Why should you attend the Denver Nalty-Byfield ENTERPRISE TRIAL?

Why support the “We The People” public-oath sticklers who the state is prosecuting like a criminal enterprise? A few reasons: Solidarity. Because as hardheaded as they might be, defendants Stephen Nalty and Steve Byfield are still JUDICIAL REFORM ACTIVISTS. Sense of fair play. Half the courtroom gallery is filled with Colorado Attorney General staffers and FBI special agents chumming it up with jurors and briefing their THREE FBI UNDERCOVER WITNESSES while the defendant pariah side of the audience is warned by the judge that even a whisper will result in ejection. Thrills. Where else are you going to see this many federal agents pushing their weight around, barking at you in the hallways, swaggering gleefully about how much smarter they are than the defendants? Pathos. Come watch the Assistant Fucking Colorado Attorney General, Robert Shapiro himself, lead a team of prosecutors against the unrepresented defendants, watch Shapiro belittle them, lecture them, trivialize their difficulties defending themselves in jail, and pretend they can review “tens of thousands” of pages of evidence and “hours and hours” of undercover surveillance tapes in a single day. Because you can make a difference. Come push the FBI-guys’ buttons. Come witness and document the abuses of the overbearing prosecution team. Come lend public pressure on the judge, whose conscience is already bothering him about how unfair this sham trial has become.

You don’t have to agree with how Nalty and Byfield went about trying to reform the judicial system, but aren’t they mostly right? Judges ARE corrupt. Local officials ARE NOT accountable to the people. Law enforcement WON’T pursue charges of their own corruption and the media certainly won’t side with the reformers. When Nalty, Byfield and Co, served commercial liens valued at billions and trillions of dollar against officials who hadn’t filed oaths of office, it was an effort of last resort to get someone’s attention. No one was thinking, hey, maybe this eleven-figure dollar demand will slip through the cracks and the billions will be ours!

Each lien was calculated to represent the sum defrauded from and owed to the American People. Prosecutors can tap these defendants for conspiring and racketeering and extorting and attempting to influence public officials, but they can’t say the defendants aimed to obscond with one single penny. Throwing three undercover infiltrators at a twenty member judicial reform group, putting thousands of manpower hours into locking these defendants away, is gross abuse of authority and it’s hubris.

Authentic transgressions
As the sham trial goes on, the pieces are coming together on the cases of Nalty and crew. It turns out federal investigators labeled them “sovereigns” because they’ve held themselves not responsible for paying traffic tickets, property taxes, and the like. In the end I’ll grant you Nalty’s group may be guilty of those. I say “may” because such citations may have been retaliatory for their political beliefs.

As to the punishment, I believe adjudicators should take into account that the defendants acted not to enrich themselves, nor to flaunt the law per se, but to assert political rights about which they may have been misguided. Again I say may because the defendants are being tried, after all, according to a set of laws, which enforce a social contract, the terms of which the parties do not agree.

I use the word misguided as a nod to those who think the Nalty gang have acted like idiots. That’s easy to say, and easy to laugh, but no one’s yet figured out how to emancipate labor from the yoke of capital. You may regard interest and rent as your inherent debts. These sovereigns don’t and they’re trying to say so.

Economic slavery
Ours is a system of peonage to which this crew feels they never indentured themselves. The ersatz writs and liens they spammed to every official they encountered were the legal loopholes they thought could break the bank and liberate everyone from financial tyranny. While Nalty’s scheme intended insurrection, it wasn’t against democracy or the republic, it was against taxation without representation, the same beast Americans pretend to have overthrown with the Declaration of Independance.

Instead of tea into Boston Harbor, this crew dumped a bunch of junk paper unto the reception counters of Colorado public offices. Charge Nalty’s crew with littering maybe, at most, vandalism, though it’s hard to say these vandals caused even a scratch. Every public official who testified as a victim said they didn’t take the ersatz documents seriously.

The writs and liens looked officious, but weren’t attributed to known government or banking institutions. Likewise signatures were signed in red. Red was chosen to represent the signer’s blood, even though red is a color which automated banking systems reject as unreadable, therefore invalid.

Not one witness expressed confusion about the validity of the papers. They mentioned too the rambling diatribes in the text block.

To call the defendants “paper terrorists” wildly overstates the effect they achieved. They didn’t terrorize anyone. Governments like to accuse rebellious insurgents of “terrorism”, but that’s another paralegal threshold with which most common citizens, and certainly these “sovereigns”, disagree.

Real funny money
These guys did the equivalent of feed Monopoly Money into ATMs. No bank balances were changed and no real money came out. Counterfeit currency is one thing, but denominations of your own handywork pretending to be only that does not qualify as funny money in the illegal sense. I’m guessing forms submitted in a language foreign to bank clerks would be rejected out of hand. How are these any different? Irregular submissions, as one witness called them, need not generate calls to the FBI or the Colorado Joint Terrorism Task Force. I’ll bet that ATMs know to reject Monopoly Money. If they don’t, whose problem is that?

The trial of defendants Stephen Nalty and Steve Byfield is due to wrap up Friday. The prosecution will have taken seven days to present its case and Assistant Attorney General Robert Shapiro intends to object if the defense rebuttal takes more than a half day, maybe a whole. This trial is meant to intimidate the other defendants to convince them to take pleas.

Next in the pipeline is Bruce Doucette whose trial starts October 16. Defendants Harlan Smith and Dave Coffelt have hearings on October 18. If they do not take deals, Shapiro intends to enjoin their cases, to save time and money. He’s already convinced defendant Brian Baylog to take a deal and turn state’s evidence. Baylog is scheduled to testify against Nalty and Byfield shortly.

By now the condemnation of Nalty’s commercial lien scheme will have cost Colorado millions in man hours and legal expenses. You can fine a graffiti artist for having to restore an edifice to its original lustre, but you can’t expect him to bear the full cost if you chose a cleanup crew that wears Gucci loafers, most of whose jobs is to pat the other on the back.

Colorado’s overkill with federal agents and counter-terrorism experts is a problem of its own making.

The Nalty-Byfield trial continues through this week 8:30am – 5pm, at Denver’s Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse, in Division 2H, ironically, “Juvenile Court”.

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10 Responses to Why should you attend the Denver Nalty-Byfield ENTERPRISE TRIAL?

  1. Avatar Captain Obvious says:

    They aren’t judicial activists. They just flat didn’t understand a damned thing about how our country works or is supposed to work. They’re more like “idiots”. Yeah, that.

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    If so, they need representation or at least not being railroaded. Lynch law is alive and swelling in Colorado and America at large. And some who have overly inflated ego trips seem to be assisting the PIGS in the lynching process. These are, you know, the same cops who murdered Marvin Booker, John Walter, Keith Morrison, countless others… and why are they countless? Because the PIGS lie about the circumstances for everybody they murder? That a bullet in the back of the skull is one of those “magic” bullets which magically turn into “natural causes” and some “good citizens” who chant that the dead or imprisoned are “idiots” and it’s their fault because they don’t worship the PIGS as though they were gods, instead of evil incarnate as they really are? Would you happen to know any conceited-without-merit individuals or groups, would you?

  3. Avatar Captain Obvious says:

    If it were “lynch law” then 1) the judge wouldn’t have entered a not guilty plea reserving their right to trial by jury, 2) there wouldn’t be a trial by jury, 3) they wouldn’t have been offered free counsel, 4) they wouldn’t…ok, you get the point. Is it perfect? No. But these guys are criminal kooks. If they were harmless kooks, I’d be concerned about it. But they’re not harmless, and being a kook is not a defense.

  4. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    They’re supposedly not guilty until proven guilty. You have obviously decided they’re guilty, and yet you try to lecture me on “fair hearings versus show trial lynching” YOUR Pig heroes lie all the time and even murder prisoners with or without a conviction and your “fair and impartial PIG judge” lets them get away with it. Kangaroo Kourt, Lynching, and a Pigsucker telling me that never happens. No surprise there.

  5. Avatar Captain Obvious says:

    But these guys LUVV kangaroo courts and show trials, as long as they can order breakfast during opening statements!

  6. On the other hand, Captain, where did your Masters dig up any hint of Terrorism by the defendants? Where’s your stupid joke about that? Terrorism means using violence or threats of violence to change cultural, religious or political mores. Where’s the violence or threat thereof? Your pig heroes file papers all the time, but they DO threaten violence. It’s their thing. It’s rightfully called Power Tripping. Law and order is commonly translated as “WE make the laws and YOU better obey our orders” Maybe you forgot to say that Dictatorship has no enforcement without threats of violence. No matter what the propaganda says differently. I think you’re a mental coward, afraid to question the Dictatorship on any issue. That’s grounds for pity, not sympathy.
    You should thank God that Some People don’t believe the crap about Might makes Right or that God tells us to harm people. You obviously have no power of your own, and why would you want it anyway?

  7. Avatar Captain Obvious says:

    Well, they’re not charged with “terrorism.” They’re charged with what they’re charged with. You posted the indictment so you know that. There are not just “hints” but great big helpings of seeming proof, some of it posted publicly, which I am sure you are aware of. You’re not seeing anything straight if you think this group of idiots stands for freedom or liberty. They stand for stupidity.

  8. Because it’s “stupid” to not obey the haughty royalist arrogant commands of YOUR Masters? They had the balls to stand up to your kangaroo kourt system. You never did. ‘obviously’.

    here’s the excerpt from Eric’s narrative and he’s been updating the information.
    DENVER, COLORADO- These guys have been complaining about corrupt local officials and trying every which way to bring them to justice, even the people’s own. Now the state is throwing the book at the accusers. The eight are in jail, unable to post bond, and getting no attention from the press except derision. They’re being labeled “Paper Terrorists” but no one’s explaining what they were doing, certainly not trying to enrich themselves. What kind of “criminal enterprise” is not for profit? /quotation

    and the rhetoric in the opening statements AND the involvement of the Colorado Joint Terrorism Task Force… you know, the ones who say they have the authority to torture anybody anywhere in the world.

    So, Pigsucker, what qualifies you to sneer? The State Pigs are the smaller umbrella organization who cover for the even lower Pigs when they torture PEOPLE to death. You know the ones. Did (and I do know the answer) any of the PIGS who beat John Walter and Marvin Booker to Death, again, did any of them have to go into court in handcuffs? Did any of them spend any time in Jail for their Terrorism?

    kiss their dicks all you want, it ain’t going to make you right.

  9. Avatar Captian Obvious says:

    So these guys are such Heroes why you call them hard-headed? You must be a boot-licking pig sucker!

  10. Avatar Vic Currier says:

    Mental illness? Terrorism? “Idiots”?
    Those are absurdities and represent ill-informed and uneducated conclusions.

    First, Ask, who exactly is the “victim” in this alleged crime? (Name the person injured)
    2. Why were these men jailed for their “belief” system?
    3. If they each have declared their “land and soil” sovereignty as American state nationals by filing and recording the proper affidavits – then they are in the position of arguing against “maritime law of the sea” – and should be allowed by the corrupted court to apologize and be set free for their error in challenging the WRONG COURT SYSTEM with its implied (albeit fraudulent) authority.
    4. If they have NOT declared by affidavit their American state national “land and soil” standing, then they have no standing inside that the WRONG COURT SYSTEM for the arguments they presented – and they should have been ruled so – and set free by the corrupt judge.
    5. In my humble opinion, what appears to be true is: They initially (and uninformedly) bowed their necks in an illegal fight, against an illegal foreign power’s court designed to enslave We the People using illegal procedures in the WRONG COURT SYSTEM. They fought “the law” – and the illegal system of the “law” won. It is no different than being tried in a Mexican court for an alleged crime, then basing your arguments on the “American law.” The “American law” arguments have no meaning in a Mexican court – whether right or wrong – on constitutional principle.
    6. There is no “mental illness” to be discussed. These folks sincerely (but uniformedly) picked a fight inside a system that likely will not change to suit their whims.
    7. They wasted time (in jail) when they could have been “reconstructing” the common law “land and soil” judicial system which We the People have been fraudulently denied since the so called “Reconstruction Period” following the American Civil War which ended in 1865.
    8. The “Colorado 9” offers a good lesson for all Americans claiming status as “We the People.” – It may not be “right” (on principle, alone) but the only answer is to declare American state national status and enlist others to work on restoring the “land and soil” court system which was stolen from Americans – by FRAUD and RACKETERING – in 1865 and 1871, without any Constitutional amendment properly ratified by a two-thirds majority of the states!!
    9. They are right on principle – but picked the WRONG VENUE to argue their position – and they lost. It appears they will remain prisoners of the fraudulent state “maritime law” system – until they apologize for their mistakes and beg the FRAUDULENT COURT’s leniency – or have the FRAUDULENT Congress of the USA, Inc. corporation in the District of Columbia (D.C.) demand (by legislation) that they be released. They have been attempting to fight inside a corrupt system – and they lost.
    10. The District of Columbia (D.C.) is occupying foreign power. It is not a State and, thus, is a foreign belligerent enemy combatant and part of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL occupation of American “land and soil” with other foreign enemy combatants, namely the former United Kingdom and the Vatican.
    11. The “Colorado 9” have landed themselves in a no-mans-land of sort. The Vatican is bankrupt and dissolved. The United Kingdom is bankrupt and dissolved. The “judicial” court system in the United State is compromised along with the “executive” branch and the “legislative” branch – and they, too, are bankrupt and dissolved. So, in that scenario, who exactly can come to their rescue under the old “post-Civil War Reconstruction Period” which began in 1865 – ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY ??
    12. Bottom line lesson of the Colorado 9 mess = What’s the difference from you arguing “American law” in a Mexican court where “American law” is completely irrelevant? Or a Mexican citizen in the US illegally trying to argue “Mexican law” in an “American court?”
    Nothing. There is no difference. Either way, they lose.

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