Sovereign constitutional oath activist Stephen Nalty sentenced to 36 years!

DENVER, COLORADO- Judge Michael Spear came down hard on judicial reform activists Stephen Nalty and Steve Byfield, who prosecutor Robert Shapiro insisted “can’t be rehabilitated.” The quiet Byfield received 22 YEARS, and this afternoon, so-called ringleader Nalty was given a sentence of 36 YEARS. For insisting that holders of public office file oaths secured by bonds as required by the US and Colorado constitutions. Their victims, judges and officials who were exposed for having sworn no oaths, testified about now having nightmares about the public coming to get them with torches and pitchforks. Which is of course what ought to happen, now that the bastards have retaliated against critics who were only trying to bring them into compliance.

The most severe remedy proposed by WE THE PEOPLE, the sovereign citizens organized to confront fraudulent office holders, was in fact resignation, or if necessary, banishment. Even so, the reformers were targeted by the FBI and its Colorado affiliates. A join anti-terrorism task force was deployed to infiltrate and entrap the “paper terrorists” who were then charged with criminal enterprise and racketeering, then held on quarter million dollar bonds. Now the two were given prison terms to exceed their lifetimes, ensuring both will die in jail. Because our system will not abide free men.

6 thoughts on “Sovereign constitutional oath activist Stephen Nalty sentenced to 36 years!

  1. Was there no appeal? This was over two years ago. This sentence is insane

  2. You are right. They should have considered that these men may suffer from mental illness, and instead of punishing them get them some help. This is so unjust. It is unjust to give people life sentences for having mental illness.

  3. Mental illness?! Are you crazy or what? Most people cannot wrap their mind around someone who absolutely and resolutely stands by their principles come hell or high water and are thus identified as mentally ill. If doing the right thing and standing on the truth is crazy and mentally ill then I am 100% certifiably bat shit crazy! And I am ok with that!!

  4. “How Reuters examined misconduct by state and local judges across America”
    By Michael Berens, John Shiffman

    2 more points:

    (1) all across the USA, State Constitutions were “amended” withOUT
    review or finding by Congress that those amendments complied
    with the Guarantee Clause, even though their organic Constitutions
    may have complied when those States were first admitted to the Union:
    check in the Statutes at Large for the Acts of Admission of each State;
    in some of those Acts of Admission, approval by the President is mentioned,
    and the President must sign all Acts of Congress in any event:

    (2) one of the main violations of the Guarantee Clause is the
    requirement in those amendments to State Constitutions
    that voters and jurors must be federal citizens:
    this is evidence of class discrimination in jury selection
    which has already been struck down by standing decisions
    of the U.S. Supreme Court:

    Further authorities re: two classes of citizenship in America:

  5. Clifford Nalty; Crazy to require what the State and federal constitutions have ALWAYS required? What kind of mental illness has corroded your faculties?

  6. Mental illness?
    That’s an absolute absurdity, and an ill informed and uneducated conclusion.
    1. Ask, who exactly is the “victim” in this alleged crime? (Name the person injured)
    2. Why were these men jailed for their “belief” system?
    3. If they each have declared their “land and soil” sovereignty as American state nationals by filing and recording the proper affidavits – then they are arguing against “maritime law of the sea” – and should be allowed to apologize and be set free for their error in challenging the WRONG COURT SYSTEM implied (albeit fraudulent) authority.
    4. If they have NOT declared by affidavit their American state national “land and soil” standing, then they have no standing in the WRONG COURT SYSTEM – and they should have been ruled so – and set free.
    5. In my humble opinion, what appears to be true is: They bowed their necks in an illegal fight, against an illegal foreign court system designed to enslave We the People using illegal procedures in the WRONG COURT SYSTEM. They fought “the law” – and the illegal system of the “law” won. It is no different than being tried in a Mexican court for one of their alleged crimes, then basing your arguments on the “American law.” The “American law” arguments have no meaning in a Mexican court – right or wrong.
    6. There is no “mental illness” to be discussed. These folks sincerely (but unformedly) picked a fight inside a system that likely will not change to suit their whims.
    7. They are wasting time (in jail) when they could have been “reconstructing” the common law “land and soil” system which We the People have been fraudulently denied since the so called “Reconstruction Period” following the American Civil War ended in 1865.
    8. The “Colorado 9” offers a good lesson for all Americans claiming status as “We the People.” – It is not “right” (on principle, alone) but the only answer is to declare American state national status and enlist others to work on restoring the “land and soil” court system which was stolen from Americans – by FRAUD and RACKETERING – in 1871, without any Constitutional amendment properly ratified by a two-thirds
    majority of the states!!
    9. They are right on principle – but picked the WRONG VENUE to argue their position – and they lost. It appears they will remain prisoners of the fraudulent state “maritime law” system – until they apologize for their mistakes and beg the FRAUDULENT COURT’s leniency – or have the FRAUDULENT Congress of the USA, Inc. corporation in the District of Columbia (D.C.) demand (by legislation) that they be released. They have been attempting to fight inside a corrupt system – and they lost.
    10. What’s the difference from arguing “American law” in a Mexican court? Nothing.

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