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BP SnotMuffin Hayward to be replaced by American Face.

Not the “First Church of Christ” videographer who does the extremely hilarious, poignant and heavily politicized youtubes. Just a CEO who will patch their “Image” problem by putting up a straw-man who “you’d like to have a beer with” type.
The first thought on MY automatically contrarian synaptic apparatus was “IMAGE” Problem? My God, they’ve poisoned the OCEAN, and they’re worried about Bad Publicity? What the HELL are those freaks thinking?

AP, who reported the Face Change Operation, earlier had expressed the notion that Hayward and by extension the entirely blameless BP corporation had been horribly maligned in the U.S. press because of “unfortunate gaffes” made by Hayward.
The HELL they say. The dude is and always will be the True Nature of Mega-Capital expressed in the single persona of One Truly Arrogant Elitist Prick. The “unintended” slurs he made against the American people are the Corporate Mantra about ALL people who aren’t Them.
To be bluntly honest about how he’s not very separate from the rest of the Parasite Class, there’s a Mayflower-Yankee slur that’s pretty all-inclusive, JNOKD as in “Mustn’t play with the Irish/Italian/Puerto Rican/Black/Generally Lower Class children, they’re Just Not OUR Kind, Dear”.

Snobbery is as important an element in the “upper” class level of Capitalism as actually having large amounts of mostly stolen money.

The Local Corporate Sucks who look down at “the Homeless” PEOPLE should realize that their “betters” in the Capitalist Caste System look down their long noses at them and place them so far below their own Exalted Social Elite Stratosphere that the difference would be like that between an ant and a termite.

Would this blatantly condescending publicity gesture wake them the Hell up?

Not bloody likely.
I can’t empirically state, as a certainty, a scientifically proven fact, that it would make any difference if the Elitists actually WERE better than anybody else. One of those things that would be impossible to determine, since their Elite status is purely in their own minds, and worse yet in the minds of their sycophantic Capitalist followers, worshipers, disciples and wannabees.

According to “liberal” MSM, Hayward fired for not being P.C.

Nothing at all about being incompetent. No, it was his insensitive but, according to the now-official story line, unintentionally Snotty Snobbish remarks.
The Anti-politically correct squad will of course react with their usual convulsive tantrums about anybody in the entire world criticizing them for being deliberately rude and otherwise acting in an uncivilized manner. I don’t have to point out the Usual Suspects, I’ll just look in their general direction and smile.
They would be, and anybody can make an inference to match the implication, the titty-babies who scream as though being skinned alive, without anesthesia and using a dull pair of nail clippers, about being “denied liberty” if anybody scolds them for being Socially Retarded Animated Sphincters.
The ones who led the charge against MoveOn and the New York Times for the latter publishing, under the same First Amendment The T.B.s say is violated by scolding their churlishness… Publishing an advertisement in their newspaper, using editorial discretion and using managerial discretion, as in “It’s OUR newspaper, why can’t we charge exactly what we choose to charge for any service we choose to provide?” and gave the MoveOn people the same deal they had recently given the Bush Administration and… the person the Rival News Organization screamed so loudly about the ad criticizing, Generally Betrays-us, aka King David Petraeus.

Yeah. THOSE Socially Retarded Animated Sphincter Titty Babies.

I’m sure this unsavory taunting of them for their arrogance and hypocrisy will be seen as a denial of their First Amendment rights to be rude, unsocialized and uncivilized. But, you see, I’m not turning loose a squad of Police State goon-squad types to beat them down for being rude and uncivilized, now, Am I?
Just a gentle tsk-tsk’ing.

I’d say that raises me several level above their organizations and management style automatically.