SEAL Team Glossary includes Canoeing, Winkler Hatchets & Bleed Out Videos.

You won’t find these terms in the indexes of the countless books praising SEAL Team 6. But they feature prominently in an Intercept exposé about the war crimes of America’s most famous death squad. “Bleed out” videos are passed among operators, as Special Ops mercenaries are called, featuring their victims bleeding to death as they are taunted by their murderers. “Canoeing” is the act of aiming a final gunshot through the top of the victim’s forehead such that the head splits open to form a V like the bow of a canoe. Canoeing Photos of faces spilling over with brains, such as the proof-of-death pic of Osama bin Laden, are then taken for the official record, including the team’s formal scrapbook. “Devil’s Guard” is an obscure war novel that glamorizes Nazi attrocities including fictional methods of inflicting state terror. Title 50 authority is the so-called license which US Special Ops have to partner with allied commandos to form death squads. Winkler hatchets are tomahawks made by craftsman Daniel Winkler for the SEAL Team 6 Red Squadron, known as the redmen, who are expected to bloody their hatchets as they conduct their raids. Using the hatchets to collect DNA hair-follicle samples for the Redmen means flaying their victims and returning with scalps, fingers and other disfiguring momentos. Another insight revealed by the Intercept: The British aid captive Linda Norgrove, who was killed during a botched rescue attempt, wasn’t killed by her captors, but by a grenade thrown at her by a Seal Team operators, perhaps because the goal of reaching Norgrove was not rescue but exposure control. Linda Norgrove worked for DAI, Development Alternatives Inc, an American NGO, a cover for being an agent for MI-6. The glossary we already knew: Blue Squadron, known as the Pirates; Gold Squadron, known as the Crusaders or Knights; Silver Squadron; and Red Squadron, known as the Redmen.

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  1. I “always” thought war was the crime. The quote-marks are to indicate that while I was a child I thought as a child. Meaning hero worship because I was told who were Heroes and who were Villains.

    There’s a propaganda show called What on Earth, some very subjective interpretations of satellite images. Even if the image is admitted, at the end of each segment, to be benign, they start with a Fox-News-Outrage session about the country in which the mystery images are spotted. Never any mention of the U.S. doing the same shit the producers accuse the Others… be it Iran, Iraq, (the parts not under AmeriBrit control) Russia, China, North Korea. A lot of it turns out to be agricultural activity or archaeological sites. Weather anomalies, flocks of birds. That kind of “suspicious” activity.

    One, the last episode of last season, was about China putting in defensive bases on islands in the South China Sea. With no mention that the US Navy, in their propaganda shows like the “Six” series and of course their recruitment commercials, boast loudly that THEY illegally enter territorial waters and land masses routinely. “Around the world, around the clock” is their motto. And an admission by Obama that 90% of the nations of the world have been attac…. errr I mean “defended” by US elite military units. Imperialism on the hoof.

    Or on a boat. The US Government definition of Terrorism starts with “manipulation of political, religious, social and economic structure by use or threat of using violent acts”

    The other part “without a declaration of War”, the last time the United States has declared war was in 1941. It would be laughable if there was any humor about it.

  2. They don’t do war crime just because the Shady website that alway make things up, don’t mean that that it’s is true if they were true you would have see it on Fox or CNN for months.

  3. The entirety of war is crime. It’s murder and it’s done to use force to take over property of the targeted nation. Like the war against the Lakota nation over water and oil. Like the Navy SEALS taking the Morning Glory tanker in a blatant display of piracy on the high seas. Because the oil being transported wasn’t from the parts of Libya the U.S. has supplied with a puppet dictatorship. The elite units are simply hit men for the Corporate shadow government, puppets and slaves just like the Puppet Slaves ‘governing’ Iraq and Afghanistan, installed as presidents not by the people of those nations, but by Pentagon-backed coups. Coups that involve a lot of murders, robbery, and nothing at all about making Americans ‘free’. The ‘fighting for Freedom’ shit is decaying constantly. They should be ashamed but shame is a component of dignity, honesty and courage. Fox won’t report it. They went to the extreme of hiring Oliver North, famous for betraying 300 of his fellow Marines to death in Lebanon. by inciting war among all parties and selling arms and drugs all around. That’s the kind of war crimes the Special Forces and SEALS are all about.

  4. God bless the men of DEVGRU and the rest of the teams. They do the needed dirty work to protect the rights of much lesser men that write articles to virtue signal. I know more than one development group operator and the scars remain forever. In wartime humans have to adapt to survive. Kill or be killed. Whatever “war crimes” are being pointed out are a calculated tactic to instill fear in the enemy with the intent to demoralize them and avoid more deaths. Whatever operators do is more than acceptable when dealing with the radicalized human pollution team 6 deals with. Sub humans that take young girls and women as sex slaves and torture and murder without a single thought.

    Whatever thise parasites get pails in comparison to the atrocities they commit while alive. So if a seal wants to canoe a dead piece of garbage all we need to say is thank you. Thank you for being the men most of us could never even dream of being. Thank you for putting your lives in extreme danger everyday.

  5. your Border Gestapo “heroes” with the help of U.S. military just murdered a 7 year old girl, does that make you feel safe or proud, Albert PARASITE? Your support of that shit makes YOU a confirmed Baby Killer, punk. You don’t like that, y”all can line up and take turns helping yourselves to a Texas-size all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal ASS. What say you now? Are you going to call the Ku Klux Kops and have ME murdered for not supporting your genocidal wars? Say it’s any difference and I’ll keep pointing out that you and your comrades are liars. Just like your Momma taught you. Now go do your nightly Sieg Heils to a painting of Trump.

  6. You dumb fuck vote for biden and harris to destroy this country more.
    I feel terrible for you when you have to answer for what you’ve done.

  7. Josh you are a clown. A gullible Anti American fool who has ever been anywhere close to a team. Run along and keep subscribing to the conspiracy of the month club…

  8. You’re an animal and so are the seals. The seals are glorified bandits who serve no one, much less the American people. There is no one they hate more than us. They are a praetorian guard and duty and honor are utterly beyond them, they are just sadistic savages. Hell they trained Al Qaeda and Las Zetas and half the bastards you’re talking about. They are the origin of terror.

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