The Stiles Unit of Beaumont

The Stiles Unit of Beaumont… I actually worked there once… That’s where I saw torture being done on prisoners INSIDE THE US first hand.

“Cadarell Freeman was to leave prison in September 2000. He had walked into prison, but now he was deathly sick. He had lost 60 pounds. The inmate’s legs were so weak that he slumped in a wheelchair at the Stiles Unit near Beaumont as he waited for the bus that would ferry him to Huntsville and his freedom.

The vehicle came. From his chair, Freeman eyed the steps into the bus. The driver told Freeman that if he wanted out, he could crawl. A nurse eventually helped the dispirited inmate onto the bus. The next day, a guard pushed him through the front door of the prison in Huntsville, where Freeman’s mother was waiting. Luckily, his mother brought a wheelchair. The state kept the one Freeman had been issued by the prison’s medical system.”

Prison officials boast that the clinics in each of the state’s 105 prisons are inspected and licensed by national prison health-care agencies. But even prison system doctors question whether these inspections adequately measure the quality of medical care. After all, in 1996, when two-thirds of the men who died at the Stiles Unit had “improper” care, according to the state audit, the prison clinic earned passing grades from a national accrediting organization. Moreover, even these accreditation reports are kept secret under state law.

NOTE— The Stiles Unit is a concentration camp run buy The State of Texas. Here is what the medical care was like. Actually, it was much, much, much worse than this. Did I emphasize MUCH?

Becoming guinea pigs to avoid poor prison care
Ill inmates urge each other to join experiments

How bad is Stiles, a US torture center run by The State Of Texas?

‘Deadly inadequacies’ plague inmate wards
Gaps in evaluating care let some mistakes go unnoticed

An effort by inmates to tell the truth about the Stiles Unit… (BTW, I remember this sorry ass nurse named Connie)
Gaps in evaluating care let some mistakes go unnoticed

None of this is even a slight beginning to letting you know what this torture camp was really like. We need to stop torture in the US. Instead, our government is spreading this abuse around everywhere. It should be on your conscience as a human being to oppose this terrorism inside the US, and instead, I see little anger about it at all.

Tonight I sat through a meeting of the planning board and executive board of the Colorado Springs Justice and Peace Commission and wasted my time. Where is their anger and where is their energy? I saw nothing.

These are not the people that can stop any sort of injustice in the world, Eric. They are a waste of time and I am ashamed to be associated with them.

I think that we need a new group, and one that has some semblance of democratic functioning within it. It is as simple as that. They think that they are running a small business instead of a poltiical oppositional group, so this is not a group of people that provide any real leadership. They have no experience and will not fight strongly for much of anything.

What does this have to do with the Stiles Unit in Beaumont, Texas? Everything, as far as I am concerned.

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51 Responses to The Stiles Unit of Beaumont

  1. Avatar sheakell says:

    my dad is at the stiles unit and they treat him bad im trying to sue but i dont know how well that will work out thanks for the info

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Best of luck to you and your dad, sheakell. I hope he gets out of there as soon as possible.

  3. Avatar April Bonner says:


  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It sounds like he needs to be taking his Blood Pressure medication. Are they not giving it to him or is he just not taking it when given, April? And are there other medical problems he has, too? Like diabetes or a heart condition? If so, is he getting any treatment there for these conditions?

    It has been a long time since I worked there ever so briefly. When I did, they did not give meds all too regularly to the patients due to an antiquated supply system. Giving meds in such an erratic way to patients that had conditions like HIV+ was worse than doing nothing.

    I urge you to write to the Texas Observer with any information you have and to also write to the local papers and television stations about conditions. Also tot he Beaumont papers and stations. Doing so might mean that he would eventually be seen a little better to??? …especially if they ever did a story about the place???

  5. Avatar jonah says:

    I’d say they’re reverting to the old standard of giving Thorazine or Haldol for any medical complaint.

    Which will only create more problems.

    My cousin is married to a real creep who works at one of the units in Tennessee Colony, Beto 1.

    Another “medical” unit.

    They give the dogs better treatment.

    At “the House of Pane” deliberate pun but it’s a unit where all the exterior walls are actually glass windows, in the summer the outside temperature gets over a hundred practically every day and the inside temperature gets up to the Lethal range…

    6 years ago, maybe seven, there was a heat storm, outside temps up above 118 farenheit,

    They have inmates who refused to be unpaid Slave labor, had bought with their own money fans…

    The Pig scum took their fans away from them as punishment.

    9 of them died from it.

    That would be, 9 who the Pigs admitted died from it.

    A good working estimate based on their usual lies is about 3 times as many.

    That would be the Coffield Unit.

    One of the few places on the unit that are air conditioned is the Dog Kennels.

    When an Inmate dies he’s buried with only a marker with his penitentiary number on it, no name.

    The Dogs are given a military style funeral.

    My cousin-in-law has no problem with that.

    Because he’s just a punk-ass pig.

    He and his Comrades would fit right in with the TotenKopf SchutzStaffel.

  6. Avatar Marie says:

    I have a boyfriend that has been sent to the stiles unit. He does not have HIV. Do the inmates at the stiles unit all have to have a medical need to be placed there? Because, I do not know of any medical problems he might have. He is due to get out in Aug. of this yr. and he had wanted to try to say in the Beaunmont, area. That is why we thought he was sent there. I am just a little confused…. Thanks, Marie.

  7. In Texas all of the non-supervisor jobs done at the Penitentiary are done by Inmates. At the medical units that means the orderlies are most likely to be inmates. The cooks are all going to be inmates, groundskeepers, building maintenance, electric, plumbing, carpentry, welding, all done by Inmates.

    It’s a slave labor system benefitting a corporation called Texas Correctional Industries.

    The inmates aren’t paid either. So, no, he doesn’t have to be sick to be assigned there.

    Before 1982, Texas prisons had Inmate GUARDS called “building tenders” and “turnkeys”. They’d be best compared to Simon LeGree from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, the overseer who was himself a slave.
    They’re not really much more civilized now. Still corrupt, still a slave labor system. Still abusive, overcrowded and violent.

  8. Avatar Marie says:

    Thank you Brother Jonah, for your posting. He does work in the maintenance dept. He runs heavy equiment on the outside. I am a little worried, could he be potential exposed to HIV?? I know being in prison, there are always risks. He just got there a week ago. I did see him saturday, but I did not talk to him about this because I did not know to. Should I bring it up to him about the risk. He said, they it is not so bad and that it is better than Gist. He gets out in Aug. of this yr. and it can’t get here fast enough. This has been a real experience let me tell you and we can’t wait for it all to be over with and move on with our lives.

  9. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    If he’s working outside he’s a highest level trustee. He’s housed with others of the same trustee class, and to get a trustee rating like that you have to be either super good, with super short time or D) all of the above.

    What would be a bigger risk than HIV, is stuff that occurs at the same level of risk on the inside as the outside, antibiotic resistant TB, Staph or other mostly bacterial infections.

    But that’s an everywhere type of thing.

    The biggest weapon against HIV is awareness. Which there’s a lot more awareness of it inside than out.

  10. Avatar Andrea says:

    im a lil confused here… i jux want to know, is the stiles unit specifically for inmates with HIV? one of my closest friends is there but i wonder can he have the disease and he might not have told me? i dnt know im confused now.. someone let me knw whats up?

  11. It’s specifically a medical unit, one of an increasing number. They don’t have enough hospital space for inmates and never will.
    Rather than transfer inmates to outside hospitals they simply build prisons designed to be hospitals.

    Although they have the main AIDS clinic for the system at that hospital. There’s a lot of inmates who are HIV positive and still in the regular population. The difference is one of terminology, AIDS is the terminal stages of HIV.

    Texas or any other state for that matter won’t make the Politically Risky decision to cut down on imprisoning human beings. The politicians get more votes by saying they’re “tough on crime” and staffing the Slave Camps with fresh convicts, most of them for non-violent and especially Drug Possession “crimes”. So they’re constantly overcrowded. Perfect breeding grounds for any infectious disease, and HIV, well, that’s just another virus. One with deadly consequences but yeah… it’s a virus.

    One thing that makes it even worse is the whole Slave Labor system, it’s to benefit a Privately Owned taxpayer staffed and funded Corporation, Texas Correctional Industries.

    So what that it’s not efficient use of ANY resources including the human beings. That doesn’t matter to TCI, inc, because their labor costs are all taxpayer subsidized. It’s like they’re being given every cent of their profit for FREE, courtesy of the Texas taxpayers and even some Federal Money thrown in just to make the deal sweeter for them.

    So it’s overcrowded, and the parts of the care and maintenance of the Inmates, the source of their profits, that part is doled out by an extremely stingy “pro-business” meaning “anti-Worker” State Government.

    Health care being one of those Maintenance Costs.
    It’s a predatory system.
    As for the AIDS patients at Stiles, and any other prison hospital…

    I’ll drag this out of my memory for clarity, it’s from a lecture by AIDS activists

    They showed a film about AIDS as part of the presentation.
    The whole point of the lecture, however, was prevention.

    “Look, it’s not these guys in Terminal Stages who are the problem, who is going to want to screw somebody in the ‘full-blown’ stage anyway? THEY’RE NOT THE PROBLEM, PEOPLE. IT’S THE ONES WHO HAVE H.I.V. AND DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT YET and engaging in high-risk behaviors who are the problem

    The worries about people who are identified as AIDS patients, that’s only the most easily seen manifestation. Everybody knows already that they’re packing AIDS and there’s not much chance that anybody is going to risk doing anything that would transmit AIDS if they know where it is and who has it.

    It’s the huge pool of overcrowded, overworked, and badly without real Health Care options prisoner/slaves that breeds the problem. Especially those who have AIDS or TB or Hepatitis, in the earlier undiagnosed stages of infection.

    Infection only means you’ve got the virus or bacteria in your system. the Disease part comes later.

    Of the three I listed, TB is the fastest and easiest to spread.

    Texas, especially at the County Jail level (and County Jail inmates are also the extra special guests of TCI and other Slave Corporations like CCA and Wackenhut) but even in the State prisons, will have people sleeping on the floors in the cells, three or four or five men in a cell made for two. On the floors in the Day Room, where you’ll be sleeping not two feet away from an active case of Tuberculosis just waitin’ to getcha.

    The only logical AND humane solution would be to cut back on sending people to jails. That’s not happening because every politician in the country is scared shitless by three little words.
    Willie Hor Ton. It’s almost amusing to see weasels like George Bush or Rick Goodhair or (here in Colorado) Tancredo and Doug Lamborn pretending to be Tough Guys, with their “crackdown on this” and “war on that” and Get Tough on Bound and Helpless Prisoners… who are safely kept behind the heavily armed police guards, otherwise the Weasels would tear right into them, really they would. “Hold me back…”

    So the problems are going to get worse. For right now none of the politicians are saying the Final Solution words. Not directly at least. They let their pundits, the ones who aren’t running for any office, do all the Loud-Mouth verbal diarrhea about street executions and such.

    There’s an AIDS-dedicated part of the hospital at Stiles, yes. You know what though? That’s to isolate the guys with AIDS so they don’t get sicker. Somebody coming into contact with a cold or flu or chickenpox or whatever, that’s far more dangerous to the person with AIDS.

    It’s right back to the Person with HIV and undiagnosed. The way to stop the deaths from AIDS is to stop the spread of HIV.

    Especially in cases where you’re doing high risk activities, sharing bodily fluids, the fastest way for it to spread. Treat yourself and anybody you’re with as though there’s a likelihood that you or they are infected, and you want to prevent the transmission. Rinse the needles with the bleach, wrap that rascal, no glove no love.

    Andrea, your friend stands far less chance of catching AIDS around patients who are already diagnosed. The guys with AIDS know what’s up and won’t want to give it to anybody else.

    And again, the “non-AIDS” people are more dangerous to them than the other way around. An infection that won’t even make you sick if you’re packing a healthy immune system, you wouldn’t even know you had it, would kill somebody with AIDS.

    For all practical purposes, the people who are at Stiles undergoing cancer treatment, they’re in the same boat. Cancer drugs destroy your immunity as much as AIDS. My aunt Onie was pronounced clear of the cancer on Tuesday and died on the next Sunday, not from the cancer but from a common cold, because of the compromised Immune system.

    Your friend is in no more danger from the AIDS patient than he would be catching cancer from the cancer patient.

    I keep stressing that because information actually helps you not to panic, not to fear.

    Information conquers fear. Love conquers fear. Fear accomplishes nothing.

  12. Avatar jennifer says:

    my boyfriend is at this unit and just cause its a prison, there still humans just like us and thats b/s that the warden lets this go on..its bad enough there freedom is gonne.. i pray for my boyfriend everynight for keeping him safe..

  13. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Texas penitentiaries were well known for being brutal, and it’s probably gotten worse. BUT… with a little courage and some good smarts about him he should do OK.

    I’m sure you know that he’s got both, but you still worry. Here’s the BEST way to keep him from getting shuffled, plus it looks good to the Parole Board where NOTHING else does. Visit him. It’s really hard to do because they like to put the prisons way out in the tall weeds somewhere, and they DO know how difficult it is to get to the Visiting Rooms. Not that they care very much, but they do know.
    If you can’t visit him every week, which is a really hard thing to arrange anyway, try every month.

    If THEY know that he has friends and family who actually care, then maybe it won’t make it better than average for him, but they’ll pause and think before making things substantially worse.

    Also it’s really good for the morale and he’ll be in a lot better shape mentally. It takes a lot of effort. But you’ll feel better, he’ll feel better, the rest of his family and friends will as well.

    Also, check with his family as much as you possibly can, make sure to coordinate when you can visit him. If for instance Momma and Bubba went to visit in the morning and you show up in the afternoon, you won’t get to visit. And you won’t know until later why they’re not letting you see him. Since you love and therefore worry, that could be a long several days of eating your own heart…

    Plus you can work with them and make sure somebody visits when you can’t, and it helps you work out the transportation issues too. You can still be a major part of his life. But it’ll take some work. You can do it.

    P.S. it also helps you by lowering your worry factor.

  14. Avatar Ida says:

    I have an uncle in the stiles unit. He has informed us of the conditions within the unit and the fact that they served contaminated food to the inmates. A bloody band-aid was found in the food and they still served it to the inmates. He has filed a grievance and I know that although they indicate the inmates should not be retaliated against, he is afraid of the consequences. Any pointers? What can we do?

  15. Avatar Corrine says:

    I have got to tell you My b/f is in the Stiles unit and I have heard some horor stories..I have found that the texas law there is very corrupt and as he was just denied his appeal we are hoping to get somewhere with getting his time reduced..It is a forgery charge on a 750 dollar check and they gave him 60 yrs saying it was an organized crime..It amazes me totally,Yet someone who has done much worse down the hall only has gotten 10 yrs..This world makes me so sad,I think we all need to work together and help these folks get out of a really bad situation ,They are paying there time plus being worked like slaves..It is rediculous and wish we could all petition the way it works and the warden there at stiles is NASTY….Thanks for your time

  16. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yes… They are. Corrupt, vicious and to my mind, evil. That last is a religious judgment on them. If you want to talk to a Texas lawyer who’s “good” as in he’s really not a nice fellow but has a “magic touch” with the courts, Layne Harwell of Fort Worth/Dallas. It would cost but not 60 years worth of cost.
    He’s one of a crew of lawyers, Republicans meaning they’re heavy with the courts, their ranks including “Racehorse” Haynes.
    They called them the “dirty dozen” for a reason, BUT… if somebody can get that sentence reduced it would be them. Cautionary note: It’s an election year and every prosecutor in the Nation is out for “criminal” blood to make them look good.
    Clifford Davis, Abe Factor, Andrew Vogel, Danny Burns.

    Those are all Ft Worth lawyers. The Tarrant County system is corrupt beyond belief. Anybody who practiced law there for 30 years or more knows more about snakes, sharks and jackals than Steve Irwin did. Just when you shake their hand, count your fingers when you’re done, make sure they didn’t steal any.

    Sixty on a hot check? Damn. It seems that if they can get the RICO finding dropped that will put it way down. That’s the one that would take more than one appeal too, the first would be on the original charge. But try the Legal Lizards first.

    No, they don’t have standardized sentencing in Texas. Very discretionary. Keep following the appeals, and, keep up contact and make sure that all the Wrong Elements know that you have concerns and that there are people on the outside who will not let him be shuffled away. That does make a difference.

    It’s when they’ve got their hands on a “forgotten man” that they get at their most vicious.

  17. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I thought I had posted a reply about the grievance procedure one up from this. The Grievance mechanism is that it has to go through their system first. You CAN shorten it by filing a case with the U.S. District Court in Tyler. They had a Special Master appointed by the Court overseeing those situations, but I believe they ended that. BUT. Under the condition that they can reinstate it at any time. The case reference is Ruiz v Estelle et al.

  18. Avatar David in Richardson says:

    Just read that my old youth priest, Rudy Kos, is in Stiles. Molested young boys for years. I am glad to hear this place sucks. Sorry, but I am not moved by the complaints. I’m glad it’s unsanitary, inhumane and violent.

  19. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And the guys who are there for drug offenses, petty thefts, not groveling to a cop when they’re told to do so? The ones perhaps who fought back when assaulted and caught an Aggravated Assault charge? That happens a lot and I know for a fact that it does.

    In Texas if you’re brown of skin and somebody who’s lighter of complexion jumps you, and you fight back, YOU catch the charge. Self Defense is only legitimate for White Folk, and if you do actually live in Dallas you God-Damn know it, son.

    I sure as Hell do. Do you really want to know why and how I know? I could “pass” for white but I don’t even try anymore.
    Gave up trying to conform to the racist system that’s the “law” in Texas.

    Not saying that Texas cops are any more racist and rednecked than the Colorado pigs, it’s just that in Texas and especially the Metroplex (and Houston) they don’t even try to hide it. I’ve got a cousin-in-law, penitentiary guard, works on either the Michael unit or Bedo 2 and I’d cross the street to spit on his bitch ass. Shit, boy, I’d cross town and even a county or state line to do it.

    If you want to tell me that everybody incarcerated there is guilty of a heinous crime or really ANY crime then come look me up and tell it to my face, so I can call you a liar to YOUR face.

    I’d suggest, though, that you stay the Hell in Richardson, boy.
    I get really thin-skinned around Back The Badge sucks.

  20. Avatar ME says:

    Just maybe….if someone didn’t commit the crime they would have the best of health care or at least maybe a better chance at it…but that would mean no crime = no prison = the good life. So maybe staying out of trouble with the law is better. Right!
    So maybe a few of you can pass on these words of encouragement to tell others to not commit their offense they may be better off.
    Isn’t the saying there in Texas “don’t mess with texas”….. I mean that’s what I hear others say.

  21. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Maybe if George Bush or Rick Goodhair or Dick Cheney would go to prison for THEIR crimes. maybe if the corporate pigs who run Texas were to stop committing THEIR continuous crime spree, like the mass murders in Iraq and Afghanistan? Grand Theft Nation? 7000 counts of Capital murder, by their rules?

    maybe if the rest of you Republican Pig-sucking whores would get over your retarded notion that anybody owes you their unpaid service in prison for such “crimes” as drug possession.

    You ever WORK in your life, BOY? You ever do it for free and get punished if you even expressed the idea that you should actually be paid for your labor?
    I bet you didn’t.
    You sound just like a self righteous RepubliPunk TeaTard. Make your fortune off Murder and Theft and want to look down on other PEOPLE.

    Get it right, Rich-Bitch.

    Here’s a great idea, you go to the families of some of the unpaid Slave Laborers and mouth off like that, puke.
    Only don’t take your uniformed Goon Squad with you when you go.

    Man Up for the first time in your worthless parasitic existence.

  22. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I nearly done forgot my manners…

    y tu mama tambien, maricon

  23. Avatar mikki says:

    my husband is at the stiles unit. he got into a fight right after he got on the unit. the guy he got into it with came up to him and head butted him, my husband told him to go on his way that he did not want any trouble, that he was new to the unit and he just wants to stay out of trouble and come home, then the guy head butts him again then slaps him in the face. my husband perceeds to beat the holy hell out of the guy, breaking his nose and arm.

    now after all this my husband is in seg. he is bypolar and needs meds and is suppost to be seeing a doc. he asks one of the guards to go see the phyc. doc. and is told no, my husband is depressed by all of this cuz he thinks its gonna keep him from comming home so he tries to kill himself.

    now the only way we found out was from another inmate wrote my mother in law. when i talked to a major he said they only contact family if the inmate is sent to an outside hospital. we my mother in law and i tried for a week to get some one to answer our phone calls and give us answers but all we have gotten was the run around from stiles and huntsville, but i will be filing a law suit against their asses.

    pray for my husband he is doing better hes off of the stiles unit for the time being. he also told me that everyone of the officers are corrupt, the inmates do cocain at the tables in the day rooms they smoke weed and all the inmates have cell phones so hopefully some of the ones who are supposed to be watching and making sure the inmates are not doing the wrong shit will end up in the bed right next to the inmate he brought the phone or drugs in for

  24. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Mikki, best wishes to you and hope that your husband can stay out of that concentration camp called Stiles. Nothing has changed at all at the Stiles unit and State of Texas it appears. The place simply routinely violates all international laws about maintaining humane treatment of prisoners. It itself is a law breaker.

  25. Avatar mikki says:

    thank you tony we are gonna try to keep him out of there but if he does go back they are gonna know he has a family that will do anything to keep him safe. You know its bad enough that he has to watch his back with other inmates ,but to have to watch it for the guards too thats bull.

  26. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Mikki, your husband may have lost his freedom for now, but I think that he is in some ways a very fortunate man to have such a loving wife. Best wishes for you and I hope that your husband can get himself out of all the Texas State Dept. of Terrorism facilities as soon as he can.

  27. Avatar GRANDMA says:


  28. Avatar reyesa says:

    Have any of you guys stop and think that they are going through this because of everything they did there paying for it….God don’t like ugly…..

  29. Avatar Don Esenwein says:

    Does anyone know if there is any type group that can work together to get better health treatment at Stiles? I need help. My S/O is incarcerated there he has AIDS, and degenerative spine disc disease. He is not given and help for his back problems for over two years now. Greviences do not work, I spoke to the Warden there, that was a waste of time as everyone working there covers each others ass constantly. I am in the process of filing complaints with Congressman and THD. At his point my firend will not be well enough to get out of there. He is currently six foot and weighs 133 lbs. That’s a thirty lbs. loss this year alone. The conditions in there are not humain. Animals are treated better by the state of Texas than their prisoners are. If any one is interested in trying as a group to get things done, can we please all get together??

  30. Avatar Leeandra Larry says:

    After 37 years I was released. I was assigned to the Stiles Unit twice . Engaging in sexual activities are only way to get infected with HIV/AIDS. Tell your love ones to abstain and you will not have anything to worry about. I personally have been assigned to the worst units and I preferred the Stiles Unit to any other units.
    Prison is not a picnic. At every prison unit most of the complaints are the same.
    Stiles has the highest concentration of gay offenders than all other units are the exception.

  31. Avatar darla says:

    Can anyone give me updates on the stiles unit my son wants me to put in for a hardship to get closer to there air in there and is it a trustee camp.I’m scared after reading all of these post.thank you

  32. Avatar Mayham says:

    It doesn’t matter what you have done God forgives all. No-one should be treated bad because of their past. Who gives them the right to mistreat anyone. Everyone has done something in their lives they may have not got caught but remember God see everything. The same thing that they are doing to those inmate the same thing they will receive in hell. I am praying for peace in Beaumont Prison Unit. They better hope that while they are mistreating those prisoners they dont drop dead. Many of those prisoners have repented of their sins. God will determine the judgement.

  33. Avatar ANIT-IGNORANCE says:

    Slave labor? Stiles unit provides offenders with schooling in mechanics, agriculture, welding and many more. The work they do in prison is the price you pay for committing a felony. None of you guys have been there to witness the incidents which supposedly occurred. One of you even said your grandson had a gang tattoo and was in solitary confinement. They don’t put just anyone in solitary confinement. All you people here accusing Stiles of being abusive based on sob stories that your criminal loved ones made up. I know personally the officers, Sargeants. Majors, Captain, and Wardens at Stiles are not wronging anyone. In fact some of the shit they put up with from nasty ass shit flinging inmates is ridiculous. If anything they are too easy on them. Ignorant people like you don’t get a say in anything going on in prisons. Because all you hear is the offenders side of the story.

  34. Eric Eric says:

    Dear Stiles-fan, “wronging” is not a word, though it does describe prison labor, which is immoral.

  35. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    That’s real funny, Mr Ignorance. All the guards I’ve met including those who (sadly) are true bitches. Punks in every sense of the word. They take jobs at the prison because they’re sick sadistic bastards, and that’s in every state. The Sadism reference is about a sexual preference, they get sexually aroused by hurting other people and animals.

    And a Sadist can’t get it up for a Masochist, because the masochist is willing. The victims of their game have to be unwilling. The joke goes

    Masochist: Hurt me!
    Sadist: No.

    The other half of the prison guards and cops taking that kind of job is that they’re just too fucking cowardly to do anything by themselves, they need their PIG buddies backing them up on everything. I have a t-shirt for sale on cafepress “Y’all can just line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass.

    There are other articles detailing some of the abuses. Not all because there’s a shitload of them. Some recent ones are the Fremont County Jail guards Sgt Green and Corporal Maas beat a sick inmate to death. Over his complaints that they were denying him medical care especially his medications. His name is John Walter. Then there’s Keith Morris who was murdered by the Colorado Department of Corrections. They killed him with medical neglect. It was even more brutal because they took a long time doing it. John Walter lost more than 20 pounds in three weeks and when they found him dead after the last beating, he had 9 broken ribs. When Keith finally died From Lymphoma Which Is The Most Treatable Cancer, his Offender Care Attendant was given a case. Later rescinded. The OCA is named Frank Archuleta. John Walter was never convicted of a felony.
    Neither he nor Keith Morris had any history of throwing feces or gang affiliation.

    Real Human Beings with Real Names who are Really Dead due to the actions of your fucking coward pig accomplices.

  36. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Adjust: “All the guards I’ve met including those who (sadly) are true bitches. Punks in every sense of the word. ” to (sadly) are Related To me such as the Chambers boys and shirt tail kin like Sgt Forrest Price are true bitches” And yeah, Forrest is named after the co-founder of the Klan and War Criminal Nathan Bedford-Forrest.

  37. Avatar Lexy says:

    My brother was killed at this unit and its being cover up, however he wrote a letter naming certain wardens and staff who put a hit out on hon him I have the letter and have plans to sue to sue the State. I need the names of good attorneys whose willing to do the job.

  38. Avatar jonah says:

    Texas, the best lawyers I know of are Layne Harwell and Jeremiah Loftin both in Fort Worth. Texas has it different, down there it’s a lot more common to have an attorney who would do Criminal AND personal injury AND Civil Rights. But you’ll probably wind up doing the suit in Federal. Protocol is you have to “exaust all other remedies” before going from State to Federal or even county to state. When you talk to them, have your phone on Airplane mode, screen and notifications off, and a sound recorder app on.

    I’ll check my contact lists, there’s a firm in Seattle who are currently suing Fremont Co Colorado for beating a guy to death in a “medical observation” cell. The victim was John Walter and they did this in late April or early May 2012, that should be enough for a google search. I just woke up and have to hustle a bit so I’m not late for anything. But right on, give them as much trouble as you can. God knows they deserve it.

  39. Avatar jonah says:

    Ummm… 2014. Sorry about the typo. Clumsy early in the morning.

  40. Avatar jonah says:

    This is a clip of the colorado springs gazette article back in march

    It has the names of the attorneys. There’s more. Of course. He was found dead right? With 9 broken ribs and other injuries. It’s damn near impossible to break a persons rib One Rib with a single blow. You’d have to be Chuck Norris or something. they say they were “only restraining him” and “for his own safety. He had got into a really childish fight that sounds a lot like a couple of third grade boys would have, where nobody got hurt. They didn’t take it to trial, although he was charged with 3 “felony” counts. One was Menacing. You know how to pick up a Menacing charge in colorado? Raise your voice. That’s it. The pigs are inflating their case by saying “oh, he was a Dangerous Felon”


    Mr Walter wasn’t convicted of anything. Just lynched.

    “Mr. Walter’s psychotic break from reality was so profound that he was often heard screaming and seen kicking, punching, and clawing at the walls and door in an apparent effort to escape imaginary people in his cell,” according to the lawsuit, filed by Seattle attorneys Erik Heipt and Ed Budge on behalf of Walter’s sister, a Colorado Springs resident.

  41. Avatar Tistired says:

    On August 26th of this year we had got the news that my brother killed himself at this unit which is a total lie my brother has written us and told us that the guards have been harassing and threatening him I feel like it’s all has been set up they waited for this day the flooding and all this to happen we couldn’t get to my brother because the area was still flooded where he was he was I called up there and ask them what happened in the warden lied and said that my brother killed himself and that the autopsy has already been done and it says that it was suicide but my mom called and then they said that there was no autopsy done Oh yeah and when we called to get his property they said my brother didn’t have anything which is a lie because we took him pictures letters things that he asked for we sent it to him he didn’t have nothing in his cell everybody’s been lying giving us the runaroundy I don’t know where to start but I am going to get Justice for my brother

  42. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    My condolences to your family. What town are you in? The only lawyers I know are in Ft Worth. One thing I noted before, if you look up the campaign funds in any county, it shows in descending order who contributed to each party. Mostly R and D of course but the R’s have a lot of clout and pick a Personal injury / Wrongful Death specialist. Near the top of the list and keep going til you get one who’ll do the case on contingency. In Texas county judges are directly elected. Any attorney in the state can represent you. They even allow out-of-state attorneys but you’ll get a stronger result if you go to the Feds. I don’t know how many steps it takes to get to the Federal courts.

  43. Avatar Tistired says:

    I’m in San Antonio my brother was in this unit styles it’s sad that they’re full of lies and they are murders murdering our family members and getting away with it I’m not going to sit by and watch them kill off our loved ones I will look into those people Bank you so much

  44. Avatar Rosa Hernadandez says:

    My brother was killed in mark stiles unit and made it seem a suicide. They didn’t even called us to report his death. Nor let us know the time of death. Not even the name of the person doing the investigation all I been getting is the run around when his corpse was relived he had a bruised noise new scars in has head cuts in his fingers. This place is corrupted

  45. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Texas ”law” men are at the best they are barbaric. There’s a couple of related incidents that might be helpful… Martin Gorelli in Texas, was on Death Row but miraculously got off the cell block, past 4 locked and heavily guarded doors, two fences same way, and the main gate and into the Trinity River swamps, where by a strange coincidence a couple of off duty guards were fishing.????? with Gorelli , a Marine Raider with decorations and commendations, survival instructor, every cop between Dallas, Houston and even El Paso on highest alert… and these two dufus rednecks who are probably my cousins “found” his body.
    The other one is the death by murder by the Canon City jail guards. Look into it.

  46. Avatar Kenn lewis says:

    Please If someone could contact me about family members who’ve been murdered in this unit and been ruled as a suicide please do

  47. Avatar Kennetha Wanese Lewis says:

    Hello my brother on December 11th this trying to rule suicide if you could please contact me

  48. Avatar Kennetha Wanese Lewis says:

    in the same situation I would like to speak with you

  49. Avatar kennetha lewis says:

    I’m dealing with the same situation Dec 11th this yr please contact me.

  50. Avatar J. LEWIS says:

    My son was given 53 years for Aggravated Robbery and did not have a weapon. Of course, it was election time in Dallas County so they made sure to throw the book at a 25 year old drug addict. He had been housed at Bill Clements Unit for all this time and on December 5, 2020 I got a call from Huntsville saying that he was being transferred to the Michaels Unit, then on December 7, 2020 I got another call from Huntsville saying he was going to the Stiles Unit instead. He arrived at the Stiles Unit on December 8, 2020 and he was dead on December 11, 2020. I was NEVER contacted by the prison because they said that they couldn’t inform his family because they had no contact information even though we wrote letters, sent pictures, received collect phone calls from him and sent money through JPay. Oh yea, I still have one of the voicemails from Huntsville but the Stiles Unit couldn’t find me. I found out that my son was deceased on December 21, 2020 because I received a message from an anonymous source telling me to contact the prison immediately if I have a son there. After several repeated phone calls I am finally told by the Warden that my son committed suicide. I guess after you’ve told the same lie for so long you become immune to any feelings of remorse or empathy for human lives. HE MADE A MISTAKE AND HE WAS ALREADY PAYING FOR IT WITH HIS LIFE, THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!


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