Deadliest motorcycle “gang” in Waco shoot-out was not Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, or Vaqueros. It was police.

Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, Vaqueros Motorcycle Clubs
Was the Waco Shoot-out a gunfight between rival gangs or an ambush laid by law enforcement? Police are monopolizing the testimony but the evidence suggests a barroom brawl became a pretext to kill or arrest club officers, essentially grassroots organizers, now charged with “organized crime”. Investigators can litter the crime scene with brass-knuckles, knives and wallet chains, but the shell casings are going to be police issue. Motorcycle headlights were on, indicating club members were trying to leave. Police claim that the brawlers redirected their fire toward officers, but did that happen while the bikers were trying to ride off? Because riding requires both hands. This gangland “shoot-out” was a St Valentine’s Day Massacre executed by cops.
[5/20 Update: HA! The nine casualties died of gunshot wounds, sustained outside the restaurant. No shell casings were found around the bodies. Eight of the nine were Cossacks. The eighteen wounded are not expected to be charged. So much for the narrative that gangs were fighting each other, or that Bandidos were the aggressors.]

It’s described as being a gang shoot-out, but what happened in Waco is still shrouded in the fog of the official POV. Did motorcycle club members shoot at each other? They’re unavailable for interviews, locked up on million dollar bonds. The Twin Peaks restaurant claims the shooting started outside. The only witnesses reaching reporters are the sergeant giving the press briefing and undercover cops purporting to describe the tensions between the “gangs”. By my reading, informant provocateurs incited trouble by “rocking” patches which claimed the territory of “Texas” for the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

Something like three dozen undercover officers were monitoring the usually uneventful bi-monthly meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents, in anticipation that the “Texas” patch would offend the Bandidos MC. They were able to respond within 45 seconds of the alleged altercation. What might have been an unremarkable barroom brawl, if even that was not contrived, turned into an ambush that killed nine and wounded eighteen. Zero officers were hit and I will bet every bullet was theirs.

Let’s say the melee happened as the police and media describe. Why the blackout on the club affiliations? Why are the 170 arrestees being detained on a million dollar bond each? Why aren’t reporters challenging the police narrative? Witnesses assert that at least four of the dead were killed by police. How long before we learn how many undercover officers had fired their guns?

The media is making much of the anticipation that fellow gang members are converging on Texas to avenge their comrades. I think the police know that it’s themselves who are the targets of the bikers’ vengeance.

No doubt one can say the bikers were not boy scouts, but have you seen the photos? These “gangs” wore their colors, in this case patches, like boy scout badges. And everyone in uniform creased jeans and leather vests as tidy as bowling shirts. Did you see the mugshots? If you look past the long hair and tattoos you’ll note everyone is clean shaven. This was a Sunday outing. These are family men and women, not gang members. The Cossacks are a “Harleys Only” motorcycle club for God’s sake!

Police aren’t naming the “gangs” involved in what’s being called the “Waco Shoot-out”. Because they are motorcycle clubs, for one, and because the only gang deserving of the notoriety is really the police.

NOTES 5/20:
Names of 9 dead. All killed by gunshot wounds, all outside the restaurant: COSSACKS MC ROAD CAPTAIN Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44, of Waco TX; COSSACKS MC ROAD CAPTAIN Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, of Arlington TX; COSSACKS MC SERGEANT AT ARMS Richard Vincent Kirschner Jr., 47, of Kylie TX; COSSACKS MC Matthew Mark Smith, 27, of Keller TX, formerly of Scimitars; COSSACKS MC Charles Wayne Russell, 46, of Tyler TX; COSSACKS MC Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, of Ranger TX; Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, of New Braunfels TX; Richard Matthew Jordan II, 31, of Pasadena, TX; and BANDIDOS MC Manuel Isaac Rodriguez, 40, of Allen TX.

Names of the 170 booked and charged with organized criminal activity: Martin Lewis, 62, retired San Antonio PD detective; Marcus Pilkington, 37; Michael Kenes, 57; Michael Woods, 49; Julie Perkins, 52; Nate Farish, 30; Ronald Warren (wounded), 55; Morgan English, 30; Ryan Craft, 22; Rolando Reyes, 40; Jonathan Lopez, 27; Richard Benavides, 60; Michael Baxley, 57; Aaron Carpenter, 33; Jarrod Lehman, 30; Ricky Wycough, 56; Royce Vanvleck, 25; Ester Weaver, 46; Ryan Harper, 28; Timothy Bayless, 53; Michael Chaney, 53; Mitchell Bradford, 29; Nathan Champeau, 34; Noe Adame, 34; Owen Bartlett, 34; Rene Cavazos, 46; Berton Bergman, 47; Greg Corrales, 47; John Wiley, 32; Jeff Battey, 50; Kenneth Carlisle, 36; John Craft, 47; Lindell Copeland, 63; Matthew Clendennen, 30; Michael Thomas, 59; Narciso Luna, 54; Owen Reeves, 43; Richard Donias, 46; Robert Robertson, 36; Reginald Weathers, 43; Richard Dauley, 47; Rudy Mercado, 49; Seth Smith, 25; Steven Walker, 50; Thomas Landers, 58; Valdemar Guajardo, 37; Walter Weaver, 54; William English, 33; Marco Dejong, 37; Melvin Pattenaude, 51; Jarron Hernandez, 21; Jason Moreno, 30; Jeremy King, 32; John Martinez, 30; Jeremy Ojeda, 37; John Guerrero, 44; John Moya, 26; Jose Valle, 43; Joseph Ortiz, 34; John Vensel, 62; John Wilson, 52; Jorge Salinas, 24; Justin Garcia, 23; Justin Waddington, 37; Lance Geneva, 37; Lawrence Kemp, 40; Lawrence Garcia, 51; Josh Martin, 25; Eliodoro Munguia, 49; Lawrence Yager, 65; James Rosas, 47; James Stalling, 56; James Venable, 47; Gage Yarborough, 22; Gilbert Zamora, 60; Gregory Salazar, 42; George Wingo, 51; James Eney, 43; Edward Keller, 47; Christopher Eaton, 46; Christopher Stainton, 42; Daniel Johnson, 44; Daniel Pesina, 21; Don Fowler, 51; Doss Murphy, 44; Drew King, 31; Brian Eickenhorst, 28; Edgar Kelleher, 50; Andrew Sandoval, 30; Andrew Stroer, 49; Arley Harris, 32; Bobby Samford, 35; George Rogers, 52; Jacob Reese, 29; Joseph Matthews, 41; Juventino Montellano, 46; Mark White, 41; Bradley Terwilliger, 27; Ares Phoinix, 36; Benjamin Matcek, 27; Craig Rodahl, 29; Daryle Walker, 39; David Martinez, 45; David Rasor, 37; Christopher Rogers, 33; Andres Ramirez, 41; Robert Nichols, 32; Seth Smith, 28; Theron Rhoten, 35; Timothy Satterwhite, 47; Anthony Palmer, 40; Terry Martin, 48; Wesley McAlister, 32; William Redding, 35; Matthew Yocum, 25; Phillip Sampson, 43; Phillip Smith, 37; Jason Dillard, 39; Jacob Wilson, 28; Dustin McCann, 22; Billy Mcree, 38; Kevin Rash, 42; John Arnold, 43; Kristoffer Rhyne, 26; Raymond Hawes, 29; Richard Kreder, 33; Robert Bucy, 36; Ronald Atterbury, 45; William Aikin, 24; Trey Short, 27; Christian Valencia, 26; Michael Moore, 42; Jason Cavazos, 40; Roy Covey, 27; Brian Logan, 38; Colter Bajovich, 28; Ronnie Bishop, 28; Nathan Grindstaff, 37; James Gray, 61; Jimmy Pond, 43; Clayton Reed, 29; Tommy Jennings, 56; Ray Allen, 45; James Devoll, 33; Blake Taylor, 24; Matthew Folse, 31; Sandra Lynch, 54; Marshall Mitchell, 61; Mario Gonzalez, 36; Larry Pina, 50; Richard Luther, 58; Salvador Campos, 27; Michael Lynch, 31; Michael Herring, 36; Richard Cantu, 30; Tom Mendez, 40; Sergio Reyes, 44; Bohar Crump, 46; Jerry Pollard, 27; Eleazar Martinez, 41; Jim Harris, 27; Christopher Carrizal, 33; Diego Obledo, 40; David Cepeda, 43; Brian Brincks, 23; Dusty O’Ehlert, 33; Juan Garcia, 40, engineer for Austin water dept; Kyle Smith, 48; and Jimmy Spencer, 23.

393 thoughts on “Deadliest motorcycle “gang” in Waco shoot-out was not Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, or Vaqueros. It was police.

  1. AvatarJanet Mayeaux

    Miss Sputnik yet, Texas??? This would have been resolved by now and cops would have been punished…

  2. AvatarDonna

    If you watched the live feed video as things were unfolding that day, you would have seen more than is being shown since then. There were witnesses inside the restaurant that talked to the cameras and were scared for their lives. Those people told what they saw while sitting there eating, minding their own business, as did some that were interviewed outside at nearby businesses. Yes police did have an informant in the gangs there hence the reason there were also snipers and heavy law enforcement around. Having grown up on the east side of Houston where some of these gangs claim turf, I have seen the bad and the good from them. Yes as these guys get older they have been trying to do some better things with their lives. However as a young child, I stood in my front yard and watched several Bandidos get arrested due to their criminal behavior. Say what you want, but these are not clubs they are gangs. My son rides a bike and cannot even go to the beach without being harassed by these gangs to join them. Look again my dear cause apparently you missed the scraggly looking, bearded, trashy dressed bikers that were there and that were stopped on the highway headed there to join the fun.

  3. AvatarOKJOE

    Finally a factual account of what happened. I have heard from a wounded friend who, along with the lone Bandido murdered by the swat teamhad just stepped off their motorcycles as the shooting began and were sprawled on the ground with full face helmets on when they were both shot by SWAT TEAM members. One murdered, one shot through his cheek and shoulder. Both from UPWARD shots directed DOWN toward the bikers laying face down on the pavement to avoid vbeing shot at. Season IS open on bikers, just as it is most of the time. If they were black, there would be huge demonstrations and news coverage. Instead, ANY demonstration will result in many more bikers being murdered with weapons and incrinimating “evidence” being planted during the “official investigation”. We go out of the way to avoid them, while they dedicate millions of man-hours to showing the world how dangerous we are. Am I the only one missing something here?

  4. AvatarMike Smith

    I love all of the support we give to people who create such a level of crime and mayhem in society. Cops didnt set this up. Someone tipped them off to a bunch of fat morons on bikes who had issues with each other. They started the fight amoung themselves, have fought with each other for a long time, had weapons, at the scene in hundreds. It wasn’t one knife or gun or pair of brass knuckles. Dumbasses! and who even carries brass knuckles and weapons, knives and chains around…just because. People in this country need to stop going after each other, cops and start being responsible f-in human beings. You give a s%$T about bad behavior because you condone it. It wasnt the stop being a bandwagon dumbass. It is a bunch of low-life jackasses who need to figure out that they don’t need a club to be someone. They already are. You got two choices in life…always…good or bad. Stop making this a gray area. It isn’t. Those knuckleheads were there for a reason. They started it, they set it up and now they want to blame everyone else. If you are with a friend that steals or commits crimes, you condone it. Guilt by association. You can choose good things or bad things. But you cannot justify bad behavior and you all are. for them and for yourselves. look in the mirror. They are doing bad things. The clubs are clearly bad. The organizations are bad. Sorry, but you have your head in the sand if you think otherwise. Educate yourselves. Do the right thing. Give respect…don’t demand it. If you give it, you will get it. Simple as that. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. Specially riding a bike. Stop condoning bad behavior in these people, your friends and mostly in you. Do the right thing!

  5. Avatarchrissy

    Please keep a thick blanket of love and compassion,
    around the children, wives, mothers, fathers and brothers. who lost there love ones. threw this
    terrible event give the strength to all who has been wounded by cross fire
    and help the ones who witness that day. receive the therapy they need
    lord I pray to you .

  6. AvatarRipple

    It does not matter bikers or gangs or clubs or race or color,

    cops cant just shoot people with out warning or attempts to find a non deadly way to break things up. tear gas, tasers, what ever they use on riots….

    something we don’t know but reports don’t say anything about any attempt by police to settle situation without deadly force.







    now for the conspiracy theroy ….
    why target bikers and clubs..??? what are the cops afraid of? why do they want to put the clubs out of business.?

    notice that bikers across the country are not rioting. why? we are mature adults, sure we fight among our selves but we don’t trash stores and burn city blocks when one of us is killed by a cop. it’s also cause we are not being asked to do that by anyone. what if someone did stand up and say riot? revolt? what could happen?

    consider this…
    people are fed up with the govt and the cops are looking a lot more like a military than law enforcement cause the govt is scared of a revolt, and they should be, so they are arming the police with military surplus. problem is it’s going to local LE’s heads and they are overstepping the laws they are suppose to be following. can you say Gestapo?

    now, if one person steps up and says revolt in public he will vanish quickly as he has no backing of a large group.
    but if the clubs can unite or agree to work together as one group, there will not be a single leader speaking out for the govt to dispose of… also consider that the rest of the biker community will likely follow, as well as many vets, and many others fed up with govt lately. you cant arrest all bikers everywhere.

    think… biker clubs are the last organized group of people that is nation wide and are supported by many not in the club.
    many are vets, gun owners and care about what happens to this country.

    and who defines organized crime any way… what do our congressmen do if not organized crime. special interest buys their vote to change a law so they can profit and kick back.? what do you call that.? organized crime. and the citizens left holding the bag. I site bush exiting office and leaving the banking system a mess while all his buddies walked away with all the money and not one charged. THAT IS ORGANIZED CRIME.

    think about it…. biker clubs can be a real threat to the govt and status quo should they decide to take a stand and pass the word to others, they would not need our govt influenced mass media to do it either. do you think the govt just figured that out and are trying to break up the clubs before the clubs figure out what real power they do have and try to use it to get this country back on track?

    the govt has issues and the cops are getting out of control too.
    the citizens that are not zoned out on TV or high on POT are pissed and the govt should be afraid.

    that is just my opinion… and i rather see us vote out the assholes and get people to do what is right by the people.
    term limits is the way to go and they will never pass it.

    ya, come get me for speaking of revolting. I’m dying anyway so I dont care.
    end conspiracy theory… wasn’t that fun? LOL

    but back to my initial point… it does not matter who they are or what crimes you say they did after the fact, cops cant just shoot into a crowd of people as first option then justify it by saying they are all involved organized crime. you cant do that in this country.
    how things have changed… cops did not walk into a restaurants and shoot all the Italian mob did they?. no. they had to find legal ways to break up that organized group of people. same here, you cant just assume they are guilty and execute them and arrest the remaining ones and say “hey look at all the ones we arrested too.” to justify the mass murder of trigger happy cops.

    likely this will get me in trouble.. so what, i had enough of this crap.
    I get harassed by cops almost daily cause i look like the typical hair ball biker with loud bike and ape hangers. I have an entire wall of warning tickets in my garage to prove it. not interested in joining a club but know many as they know me. so what. does that make me and criminal for talking to them too.? hell no, I am a computer geek/photographer and family man. I travel the country photographing biker events and posting pictures on internet, 170,000 online for past 10 years.

    what scares me is that If i was at that event I would have been right where the action is, that is my job as photographer covering event. so would i have been shot at too? this worries me as I am about to leave on an extended road trip into the non-helmet law states in the west and photographing biker events, wildlife and scenics as I travel. I dont wear colors or a vest even but i still fit a profile and still get pulled over by LE just to ask how long will i be in town.

  7. Avatarreese

    My condolences to family members of fallen men. This is America. We as a people need to come together in times of tribulation. Gang member or preacher, black or white, we will unite to fight a common cause. The govt is scared. I believe things now that were unbelievable to me. The current admin. is provoking riots in order to impose marshal law. Jade helm is starting July 15. Texas is labled as hostile. The police/military are out of mother effing control. Love IS the answer.

  8. Avatarsomebody

    Really. What gullible people. Some people are just plain stupid or morons to even think that. People who don’t like the police because they have done some shit that got them in trouble or the motorcycle gangs.

  9. AvatarMike Smith

    The common cause is chosen. The actions are chosen. This brotherhood, I got your back stuff is garbage. I am 48, I don’t need someone ha Ving my back. I am a responsible human being that doesn’t break the law or even skirt doing that. I am a parent and I actively parent my children and set a good example. It is by choice. It doesn’t just happen. These 170 plus people are not f in heros. Seriously! The cops were there because of information from your own breathren. They knew something was goi get down. I just went to get food for breakfast, there were no cops surrounding the place. Know why?….because there wasn’t a group of thugs looking to fight each other with weapons nearby. Open your eyes and stop supporting this behavior. Enjoy riding as a human being, an individual. Enjoy your friends, but again, do the right thinks. Don’t be menacing, don’t have a everyone is against us mentality. You bring that on yourselves, with your loud ass stuff and how you act when you put on your mickey mouse club attire. Just be normal people and share the damn road. I love people who enjoy life. But I don’t love people who effect others negatively when doing so. No one does. I am sorry that people died. But they wouldn’t have if they were not there. Pretty simple. Be an individual and don’t be beholding to a group of people. You are an adult, an individual. You don’t need to be in a club that grays the view of Right and wrong. You put the target on yourselves.

  10. AvatarBikers for America

    Say what you will about bikers but we give to charities more than anyone in this country, doctors , lawyers and a lot of respectful people ride motorcycles. The government has been keeping track of who owns a motorcycle because they say you are 62% more likely to commit a crime. The American biker is the patriot that defended your freedom and your rights to say what you want in this great country. They resist tyranny and want freedom back. The government is over stepping its purpose, they spy on us they watch your every move, listen in on your phone conversation and keep taking and spending more of your money. They are so worried about being thrown out of power they are systematically identifying threats and eliminating them so there will be no threat to the government. There is good and bad in everything, not all bikers are bad, we just resist being controlled by an out of control government and want to live in a free country. There are Veteran motorcycle clubs, Christian ministry motorcycle clubs and even Law Enforcement motorcycle clubs. So what most say is if you ride a motorcycle you are a bad person, REALLY! Open your eyes and get yourself informed as to what is going on in this country. We are being infiltrated by Muslims in our government and they are killing Americans and you people are worried about people that ride a motorcycle? Start informing yourself as to what these people in power have planned for your freedom and your bank account. Might surprise you who the enemy is!

  11. Avatardena

    Markus pinklington of mexia is a great friens of mine.. my prayers go out to each of u

  12. AvatarRIP Bandido Candyman

    You can help ease the pain of those left behind my this senseless murder of Manuel Rodriguez (Bandido Candyman). He leaves behind a loving family that depended on him. Any amount greatly appreciated. Love, Loyalty, and Respect.

  13. AvatarI Call Shenanigans

    As my brother is a cop, I call both you who are “expert commentators” and this article douchebags.

  14. AvatarJoe

    A biker is normally a person that holds a job, is educated and know the law.Bikes are not cheap, specially Harleys, and you need to have your biker training and license which also cost a chunk of money. I ride by myself, not in any club, but I been at places where this clubs are, and mostly they are polite and follow a set of rules. If what this article says is true that there were no guns or bullet casings around the bodies I find it very difficult to believe that this was not a police targeted murder of a few individuals they considered a risk in one way or other. Liberals, leftards and the like that get all their information from Hollywood or CNN still think of bikers as thugs with no jobs living a desert warrrior life. That is really far from the thruth. Bikers nowadays are doctors, engineers, retired vets and policemen(as shown in this article). People being dumb assholes just because they read something and dont know any better dont change this facts. If these were “gang members” they wont be hold on a million dollar bail each one. Normally a low life thug can not pay even a few thousand dollars bail , so this are set up this high to keep many of them professionals from getting out and saying what really happened. You have to love the leftard media of this country ,when they dont give the proper investigation to things like this ,but over explode and populate when a black thug with a long criminal record is killed. Real people with a brain will look beyond what the media is trying to sell you.

  15. AvatarMike Smith

    So, you refuse to be controlled huh? Well, are there not tiers of leadership in the Hells Angels? What happens if you try to leave that organization? Tell us all! Most of the people I know that ride do it for enjoyment and don’t want this stuff. They are indeed professionals and hard working people that like motorcycles and the open air. But stay on point…it isn’t your governments fault, it isn’t the cops fault. It is the fault of those that chose this lifestyle and those that excuse it by justifying it and telling us how great these people are. Yeah, they did have families and children that counted on them. And they let them down for what? The f in brotherhood? Where are those dumbasses now? What are they going to do…create more violence and killing for families and friends and other innocent people to have to suffer through. I bet they will. And who will that help? For what? Brotherhood? Absolute stupidity and ignorance. If you are all so upstanding, then stop the double standards and wipe out biker gangs and illegal activity that goes with them. Create a positive culture that you can all be proud of. Stop the smoke and mirrors of who and what those individuals that control and operate negatively really are. Stand up to the Hells Angels and Banditos and Mongols and send the message that no….gangs aren’t acceptable in your culture. If you have the guts and respect for yourselves and others enough to do that…then, I will buy how charitable and choirboy-like that you are. Those 170 plus were not a positive influence on the biker culture in the least. Not in the big picture. I think everyone is born generally good. I respect everyone first. It is up to you to keep that respect. I don’t owe that to you. I was brought up to give it automatically. We all should. But we don’t. I was brought up to respect adults and police and servicemen and women, the elderly and my teachers. But read all of these comments, all excuses, all someone elses fault. That is complete garbage. If you were there with one of these groups, you were part of the problem. Clearly, it was widely known who was going to be there and why. Clear enough so that the cops had to secure the crowd…and had to shoot some folks in the process. It is the cost of doing that kind of business. That is what is up to you to change biker crowd. So, i challenge you to put your energy into that…creating a positive, violent and crime free culture. Respect police and service folks, support your counrty. You are freakin Americans aren’t you? So, get some guts and show it. You gov isn’t against you! It is you who is against it!

  16. Avatarbonnie robinson

    As I have said before, my son rides a Harley, my stepfather rode with the Hells Angels in his younger years. Both of these men are, and we’re, law abiding. My stepfather took over the job my father abandoned, raising me. He provided for our family and never broke the law until his death. Rest in peace, pop.

  17. AvatarKrobar

    Not all bikers are outlaws, Not all bikers are criminals, Certain clubs chose to be called 1%ers for a reason, I am a Vet and I ride in a Vets club. I was not at Waco I was not even in Texas. None of my club brothers were in Waco yet we will be treated like we were. FBI in the State of Texas has sent out an order that do to the events in Waco Probable cause is given to stop,detain,search and arrest any and all bikers wearing club patches even if you have a Lic to carry a firearm you will be arrested and thrown in jail. I have to ride from Fla to Arizona through Texas this week and I am concerned for my safety, Why should I have to worry about this? I am not an Outlaw I am not a criminal. I am not in a 1%er club. I am an American citizen that served my country in support of these laws and the Bill of Rights.
    Amendment IV
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
    Amendment V
    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

  18. Avatarbuzz

    I smell a Cop ( Mike Smith) in this thread spewing lies to defend the Massacre Provoked by the authorities did in Waco! I see right thru hate bikers and think they are gangs… There are LEO’s that ride and wear a Patch on their back and they are MC also…So your your shit stinks!

  19. AvatarLisa marie

    I bet 100% everyone who is talking shit and putting down bikers is under a fake account and names…. you should really do your research before you go calling people low life’s and making fun of them. Because they do more for our country than ypu could even speak about and probably more than you have ever done in your whole entire life… 98% of bikers are the most caring and thoughtful and helpful people on this earth how dare you open your mouth and talk shit about people when you have know clue who they are… i would check yourself before you get a reality check… this will all come to a end and there will be alot of people wrong and alot of people right. But what I can tell you I’m pretty sure that one of those dumb asses has gave to a charity that someone in your family or your wife’s family or even your children needed… karma my friend karma ….. never speak about people you don’t know cause they will look at you and laugh not beat the shit out of you they will laugh cause they know that some day you will be proven wrong….. thank you by by now. Ps….. let me know if you ever want yo attend a charity event if you think you can handle being around some fat drunk asses that ride motorcycles you idiot

  20. Avatarjohn handcock

    It is clear that mike smith wins the dips shit award. Mike you certainly do not know the world around you. Everyone of your points indicate you are clearly ignorant of the facts but holding to your speculations as if they are facts is what make you a scary person. You side with those that impose tyranny yet you have no clue as to the truth about any of it. You call names and have a genuine distaste for other people rights. Your socialistic ideology is exactly why this country has gone to shit. You have no right to tell anyone how to live their life and judge them for the way they do. The pursuit of happiness, life liberty and all that. But I am sure you never participated in defending those rights as you so quickly are willing to get on your knees. Bow before the tyrants and taste their shit in your mouth cause that is what you deserve for being such a socialist ass.

  21. AvatarBilly Kidwell

    I am a 100% Disabled Veteran. I cannot ride but MOST of the bikers are the Veterans that shed blood for freedom. And right now a Constitutional United States Government does not exist. We have been taken over by a super rich class with their corporations as they look the United States Treasury and spit on the Bill of Rights we fought for.

    This with the blacks, the bikers, and others that want fair treatment and oppose a Police State is intended to get rid of anyone that will oppose being enslaved by this government.

    The Bill of Rights every American Soldier fought for no longer exists for the regular population. For example, the banks, and corporations constantly rape the public and rip us off but yet the Courts, like the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta, which controls 4 states, obstructs working people, the elderly, disabled, and even America’s Veterans and Military from having any “Meaningful” Access to the courts against the rich and their corrupt corporations.

    Please check out my website where I expose all this.

    When the public don’t have an honest Court to go to when they are wronged they have NO RIGHTS! We are no more than slaves and most of the public don’t know it UNTIL they are ripped off by some corporation.

    And remember, the United States Supreme Court says Corporations are people. Have you ever seen one of those corporations serve in the military or shed blood for this country?

    I shed my blood and I have NO RIGHTS because I am not rich. I can not even have one day in court against the rich stealing from me.

    Just as Veterans like me have no human rights in America anymore I can assure you those bikers were MURDERED by the government and not one bit of truth about this inncident will ever see the light of day.

    The crooks already control us. America and the Bill of Rights is dead. Please visit .

    A 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran without any Basic Human Rights.

  22. AvatarGeorgia Biker

    Man it doesn’t matter what club you’re in. We all share one common denominator which is fuck the cops. They’ll get theirs.

  23. AvatarGeorgia Biker

    Oh yeah and for @Mike Smith eat a dick. You’ll never understand the bond of brotherhood. And I’m speaking from soldier to biker. Pigs are dirty, jealous, ignorant powerless motherfuckers. You’re speaking up for this unorganized pig ambush. This shows your lack of intelligence. I only hope they’re prepared down there because if you know like I know just like our army, numbers matter. Justice will be served at the end of the day to the unjustly fuckers that claim to protect and serve. But hey don’t mind me here I’m just in a different state mourning for fellow bikers.

  24. AvatarZod Pennypacker

    This author said everyone in the mugshots was clean shaving. I have to safely assume the author is blind.

  25. AvatarNomad

    This seems to be a civil rights issue…where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, demanding that the police be investagated for these civil rights?

  26. AvatarJohn Savela

    The police are a “legal gang”, we only hear what they want us to hear. They constantly break the law and if you haven’t seen this then get out from under that rock.

  27. AvatarTim

    There is no way that you have any info on evidents at that crime scene…. And that makes you a hate monger liar

  28. AvatarCraft

    Thank you Georgia! My Husband is not a bad man, he has Earned the respect from everyone that knows him! The Cossack’s are hard working, upstanding family first people, that has INJUSTLY had our family members, jobs, homes, and lives ripped away from us! How dare you Mike you are just like the other drones… You are fed by the cops and press and the first to gossip and condem! Well let me tell all of you. There is only one that HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE!!! AND I PROMISES YOU, NONE OF YOU ARE MY GOD!!! So all of you, better take a good long look in the mirror, before you have any rights to cast those stones! It could have easily have been anyone of you that happened on that property that horrible day and then you would have been where my heart, sole and the reason I am a good person is now and everything my husband and all his Brother’s and all of our Family is going through right now. Shame on you Mike and anyone that follows along like sheep in your mind set!

  29. AvatarCraft

    Thank you Georgia! My Husband is not a bad man, he has Earned the respect from everyone that knows him! The Cossack’s are hard working, upstanding family first people, that has INJUSTLY had our family members, jobs, homes, and lives ripped away from us! How dare you Mike you are just like the other drones… You are fed by the cops and press and the first to gossip and condem! Well let me tell all of you. There is only one that HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE!!! AND I PROMISES YOU, NONE OF YOU ARE MY GOD!!! So all of you, better take a good long look in the mirror, before you have any rights to cast those stones! It could have easily have been anyone of you that happened on that property that horrible day and then you would have been where my heart, sole and the reason I am a good person is now and everything my husband and all his Brother’s and all of our Family is going through right now. Shame on you Mike and anyone that follows along like sheep in your mind set! Oh, and by the way… My Husband nor most of his Brothers were armed or had ever been in real trouble before! Outside of our jobs and families, we work many hours putting together benifits for Wounded Warriors, for many children of our Community every year Christmas so that those that can’t or don’t will have something to actually celebrate on the day Christ was born. Most of my family would give a stranger the shirt off their backs.
    And yes, there are Many Christian bike Clubs as well as bankers and lawyers, doctors and yes… Cops!

  30. Avatarhustler

    The day after Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida, Mayor Nutter in Philadelphia held a press conference and announced that the shooting was “an assassination”. The facts were not even gathered yet but he had to show his ignorance, jump the gun, and claim to know what happened. The smart thing to do when something goes down and you did not witness it is to keep your mouth shut, follow the available information, and wait until all the information/evidence is collected and analyzed. All the shell casings found on the ground will be matched up with the bullets found in the bodies. All the firearms found at the scene will be test fired and compared to the bullets found in the bodies. All the firearms carried by the police at the scene will be test fired and compared to the bullets removed from the bodies. All the serial numbers on the firearms will be run through the computer and a history of each gun will be obtained and studied to identify the owner and possibly the sale history of the gun since it was manufactured. When all the forensic work is completed, witnesses statements are compared, security camera footage of the incident is studied, they will have an accurate picture of what went down. Until then, trying to create in your mind what “might” have happened that day is just a guess. This is not a unique, once in a lifetime situation. The Hells Angels and the Mongols went to war in California for many years and killed each other over the California bottom rocker. Territorial disputes between bike clubs have been going on since there have been bike clubs and I don’t see them ending anytime soon.

  31. AvatarJones

    Maybe these weekend warriors should think twice about pretending to be in gangs. Lay down with dogs…

  32. AvatarCraft

    Yes OK and all the rest of you ignorant cowards out there, even after all my family has lost will loose and preserved this week I still am proud of my name and have to overies to say my piece and stand proud of my Man and my Name.
    You people don’t have a clue what you are talking about. I am a good Christian Lady and I wouldn’t be with my husband if he was a forth of what you pathetic worms make him out to be. How many times a week do Y’all come home from work just to leave to go help out your Community? Let me guess…NEVER, your to busy sitting in your recliner drinking yourselves into a super and gossiping about lies no less… Because YOU hate your pathetic lives so much and need something to be worse than the hell YOU CREATED for yourselves back on someone else. You people are the slugs of society that give the REAL AMERICANS A BAD NAME. YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK AND ASHAMED THAT YOU CALL THE LAND THAT SO MANY HAVE LAID LIVES DOWN FOR…*INCLUDING THE PRIOR AND ACTIVE DUTY BIKERS* YOUR HOME… YOU WORMS DONT DESERVE TO BE IN OUR AMERICA!

  33. AvatarScooter Skutre

    Great post, I am bookmarking this blog. I covered this on KPFT radio last week and focused primarily on the long standing H.A. vs Bandito wars. More info has leaked out since and it gets more convoluted and disturbing.

    I’m going to keep following this story and correct as I go, as more facts emerge. If Craft would like to contact me for an interview, I’m at radio4houston at Yahoo dot com. I was going on info from Winterhalder on my last report, who suggested Cossacks is an HA affilliated 1%er club, but have heard otherwise since then.

  34. AvatarScooter Skutre

    Jones Maybe these weekend warriors should think twice about pretending to be in gangs. Lay down with dogs…

    Motorcycle clubs date back to the fifties. They started as weekend warriors and MC enthusiasts. The 1%er gangs came later, and, as the name suggests, are the minority.

    Your statement doesn’t make any sense.

  35. AvatarGeorgia Biker

    @Craft keep on keeping on. You can explain to these people until God comes back, they’ll never understand. Tribute to the real 1%ers.

  36. Avatarcathy

    I have a short story about so called OMG’s (outlaw motorcycle gangs). I worked at a 7-11about 3 blocks from a hangout of one of these “gangs”. Around 2 am the bar closed and 3 or more members would drop by for whatever they needed. They were unfailingly polite. They picked up what they wanted, PAID FOR IT and headed home. One night while they were in my store 2 guys 20ish drove up in a porche an came into the store they were loud and beligerant. One of them grabbed 2 big gulp cups and headed for the door. I informed him the cups were not free and they would have to pay for them, he wingef a quarter at me saying that should cover it. One of the biker guys stepped in front of the guy and very politely told the guy that is not how you treat store clerks, especially women. He plucked the cups from the guy’s hand and, again politely ,suggested he go elsewhere. He then brought me the cups to me and told me if I ever have any problems on my overnight shifts to let him know. The “bad biker” knew how yo act better than the “respectable” guys. Dont judge a person by what they wear or what they look like.

  37. AvatarKim (GhostRider65)

    By nature some ppl are quick to judge others , I would wait for arriving evidence or lack there of…. before condemning anyone. I will state though seeing as our government is already seeking legislation to strip the clubs of their colors, in a control effect, before all the evidence is in, this is a big clue that this could very well be a setup. Although It seems these days of crooked politicians, crooked business, General lawlessness has everyone at everyone else’s throat.
    Sad but true where the government is concerned you will hear nothing but lies about this incident, just like things just coming out now about what really happened in Ferguson mo. If the government was involved you will soon learn just how far the local Leo’s are up the o bammy Ass.
    As for me I can tell you what I know, though none of these clubs are near me way up north in Wisconsin, I’ve heard of them thru my affiliation with one club my x and I rode with for 4 years, I will not list there name, but we wore our colors with pride, we held brat fries, bake sales, quilt raffles, donated our time to local charities just as stated above. All the brothers stood together if one family needed help, help arrived in a long line on 2 wheels, some brought the trucks….but the family rolled to help the ones in need.
    Some of the best ppl I have met in my life were/are Bikers….most fly the colors of their family, some belong to none. No matter, all I have met love our country way more than our current government, many are veterans, or weekend warriors in the guard, some are good, some are bad…’s the same as any ppl.
    I’m a Christian by Faith, and I know many bad Christians, hypocrites that don’t play fair, so in your sense Mike all Christians are then bad?? You are quite wrong…..
    My heart goes out to all the brothers families that morn their lost sons,father’s,husband’s…..this is so very sad. My deepest condolences too all.

  38. AvatarPrince

    A gang of any sort is a cowardly group. Real men stand alone for what is just and right. As I see it there were three gangs involved. The Police being the third. All had an equal part.

  39. AvatarChrista M. Unger

    I don’t mean any disrespect. I am just curious. In your opinion, are all cops bad? Just a few? Why? It was an issue when I was young but medical trauma has put me on a position where very little upsets or offends me. With the way everything seems to be going to hell really quick, I need to cover my ass

  40. AvatarKyle Jones

    People who think because somebody has a beard tattoos and long hair is a bad person you’re a fucking idiot. “They don’t look that clean shaven to me.” Freedom???? Ex service men who have served this country fought for your right to sit here and judge people for looking a certain way. That’s not freedom. To think these service men who’ve voluntarily faught for our great country.they shave there heads and faces clean during service for years. Who would think that maybe these men would like a chance to ride free grow there hair long and get tattooed. Fuck you look all the same assholes. You know who was a long haired outcast with a beard who was misunderstood and killed by the powers that be…..Jesus! I’m not a religious man, but I’m sure most of you shit talkers think you are. Long live the freedoms of all people. respect to the men killed and the innocent men in prison. Ride on Brothers. Go easy Bro’s go easy into the great beyond.

  41. AvatarROBERT VIGIL

    The average American needs to open their eyes, our wonderful goverment is no doubt become the largest organized crime unit the world will ever see .For those of you that are afraid of their you own shadow.need realize The nwo the new world order is not a myth nor biker our beautiful rotten to the rotten greedy core and do any of you realize that if it weren’t for people like bikers in which most served in the military to only be swept under the rug by our you got it goverment our big baller politican’s.that will never be on our side we the people they all push for ultimate control over we the people NWO .THE BIKE CLUBS REALLY NEED TO WORK TOGETHER WITH THE MILITHA’S and show the greedy goverment to let them know that till the return of God we will not be treated like pheasants .so people wake up first they started targeting differant races now it’s pretty clear if you are not one of them or one of the small percentage of the filthy rich you will be eliminated for thier be happy there are people who won’t be pushed around yes we the bikers.enough said look around to see that my statements are the absoulute truth.last but not least FUCK THAT PUSSY MIKE SMITH I DON’T NEED A CLUB TO FEEL THAT I AM SOMEONE.NOR DO THE CLUBERS OUT THERE THEY ChoSE TO .SO THEY KNOW THEY CAN TRUST THE ONE THEIR SHAREING LIFE WITH BECAUSE BIG MOUTH WIERDO’S LIKE YOU ARE USUALLY THE ONES THAT TOUCH CHILDERN OR SOME OTHER SICK TWISTED IMMORAL ACT’S. MIKE SMITH IF YOUR SUCH THE MAN YOU TRY TO BE WHY DON’T YOU TELL ME WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET ME SO WE CAN STEP IN THE RING FOR A LITTLE ULTIMATE FIGHTING AND SEE THIS SO CALLED FAT DRUNK BEAT YOUR ASS LIKE THE BIG MOUTH PUSSY YOU ARE ANYWHERE ANY TIME CONTACT ME ON FACE BOOK MIKE NO BALLS SMITH ! ! ! I AM AT ALWAYSBULLETAMPED@FACEBOOK.COM .I WILL BE WAITING .

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