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How do you know it’s summer in Louisiana?

Two ways, one is that you walk out and the heat and humidity knock you down and kick all the will to live right out of you… or there’s a combo of hurricane and poorly maintained infrastructure which  makes people … Continue reading

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I’m having a little issue with consumerism/marketing

As is everybody. I don’t watch TV very attentively. But it’s still there and a loving God in His infinite wisdom and mercy somehow neglected to give me earlids, so I can’t insulate myself from it and still remain in … Continue reading

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Europeans increasingly are rejecting US and German elites’ sponsored austerity programs for their nations

All across Europe, European nations are increasingly rejecting forcefully the austerity programs for themselves devised by American and German corporate elites. The latest is Romania’s Government Collapses Amid Austerity Backlash …Why should people be forced to cut out necessary social … Continue reading

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Sgt Robert Bales hidden away, as George Zimmerman walks out of jail

Oh Lack of Justice USA! Military and cop impunity reigns supreme everywhere now, and the Right Wingers talk of us a being ‘free’, ‘free’as the wind! BULLSHIT! I defy anybody to find some recent any recent info about Robert Bales … Continue reading

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