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How to play a REAL game of Monopoly.

MONOPOLY was invented by an anarchist who wanted to demonstrate the folly of capitalism. She called it The Landlord's Game. Virtually unchanged, Parker Brothers' Monopoly still teaches that the land grab end game always results in a monopoly. Players don't consider such an outcome objectionable because board games need a single winner, and since everyone starts at square one, all have a chance to drive the rest of humanity bankrupt. You don't have to tweak Monopoly much to render a perfect forecast of a child's prospects in the real economy. Start the game with all the properties fully populated with hotels and houses, all owned by the player who won last time. Now go. 52757

Brewing your competitor’s beer

Family owned breweries keep getting bought up by the beermeister conglomerates. It's very easy to illustrate why this is a bad thing, in terms we can all savor at the tip of our tongues, to lament as they slip from us. 2529