Bush stirs Horn of Africa stew

Once again, Bush has thrown aside all support for international law, and has encouraged Ethiopia to invade one of its neighboring countries. He doesn’t really give a damn that this step is likely to eventually cost the area at least another tens of thousands dead. Also, it threatens to debalance the fragile Ethiopian-Eritrean ‘peace’ that is currently in place. But imperialists never really give much a damn when they push their proxy wars off on others.

Lesson that should be learned for Americans? Don’t push for the likes of the Bushes and Blairs to enter more actively into the affairs of Sudan-Chad, etc. Some local CS ‘peace’ activists are doing just that, instead of calling for all American and Euroepan troops to leave Africa entirely. Talk about misguiided activism! Let’s hope that they are not successful in getting what they are actually asking for, which is more US and European imperialism in Africa.

4 thoughts on “Bush stirs Horn of Africa stew

  1. If it wasn’t for European intervention and colonialism Africans would still be eating people meat fools.

  2. According to the Oxford World Almanac (the British had a lot of the blame in Imperialism and even called themselves an Empire) the practice of cannibalism as a measure against starvation started when the British, Dutch, Portuguese and Belgians destabilized South Africa and the Congo, and the resulting Great Migrations caused widespread famine. Kind of like the cannibalism, again with similar famines, Irish cannibalism in the 1800s, The British demanding perpetual tribute as “reparations” for the Irish not surrendering to the Mighty Imperial Britannia, the Orangemen and King William… Yep, that’s the Mighty and ever so polite and of course Superior in every way Aryan Supermen. Tell the truth, dude… You’re screaming about non-White AMERICANS out-breeding the English Master Race. It’s a big issue with your retarded president. If it hadn’t been for the first European imports to America was the ‘gift’ of smallpox, measles and bubonic plague, which killed off 90% of the natives. … the Mighty White Race would never have conquered anything. We’ve been a long time gaining back our numeric representation, but it’s happening. Isn’t that the true basis for your fear and hatred? What you gonna do about it?

  3. As for sovereignty, the so-called Founding so-called Fathers didn’t give commoners the vote until two rebellions after Cornwallis surrendered, and the Bill of Rights which was a copy of the British Bill of Rights was voted down in the first constitutional committee, especially your favorite bit about the first half of the Second Amendment… was completely voted down. The original BoR was gutted with some of the Rights were omitted in the first Ten AMENDMENTS. So your so-called “founders” couldn’t agree on anything.

    Your wannabee Josef Goebels propagandists Bill o,Really, HanniTitty-baby, Teddy Potty Panties Nugent and Limbaugh amongst other chickenshit chickenhawks, they’re not going to be fighting in the streets with their Nazi comrades (YOU, Bubba) but they sure do give you plenty of talking point slogans to chant as you’re getting your collective ass shot off.

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