Setting off the fire alarm

If I remember something from highschool, you’re not allowed to set off the fire alarm. Doesn’t that rule apply to adults?

Apparently the White house has decided it can raise the alarm level at will, without revealing why, for imaginary reasons. They should get detention.

And what are we supposed to do about terrorist warnings? Duct tape?

The bush administration has admitted that a recent terrorism alert was based on pre-9/11 warnings.

Could 9/11 have been prevented with the benefit of such a warning? What would the instructions have been? Climb no higher than the 60th floor? Don’t fly?

To make the warnings more applicable today, did they have to vet out particular details?

For example, it was now fine to board early morning flights out of Boston?

Also planes flying post-9/11, choosing a similar flight diversion over New York City, no longer have to worry about encountering a WTC obstacle?

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