Detroit Police taser then jail epileptic having seizure

In Detroit, yet another example comes to light of how police are continually using their new torture toy, the taser. There, they tasered a man in the middle of a seizure, charged him with resisting arrest, put him in a mental facility, and finally released him 3 weeks after being in held custody for what can only be called the police abusing their own power. Once again, the police will probably walk on this one.

Sad to say, if shooting down and murdering a 92 year old woman in her home in Atlanta is seen as normal by so many Americans, then wer’e going to see a lot of dead people following tasering by police in the years ahead. See news video

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2 Responses to Detroit Police taser then jail epileptic having seizure

  1. Avatar Kristine says:

    Police need to be taught every single kind of seizure and how to handle situations in which a person is having a seizure. Yes seizures are scary to witness but this does not mean that a police officer can be excused for mishandling a situation such as this. Epileptics are not criminals just because they are having seizures, treat them as you would a person who has a broken leg. Know how to treat them, help them, and understand that they have no control over their actions during that time. If it is found that they committed a crime then had a seizure, then take the necessary actions to restrain that person.

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    They do it to people who are already diagnosed with seizure disorders, by the police doctors.

    I’ve witnessed it.

    And the doctors who work for the police are, themselves, cops. With badges.

    It makes a sick kind of sense, gives them the deniability they need.

    A prisoner gets badly injured or killed, the diagnosing physician is going to be one of their fellow cops.

    And cops don’t testify against cops.

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