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Sarah Palin mouthing off with more racist crap

So, who is surprised by that? Anyway, she now believes that she has some kind of say over who can or cannot be a guest at the White House. This time in response to a Rapper. The AP (Arrogant Propaganda) News has it that “Obamas defending having a rapper as guest” WTF? There’s not a damn thing to defend. It’s THEIR freakin’ house, until President Obama leaves office. Simple Sarah hasn’t got a God-Damn thing to say in the matter. Hell, George Bush entertained Murdering War Criminals like Cheney and Ollie North. Reagan too. Hell, Bush even had HER arrogant racist bitch ass at the White House.
And the SUBJECT? A Negro singer. Wait a minute… how is that NOT racist again? Reagan had Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles as guests. People on whom Mrs. Palin depends for politico-religious opinions, like Pat Robertson, are only slightly less Klan-like in their attitude since the 60s… That crap about the Vodun connection to the Haitian earthquake, he used to say that about Ray Charles’ music. ALL Rock, Blues, Jazz, Swing… supposedly to lure White Kids into the Negro Lifestyle of drugs, wild sex… and voodoo. It’s looking like the RepubliKlan Party IS going to try to win the election with only White votes.

Think not? I’ve heard, not just in my lifetime but actually in the past decade, Rock music described as “Nigger Music”. Mrs Palin didn’t seem to have any objections to Pat Robertson’s Racist Bitch Ass being in the White House as a guest.
She really needs to get a tighter grip on reality and Obama needs to refuse to apologize or even answer to her or her Racist Freak supporters.

Got sperm?

Not milkWhat’s wrong with a facial cum shot in major magazines? To pretend that the Got Milk campaign is NOT about sperm on the lips is hypocrisy.
Why are female Got Milk models always nearly-nude while the male spokesmodels are clothed? The general public doesn’t want to daydream about homosexual oral sex?

GOT MILK ads are pushing the dubious benefits of drinking milk. Milk is fattening! A healthy diet does not include cheese, milk, cream, or saturated fat! If it weren’t for the dairy lobby, milk couldn’t even qualify as a food group!

Plus many people have a natural allergy against milk. Cow’s milk is not intended for people, it’s for baby cows.

Unfortunately the baby cows produced every two years to induce their mothers to lactate are immediately shipped off to the confinement pens and the horrors of the veal industry. Aren’t we already sickened by that scene?

Milk: Don’t swallow it. Well, it looks like you already have company.

Reprinted from Subvertize.com