War On Idiocy

The WAR ON expression has come to mean what any more? War On Drugs. What did that mean? Trying to address the drug addiction problem, obviously. Wouldn’t it have been better to call it: “addressing the drug addiction problem?” Declaring a war on the noun drugs has meant thousands incarcerated for being victims.

Similarly, the War On Terrorism is having a disasterously misguided effect on the world. Horribly hilarious, if the world was made of words. Instead of addressing the problems that lead to terrorism, we are fighting a word. As if there is a culture of people whose highest ideology is terrorism.

The WAR ON expression began with President Lyndon Johnson, not with the War On The People Of Vietnam, but with the War On Poverty. That description fit. The problem at base level was poverty.

The idiocy-mongers at the helm of our national shipwreck, at their most disingenuous, are inventing other fictional wars against which they hope to rally public support. There was a War On Christmas apparently, and now they are rallying defenders against the War On Christianity. The attack is coming from the godless left, from the culture elites, etc.

Was there a War On Christmas? Is there a War On Christianity? I’d add a few more and let you decide. Is there a War On Republicans who vote against their own self interest? Is there a War On Corporations who deny Global Warming? Is there a War On Union Members who continue to vote for free trade and globalization and slave labor? Is there a War On Religious Revelers who believed there was a War On Christmas?

There for damn sure is! It’s called the WAR ON IDIOCY. It’s the effort to make Americans into less mal-informed, less mal-educated global citizens, for everybody’s good, especially their own. To paraphrase an early American patriot: it wasn’t the idiots who got us our democracy, it won’t be the idiots who help us keep it.

And you capital “C” Christians who think the end of the world is nigh -and you are trying to hasten it- if you don’t want “idiocy” to define “Christianity” it’s going to be up to you to behave yourself.

The War On Idiocy is a bastard of a fight. It’s the front of the class finally having to turn to the back of the class and say “Shut the fuck up you moron, you’re holding all of us back with your inanity! Believe what you want to believe, whatever, but kindly leave the curriculum to Miss Hillhoople and sit down, PLEASE!”

And then, because this is a war after all, can we help but add: “IDIOT!”

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  1. Avatar James says:

    Actually, the War on Idiocy ended in October 2005. I was its leader.

    I declared war on idiocy in 2004. The cause gained popularity fast… until the point where my Xanga had several hundred readers and was frequently on Xanga’s featured list.

    The WOI itself now had over 200 acknowledged members.

    I was renowned for my invincibility in debate, mastery of the English language, vitriolic personality, and tendency toward the controversial.

    Needless to say, it was all satirical. However, unfortunately a lot of people are IDIOTS and there was a growing crowd of people following the WOI who believed it was serious. Indeed, there had already been one reported suicide attempt by someone who the WOI “mob” had targeted. So, I ended the WOI.

    Only the organisation, of course. The WOI lives on inside of me, and in everyone who wants to rid world of this plague known as idiocy.

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