blackout on the club affiliations? Why are the 170 arrestees being detained on a million dollar bond each? Why aren’t reporters challenging the police narrative? Witnesses assert that at least four of the dead were killed by police. How long before we learn how many undercover officers had fired their guns?

The media is making much of the anticipation that fellow gang members are converging on Texas to avenge their comrades. I think the police know that it’s themselves who are the targets of the bikers’ vengeance.

No doubt one can say the bikers were not boy scouts, but have you seen the photos? These “gangs” wore their colors, in this case patches, like boy scout badges. And everyone in uniform creased jeans and leather vests as tidy as bowling shirts. Did you see the mugshots? If you look past the long hair and tattoos you’ll note everyone is clean shaven. This was a Sunday outing. These are family men and women, not gang members. The Cossacks are a “Harleys Only” motorcycle club for God’s sake!

Police aren’t naming the “gangs” involved in what’s being called the “Waco Shoot-out”. Because they are motorcycle clubs, for one, and because the only gang deserving of the notoriety is really the police.

NOTES 5/20:
Names of 9 dead. All killed by gunshot wounds, all outside the restaurant: COSSACKS MC ROAD CAPTAIN Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44, of Waco TX; COSSACKS MC ROAD CAPTAIN Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, of Arlington TX; COSSACKS MC SERGEANT AT ARMS Richard Vincent Kirschner Jr., 47, of Kylie TX; COSSACKS MC Matthew Mark Smith, 27, of Keller TX, formerly of Scimitars; COSSACKS MC Charles Wayne Russell, 46, of Tyler TX; COSSACKS MC Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, of Ranger TX; Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, of New Braunfels TX; Richard Matthew Jordan II, 31, of Pasadena, TX; and BANDIDOS MC Manuel Isaac Rodriguez, 40, of Allen TX.

Names of the 170 booked and charged with organized criminal activity: Martin Lewis, 62, retired San Antonio PD detective; Marcus Pilkington, 37; Michael Kenes, 57; Michael Woods, 49; Julie Perkins, 52; Nate Farish, 30; Ronald Warren (wounded), 55; Morgan English, 30; Ryan Craft, 22; Rolando Reyes, 40; Jonathan Lopez, 27; Richard Benavides, 60; Michael Baxley, 57; Aaron Carpenter, 33; Jarrod Lehman, 30; Ricky Wycough, 56; Royce Vanvleck, 25; Ester Weaver, 46; Ryan Harper, 28; Timothy Bayless, 53; Michael Chaney, 53; Mitchell Bradford, 29; Nathan Champeau, 34; Noe Adame, 34; Owen Bartlett, 34; Rene Cavazos, 46; Berton Bergman, 47; Greg Corrales, 47; John Wiley, 32; Jeff Battey, 50; Kenneth Carlisle, 36; John Craft, 47; Lindell Copeland, 63; Matthew Clendennen, 30; Michael Thomas, 59; Narciso Luna, 54; Owen Reeves, 43; Richard Donias, 46; Robert Robertson, 36; Reginald Weathers, 43; Richard Dauley, 47; Rudy Mercado, 49; Seth Smith, 25; Steven Walker, 50; Thomas Landers, 58; Valdemar Guajardo, 37; Walter Weaver, 54; William English, 33; Marco Dejong, 37; Melvin Pattenaude, 51; Jarron Hernandez, 21; Jason Moreno, 30; Jeremy King, 32; John Martinez, 30; Jeremy Ojeda, 37; John Guerrero, 44; John Moya, 26; Jose Valle, 43; Joseph Ortiz, 34; John Vensel, 62; John Wilson, 52; Jorge Salinas, 24; Justin Garcia, 23; Justin Waddington, 37; Lance Geneva, 37; Lawrence Kemp, 40; Lawrence Garcia, 51; Josh Martin, 25; Eliodoro Munguia, 49; Lawrence Yager, 65; James Rosas, 47; James Stalling, 56; James Venable, 47; Gage Yarborough, 22; Gilbert Zamora, 60; Gregory Salazar, 42; George Wingo, 51; James Eney, 43; Edward Keller, 47; Christopher Eaton, 46; Christopher Stainton, 42; Daniel Johnson, 44; Daniel Pesina, 21; Don Fowler, 51; Doss Murphy, 44; Drew King, 31; Brian Eickenhorst, 28; Edgar Kelleher, 50; Andrew Sandoval, 30; Andrew Stroer, 49; Arley Harris, 32; Bobby Samford, 35; George Rogers, 52; Jacob Reese, 29; Joseph Matthews, 41; Juventino Montellano, 46; Mark White, 41; Bradley Terwilliger, 27; Ares Phoinix, 36; Benjamin Matcek, 27; Craig Rodahl, 29; Daryle Walker, 39; David Martinez, 45; David Rasor, 37; Christopher Rogers, 33; Andres Ramirez, 41; Robert Nichols, 32; Seth Smith, 28; Theron Rhoten, 35; Timothy Satterwhite, 47; Anthony Palmer, 40; Terry Martin, 48; Wesley McAlister, 32; William Redding, 35; Matthew Yocum, 25; Phillip Sampson, 43; Phillip Smith, 37; Jason Dillard, 39; Jacob Wilson, 28; Dustin McCann, 22; Billy Mcree, 38; Kevin Rash, 42; John Arnold, 43; Kristoffer Rhyne, 26; Raymond Hawes, 29; Richard Kreder, 33; Robert Bucy, 36; Ronald Atterbury, 45; William Aikin, 24; Trey Short, 27; Christian Valencia, 26; Michael Moore, 42; Jason Cavazos, 40; Roy Covey, 27; Brian Logan, 38; Colter Bajovich, 28; Ronnie Bishop, 28; Nathan Grindstaff, 37; James Gray, 61; Jimmy Pond, 43; Clayton Reed, 29; Tommy Jennings, 56; Ray Allen, 45; James Devoll, 33; Blake Taylor, 24; Matthew Folse, 31; Sandra Lynch, 54; Marshall Mitchell, 61; Mario Gonzalez, 36; Larry Pina, 50; Richard Luther, 58; Salvador Campos, 27; Michael Lynch, 31; Michael Herring, 36; Richard Cantu, 30; Tom Mendez, 40; Sergio Reyes, 44; Bohar Crump, 46; Jerry Pollard, 27; Eleazar Martinez, 41; Jim Harris, 27; Christopher Carrizal, 33; Diego Obledo, 40; David Cepeda, 43; Brian Brincks, 23; Dusty O’Ehlert, 33; Juan Garcia, 40, engineer for Austin water dept; Kyle Smith, 48; and Jimmy Spencer, 23.

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393 Responses to Deadliest motorcycle “gang” in Waco shoot-out was not Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, or Vaqueros. It was police.

  1. Avatar ROBERT VIGIL says:

    I would like to say that I am .very sorry for the people that lost their Loved one at the very obvious ambush that sad to say was the act of a bunch of outlaws wearing uniforms our so called policeman more less politican backed and hired gunman .God bless all of the ones lost.God knows

  2. Avatar john gossen says:

    I figured it to be ambush from the start the police were there when the club’s started to exit, it’s just to obvious, but that cop that made his statement sure tries to cover up well.I hope justice is found for families…..

  3. Avatar Reverend Maynard says:

    Cops just have to kill citizens. One way or another.

  4. Mike Smith,
    You are one dumb MF, you said it yourself ” I was brought up to respect my Gov. and the police. That Gov. that you have so much respect for, will send you off to kill people you don’t know and you will never ask why. And those cops that you respect will put a bullet in your brain and never face any criminal charges. But I guess it’s the difference in how we were brought up. I was brought up to respect the truth and not be afraid to search for it.

  5. Avatar Stinkslike AnAmbush says:

    This situation is beginning to have the stink of an ambush by pigs more and more. Just like with 9/11, key video won’t be released. Not saying I know what happened here, but if the reports are any indicator, this really has the stink of a pig ambush on it to me. And since they were ‘bikers’, they expect the public will just believe the story the pigs feed us. I’d trust a 1%er biker before I’d trust a filthy pig any day of the week. Which is the lesser of 2 evils, biker or pig? Biker as far as I’m concerned!

  6. Avatar Stinkslike AnAmbush says:

    That’s TOTALLY fcuked this website puts EVERYBODY’s IP address up for ALL to see!! That’s just fcuked up…that way all the pigs can identify anybody. Who the fcuk does that? I’ll never come back to this fcukin website again!1

  7. Avatar Daniel Erskine says:

    I just stopped by to see if there was any follow up!
    Now I’m not going to go as far as to say it was an “ambush” by the police, but I am willing to go as far to say that something may have happened that the police over reacted to and as a result people died who didn’t need to.

    As for the “outlaw” biker label is being bandied about here, I lost a childhood friend a few years ago (cancer) who was a member of a so called “outlaw” biker club , he was a good man, he took care of his family always had a job, ran his own legitimate business, went out of his way to help any who needed help!
    I’m sorry that that so many lost their lives in Waco and I hope someday we get a full telling of the what happened.

  8. Avatar will Campbell says:

    Where’s the DOJ now that there is a legitimate investigation to attend to?

  9. Avatar troy simpson says:

    I thought the reporting officer, carried himself very nerviously, almost too scared, as if he was hiding something,a very sad day for the families that lost love ones,let us all continue to pray
    for the families of the lost and our country

  10. Avatar Porkchop says:

    Cop’s laid dead waiting for an excuse and chance to murder 8 members of one club, wonder whose payroll their on…

  11. Avatar Joseph Rodriguez says:

    I am always PRO Law enforcement but in this case I feel this was a set up by the Police. Things just don’t add up and no one other than the police are have g a say.

  12. Avatar Robert says:

    If you dont want to get shot, do what a cop tells you to. Dont brandish weapons and refuse to drop them. Dont join a gang or break the law. Get over yourselves….you have worked very hard to establish a reputation of law breakers and tough guys. You asked for it, you got it. A gang is a gang. Gangs are trash.

  13. Avatar ACAB says:

    The MC world is Brotherhood, Sisterhood. Lives were taken and in an unjustly way, These cops are what society needs to be afraid up, they get away with so called “Legal murder” these Disgraceful police need and deserve to be treated the same way they have tried to deem the MC community!! Let these people arrested speak for themselves and tell the REAL story, We the MC community know for a fact it was all a setup by our ignorant cops!!
    BRM “81” FTW

  14. Avatar Al Cates says:

    I am pretty sure that the information on the incident will come out. The family will retain lawyers and all evidence will have to be turned over.

  15. Avatar C Flynt says:

    I just wish people would stop being backseat lawyers. If any of you know much about the Bandido’s, then you know they are definitely the bad guys. Maybe the police over reacted when all hell broke loose between the MC’s outside of the restaurant, and that will come out in the investigation. As for an ambush? That’s BS!! Too many people in this country have turned on our men and women in blue. It’s a damn shame that you people are slamming these good folks that protect our cities, but that is your right to freedom of speech. I believe it is wrong for y’all to make these accusations towards the Waco PD. As a retired military man, a biker, and the husband of a police officer, I take offense to the accusations.I know alot of police officers, and all of them have the integrity to perform their duties as we expect them to. Yes, we all know there are bad cops, but the size of this so called set up was too big for all involved to be bad cops. These MC’s have alot of really good men and women involved in them, but there are also some really bad ones too. If you’re a good person involved with bad people and a bad MC, then those good folks are just as much a part of the bad stuff as everyone else. I just ask that y’all let the DOG conduct the investigation, and everyone else leave it alone. People’s conspiracies have a tendency to have a negative affect on the case. Ok, off my soap box.
    Keep the rubber to the road and the shiny side up!

  16. Avatar Hobbs J says:

    81 SFFS

  17. Avatar The American American says:

    I am disgusted by the actions of these vicious police badge wearing thugs. The government backs this gang up and protects them so they can continue to murder the good hard working American people. When a child does not act correctly we traditionally punish them. Well it is time to start punishing the government by keeping our tax dollars and refusing to give them shit.
    The government has been riding a run away train without any public restriction for far to long. Our elected officials ignore anything we say, while politicians and law enforcement officers get away with murder every day. The government starts so much trouble to keep us from seeing the secret immoral and illegal things they are doing that the government and law enforcement, plus judiciary has become the largest criminal elament on the streets today. ALL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT! And on the government agenda they are going to take away what little control we have left of this run away train because people will not band together and stop it. Look out Casey Jones!

  18. Avatar Rogue says:

    Murder is Murder no matter how you paint it pd or gang or mc. an ambush constitutes premeditated. over reacting for trained professionals unacceptable hopefully evidence will show what really happened. and justice be served for those guilty

  19. Avatar Sunbird says:

    I have to agree that the shit that happened is bullshit!!!! After reading everything that I have read about whAt took place and some of the people that were there, there’s something definitely wrong about the situation when it comes to the Waco, TX PD, not to mention some of the other stuff I have heard about 7 officers being fired due to their actions that day?!!!! REALLY!!!!!! That sounds like Waco PD is trying to cover shit up to me!!!!!!

  20. Avatar Tom Murdock says:

    These are the same questions I have been asking. The first night this happened, I trusted the media’s account and Sgt. Swanton’s account of events. Now learning from family members in this community (not Bandidos or cossacas). This was a unified coalition of Waco (UCOW) meeting containing numerous biker groups, to include the Bandidos. Then when a club not part of the UCOW shows up is when the problems start. By the media and “police” not releasing the whole truth (to include all the groups involved) is a cover up. I know there are members of B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and members of the Christian biker coalition in jail. We can not let this to be swept under the carpet until we forget about it. There are a lot of innocent people in jail, and Waco P.D. is responsible for ruining their lives. Total Mis-justice.

  21. Avatar Robert M. says:

    C Flynt, ” These MC’s have alot of really good men and women involved in them, but there are also some really bad ones too. If you’re a good person involved with bad people and a bad MC, then those good folks are just as much a part of the bad stuff as everyone else.” That can also be said for the police, how many times have the so- called good cops sit back and do nothing allowing these crimes to go on???

  22. Avatar Swampy says:

    A lot of folks around the country have been knocking my beloved states gun laws. I believe a wide range of zombie headed Americans have forgot that criminals will always have guns. Therefore I believe it is a great idea in this day and age for law abiding citizens to either conceal or open carry. If you look at your average emergency response times it should lead you to believe that your survival chances would greatly increase while carrying as well. On a different note history has shown us that there are bad apples in every organization, group, coalition and so on and so forth. The government pen pushers are more corrupt in my opinion.

  23. Avatar mike secord says:

    Where’s. Janet Reno?

  24. Avatar Swampy says:

    I know for a fact that the majority of these guys were chl holders. That being said how can they legally press gun charges and confiscate those weapons, I don’t remember there being a law against having and using a chl license with your colors. Folks should also look into the fact that Waco is trying to bank off of property forfeitures, in which I believe they have only 90 days from the time of the incident to prove every single item was accessory to a crime. As we all know there wasn’t 170 bikers involved in the incident maybe a dozen or more. If you do your research Waco is well known to do dirty business to get property forfeiture and definitely banks from it. I know a lot of these guys locked up and it’s down right wrong and unconstitutional, I believe they did it to keep certain people from telling a truth we haven’t heard yet.

  25. Avatar Swampy says:

    Early reports that may or may not be true say at least 4 of the victims died from police gunfire. The law says they weren’t “allowed inside” Please give me a break your officers were more than welcome to go inside. Never have I seen a business be able to tell the police no your not allowed inside. If this would have been a school massacre, huge drug bust, or just another mass shooting we would already have most of the story by now. But no we get a short very horribly constructed short story.

  26. I Am so dumb founded and lost for words because most of what I was going to say has already been said. My heart felt prayers are with the families, all of them…. they are one big family!!! Hurt one, you’ve hurt us all! I’m 72 and have been around free spirited bikers all my life. What happened is unexcusable and needs to be addresses immediately by someone other than where they are. How in the he’ll did this even happen ? Did they arrest the police that did all the murdering? No? Why? Their the ones with the guns. OH FYI We’re not GANGS, WE’RE CLUBS!!!!!! Get someone in there that knows what the hell is really going on! I think what freaked those cops down there, was the noise of all the bikes coming in to town!

  27. Avatar Jacob says:

    This a one sided discussion. Allow for the facts to surface …. Horrible that lives were lost however behavior begats outcome

  28. Avatar DIAMOND DAVE says:

    having been a member, supporter, and longtime advocate of a motorcycle club{s}, i think mr. flynt is off base. the fbi, local, state, and even the u.s. marshals have harrased me while i was doing nothing ! targeting cops just because they are cops is wrong, but why is it ok to target as biker just because he’s a biker ? you cannot have it both ways !

  29. Avatar Wendellon Marquitta Montgomery says:

    Respect to all who loved to ride and died unexpectedly Prayers to all they left behind God Bless you all

  30. Avatar Christopher m carrillo says:

    it is a shame that these cops go to the extent that they go to they have a thing to just destroy anything to do with the biker culture please sit there and lie on everybody including myself and not limited and then they wonder why they put their proceedings on Facebook and don’t get no hits on it

    nobody likes the cops no more I feel so bad cuz there’s so many of them that are good guys but they have that group of them they’re just terrible and they just violate people’s rights Amendment rights and when the s*** comes down the slap everybody with the RICO Act but when you get city officials and cops that are doing organized crime activity and you expose it you have to have proof and that’s coming right from the FBI office then they go and cover it up cuz the way they feel is it’s easier just to keep the corruption then it is to replace it its just a f***** up deal man

    I am going to Texas to help with the defense funds of some of the brothers over there I probably get killed on my way over there because I’ve had the helicopter circling my shop since I’ve made my statement on Facebook

    I feel the way that they work is make it so that you can’t get a bond make it so you can’t get in the tourney Andale convicte your ass and you get a hundred years for you it’s just not right the violations and Amendment rights if they’ve violate just based upon them not letting you get council this is like Alabama in the sixties it’s just not right sweetie

  31. Avatar Swampfox says:

    What dip shit nice guy would want to be in the same room as a bunch of outlaw biker Bandidos. Like my daddy used to tell me go where the trouble makers are and trouble will follow. The so called good family men that were there shouldn’t have been. Sad maby some innocent people died. We’re the cops in the wrong? Quite possible. We’re the cops doing there job keeping an eye on outlaw bikers? Absolutely.

  32. Beyond Cointelpro Tactics by Law Enforcement in the American Holocaust (murderbyproxy).

    Share this please

  33. Why target the Bikers? Are they considered a line of communication that can’t be controlled or sabotaged in the American Holocaust? Bikers have cellphones? Bikes have Tracking devices? Maybe just targeting veterans the Veterans Affairs didn’t murderbyproxy / Death fix it > deficit <. #MongooseProtocolScribd #TheAmericaBetrayalScribd

  34. Avatar kfreed says:

    Thank you, Alex Jones.

    This is what passes for “the left” in Colorado Springs [SMH]. No wonder we’re fucked.

    Here, read something besides “anti-war” (dot) com Libertarian tripe:

  35. Avatar kfreed says:

    Dear useful idiots:

    Did I call it or what? It took about two seconds to Google your Alex Jones conspiracy theory about the Waco gang incident… you’re parroting unhinged far right anti-government propaganda verbatim (video courtesy of The Alex Jones Channel):

    Justin Raimondo’s is a far-right Libertarian site infested with white supremacists connected to Lew Rockell (Ron Paul’s anti-democratic, racist BFFs):

    Do you nutters have any idea who Justin Raimondo is? Here he is humping Ron Paul’s fascist leg:

    Here he is again at

    Who is Lew Rockwell? Here:,1#11

    Any idea who the rest of these scumbags are and why they claim to be “anti-war”? Hint: it has to do with Jew-hating:

    By the way, for all the talk amongst “Libertarians” about “crony capitalism,” thinks fascist crony capitalist Ron Paul is their savior. Here’s his actual legislative record:

    FYI: You dupes are undermining liberalism with your Alex Jones/Ron Paul-inspired bullshit libertarian conspiracy theories. Dialog International: “Ron Paul and the neo-fascists”:

    Thought you’d like to know:)

  36. Avatar Richie chop says:

    I hope that the lawsuits bankrupt Waco !!!

  37. Avatar billie says:

    Cossacks and scimitars are family oriented.
    Not GANGS!! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thesenpol
    Y’all just don’t know.COPS ARE TO BLAME!!!!!!the club meeting wasnan AMBUSH

  38. Avatar Corey says:

    I Was The Girl That Was Yelling O’My’God I Was Scared For My Life

  39. Avatar Pepper says:

    L-R to the Bandido Nation. I miss my good friend Bandido Fishman 1%. We would talk hours at a time. Lost his address in state. Anyone have it please send. I miss my friend Bandido Pervert 1%. Still have his number in my phone. You don’t delete someone like that. “Pterodactyl” RIP
    Stay safe FTF-FTP

  40. Avatar Ashley says:

    Fuck all of you that assume you got something to say about the Cossacks. If you don’t know them eat shit & keep your fucking mouths closed bitches. Charles Russell was an amazing man with whom I’ve loved for the past 10 years & will go on doing so. Those fucking pigs will get they’re just do’s believe that shit. R.I.P. to all fallen Cossacks MC. we love you & you’ll be in our hearts forever

  41. Avatar gbwhatsapp says:

    Are they considered a line of communication that can’t be controlled or sabotaged in the American Holocaust? Bikers have cellphones? Bikes have Tracking devices? Maybe just targeting veterans the Veterans Affairs didn’t murderbyproxy / Death fix it .

  42. Avatar Slingshot says:

    C Flynt.
    First off evidently you don’t know shit about the bandidos or one percenters at all for that matters. They’re not going to start a gun battle in the middle of the day and shoot at a bunch of cops with a small numbers they had there. I’m not saying they walk the straight and narrow by any means but what I’m saying is they’re not going to do something like that in public to where they can be seen point blank that shadow of a doubt know who each and every one of them is. They’re more military style in special forces style if they’re going to do anything to another club or whatever yet.

    Mr. Officer do-gooder there the above comment you’re completely wrong on that statement you made about the bandidos I know a few of them and they are really nice guys matter fact when I wrecked my motorcycle and I was in a hospital for spinal cord injuries they sent me $500 just to help me out not as a favor and not something I had to pay back not that I had to do something for them just out of respect. To help me with unforeseen bills due to my situation and or to get by until I got a check cuz I can no longer work.They called me every single day checking on me keeping my morale up keeping my spirits lifted. sometimes it would be on their 10-minute break just call real quick check on me and that was all heard from them but they were good guys.

    I don’t see how much anymore I haven’t been in the same you in awhile but not all one percenters are just completely bad I’m not saying they are A+ students by any means but they’re no more than a d plus if you want to put it that way..

    it’s so fuck you mr. Officer and all the bad cops out there that prejudge people that they have no clue about unleash it they were in. And fuck these cops and it shut all these black people that obviously did not do a damn thing wrong was not resisting or had a gun he’s cops just wanted to be assholes and you don’t resist don’t resist the guy wasn’t moving I said for him to do but they want to holler out don’t fight don’t resist giving an excuse to shoot the guy so fuck the police they don’t protect and serve.

    I had a neighbor want to shoot my dog if it got on his property line and stood there in this property line with an AR-15 when I went to go speak with a guy about it and walk away from it he shot they are over my head and I ducked for cover and rolled into the house because I am a paraplegic. when I talk to the cops found a report press charges that damn thing was done to this guy and normally I don’t call the police put me in that wheelchair I can’t really handle my own shit no more but the cops here in Alabama haven’t done a damn thing and get a couple different situations

    another one was my son’s bike got stolen they didn’t look for it for shit meanwhile is more cried every day luckily he and I found it and got it back constant do a damn thing and how am I supposed to teach my son to respect police officers and know that they can trust them when they constantly see them being untrustworthy and not doing their fucking job

    I’m not saying there’s not so good cops left out there because they’re probably is but there’s more bad cops out there than good cops they hide behind the little blue suit handbags you know like little blue men. Or brown whatever the hell they’re color uniform is they have no respect for the public they think we’re all liars no matter what we say that they’re the best but they’re bunch of fucking bullies hiding behind a badge or whatever not getting paid shit because fucking they don’t deserve it anymore.

    If they were truly known to be Protecting and serving people wouldn’t be saying this kind of shit.. so that’s my feeling I wish no harm on anyone BNI patched MC member or a cop I wish no harm but karma is a mother fucker just remember that their police officer little blue man..

    I just stay away from them and don’t give them a reason to arrest me or write me a ticket I drive slow and easy except for the dragstrip and I don’t do anything to get a speeding ticket or anything criminally wrong full-time dad and a paraplegic been raising my son since he was 4 by myself from this wheelchair that is my life.

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