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Right Winger low life convicted of Anti-Gay hate crime- faces jail time

We should all be glad that this low life Right Winger is going to jail for his low life harassment of his Gay roommate! The roommate named Tyler Clementi shown above playing the violin, subsequently committed suicide because nobody tried to stop this criminal harassment and menacing from occurring until it was far too late. Rutgers verdict: Dharun Ravi guilty of hate crimes, other charges.

Some members of Occupy Colorado Springs also are now facing this sort of Hate Filled campaign by local Right Wingers, charged up and fueled by a group of Right Winger soldiers based at local army base, Fort Carson, who find time to campaign against civilians who hold opposite points of view from their own while being paid taxpayers’ dollars. We call on the local authorities to nick this hate campaign in the bud, and not to let it fester and continue until people get injured such as the young student, Tyler Clementi was injured by Dharun Ravi’s anti Gay hatreds.

Soldiers at Fort Carson do have Free Speech but do not have the right to menace civilians and verbally threaten them with Hate based crimes, simply because they hold views that these soldiers might disagree with. Let us hope that local authorities everywhere take hate speech by thugs seriously and move against it when asked to. If they had been more responsive to this sort of thing at Rutgers, Tyler Clementi most likely would still be alive and playing his violin today.

Here is a list of the criminal counts where the anti Gay Right Winger, Dharun Ravi, was found guilty of harassing Tyler Clementi… Live coverage: Dharun Ravi found guilty on most counts in webcam spying trial verdict

Notice to Morons under the Moronic command of Jim Cross. Show up again at my house and you will be on Candid Camera. Notice again that if you call my house with crank, hang-up-on-me calls trying to figure out if the house is unattended or not, that you also will be recorded as having done so. Keep it up, Criminals, and you will get exposed for the liable assholes that you all are. And you might even get yourselves picked up by the police and convicted of crimes same as Dharun Ravi was.

You thugs are so damn dumb and pitiful. We have a record of your hate posts over at Jim Cross’s ‘Red White Blue News’ website, too. You think that you can engage in criminality with complete impunity but you are wrong. Dharun Ravi found that out the hard way and some of you might be as thick in the head as he was.

Part 3: CS ‘Patriot Shop’ / ‘RedWhiteBlueNews’ / Jim Cross / Facebook haters of Occupy Colorado Springs – Pay Attention Now!
The conviction of ex-Rutgers student Dharun Ravi sends a message to social media users that actions and words played out across the Web could lead to a prison sentence, legal and digital experts say. Lesson of Rutgers case: Online actions carry consequences

Smile, your mom chose life!

masturbation is murderOn Fillmore Street there is one of those giant, obnoxious billboards with a giant smiling baby on it, and the words, ‘Smile, your mom chose life’. Probably put up there with the help of one pedophile plagued church, too. You know the name of that church, I think?

All over the world this church that aided the Nazis and aided in the genocides against indigenous people in the Americas and aided in the pogroms against Jewish people even before the Nazis, is on one giant campaign to make people think that they respect life because they want to impose their will on young women. Smile, but did your mom always not have an abortion when she got pregnant? One rather thinks that it is not quite that simple at all, in fact.

You see, these crazy church people are often liars and hypocrites. They do one thing for themselves and urge something else entirely on others. Does Ted Haggard come to mind? Maybe many of those religious moms did have an abortion even if they did later on life give birth to you and your brothers and sisters? Maybe they had several abortions before they started to raise kids? Maybe they had an abortion or two after you were born? It’s not quite as simple as that billboard portrays it as being, now is it?

These crazy religious nuts don’t even choose much life at all, but choose death most often instead. Imagine advocating that women give birth wholesale in countries like Nicaragua, where this obnoxious church, the Catholic, has gotten the government to ban all abortions for all reasons. The Nicaraguan people do not even make $1,000 per year per capita to raise their families on. Does this church do anything to ‘choose life’ when these children are born? I rather think that they do not. How about you?

You know what this church does with its money? It invests it in real estate. It invests it in sanctimonious propaganda billboards that tell others what they should do. But they don’t help raise those poor families in countries like Nicaragua where they force women to give birth to often unwanted and uncared for children. They spend it on lawyers to get out of paying money to people molested by their priests when these people were still children. This is the Catholic Church for you. This is the American Catholic Church.

‘Smile, your mom chose life’ my ass. The Catholic Church has a totally checkered attitude towards choosing life, and that’s their little secret they don’t want you thinking much about. Life with the Catholic Church! What a trip! And NO, life does not begin at conception. And NO, there was no ‘immaculate conception’ either.

So keep your nutty religion away from the rest of us, OK? And reform yourself before you go getting ‘papal’ on those you disagree with you on this issue. (No Catholics were actually harmed by this commentary, I might mention) And Catholics, stop trying to force women to do dangerous things to keep from getting themseves financially sunk into a hole! They have kids to raise, you know? You’re not going to raise these kids for them. Now are you?