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Best Presidental Quote EVER

Better than Nixon saying (as Vice President) “you won’t have Dick Nixon around anymore” Of course he lied. Later he said “I am not a crook!” Again, he perjured.

Trump was very succinct. To the point. “I’m fucked” … actually, he’s sodomized with a shovel, sideways so it would hurt more.

Just in time for Pig Memorial Day, “Cop Killer” and Sarah Palin

The RetardiKlan wannabee president is allegedly upset over the song “Cop Killer”. Just in time for Pig Memorial Day, which is tomorrow.
Not upset over her demented followers blowing away Americans including a Judge, and of course children, nor upset over Cops handcuffing and then violently assaulting them for the so called ‘crime’ of “calling them names” like Chickenshit Pig Assholes. Or cops beating a prisoner, handcuffed and helpless and outnumbered at least 5 to one…Marvin Booker, to death in a jail cell in Denver, or cops forcing a REAL man, Oscar Grant, to lay on the ground then shooting him in the back for the ‘crime’ of being black without permission. Or shooting the 7 year old child Alyanna Jones then lying about the circumstances. (they shot her through the wall of her home according to the Pig-loving propaganda show filming them) and they get away with it because of all the really STUPID people, the Back The Badge MORONS who insist that everything a PIG does is legitimate even if it’s illegal.
People tell me that being beaten while handcuffed by the Coward Ass Pigs is “my own fault” because I shouldn’t have “talked back to them”.
These are the same people who will talk back to anybody they feel is helpless. Just too, you know, COWARDLY to talk back to anybody who is in a position of power. Then LIE right through their cop-cum stained teeth about how they “fight for freedom”.
They’ll say “I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it… unless it’s somebody wearing a Uniform who’s denying your right to say it”.
I can predict that everybody who answers this with indignant rebukes and indignant defenses of the Pigs beating up and even killing people for talking back, is a pure and simple coward.
Sure, your military and police gave me “freedom of speech”. Freedom to say how wonderful they are but if I deviate from the script I can be punished, and y’all cowardly Back The Badge MORONS will bravely help the Mighty Pigs build their Blue Wall.

The PIGS in Bossier City/Shreveport, LA, shot a man in the back 8 times and claimed he was turned, facing them, with what they thought was a gun. How do you shoot somebody in the back 8 times, 0 times in the front, and he’s “facing you”?
Because the victim was black, the Back The Badge Morons who prevented any charges whatsoever against the ALL WHITE PIGS who murdered this man, welcomed the Ku Klux Klan to their block parties to “raise funds to defend the Courageous” Murdering PIG scum.
Including David Duke. Former leader of the United Klans.
Of course there’s no element of Racism in the Back the Badge Moron Movement. Just ask one, he’ll tell you… after having his Pig Heroes arrest you for daring to question him on the subject.
As for the typical PigSucker response that “well, you must have done SOMETHING wrong or the police would never have done that”

PROVE IT before saying it, you Literally God-Damned Coward Bitches!
Talking back isn’t against the law, assaulting somebody for doing it IS.
YOUR PIG HEROES commit the crimes and you snivel that it must be the fault of those they assault, sometimes to the point of murder?
Sickening bunch of sycophants.
You deserve the police state you’re permitting, only problem is, those of us who actually DO stand for freedom will be under your Police State Dictatorship right along with you.
It was Cops who murdered Jesus. Any cop today would cheerfully step up for the opportunity to drive the nails into His dying body.

And all you Back the Badge Morons would say it’s “Suicide by Cop”.
The Pigs in Bossier City? Never prosecuted. The Dallas PIGS who murdered Octagenarian Etta Collins shooting through her door nearly 3 decades ago? Never prosecuted. The Pigs in Denver who beat street-preacher Marvin Booker to death in a county jail cell? Never prosecuted. Only one of the Cold Blooded Murderers of Oscar Grant was prosecuted, but not for Murder, “involuntary homicide”.

Put the gun in Mr Grants back and pulled the trigger but it was “involuntary”. Here’s a CLUE, for all you Pig Lovers who celebrated your pigs getting away with murder AGAIN… if the PIG, who was kicked out of South Africa for being too racist, didn’t want to kill Mr Grant then he probably wouldn’t have placed the muzzle of an automatic pistol in his back and cocked the weapon…

But get up in Church and tell the Pigs how much you love them, do it in Jesus Name even though it was Cops who murdered Him.
You know why I don’t worship with y’all? Because a PIG who would cheerfully beat me up for “talking back” any other day of the week will try to shake my hand and tell me how much he considers me a beloved brother in Christ. Beating people up while they’re handcuffed isn’t any kind of love least of all Christian, and I’m not going to join you in your hypocrisy. I’m not going to smile at you, shake your hand and pretend that I actually believed that you’re just plum eat up with Christian Love for anybody who doesn’t bow down and worship your badge.

Baby Killing Spree Continues: Alyana Jones, age 7, shot by Detroit Pigs

Things I learned while being handcuffed then beaten for the “crime” of Talking Back..
Pigs are Cowards. That’s the most important lesson. They know they’re cowards and as individuals are powerless even over their own lives. They resent it and need to lash out at anybody who is MAN ENOUGH to defy their Arrogance. Dissent, you see, weakens their so-called “Authority”, which is Right Wing Code for “Power Trip”.
They use modifications of the age-old dismissals (violently delivered) of any criticism of their Dictatorial Ways, “Might Makes Right” “A Deo rex, a rege lex” (The king is given by God, and the Law from the King) “Oderint dum metuant” (Let them hate us, as long as they Fear us… the underlying principle in the Global War on Terror and a direct quote from both Gaius Julius Caesar II, “Caligula” and Nero) “Rex est Lex viva, animata, et loquens lex”(The King is the Living and breathing law, and his word is Law… much like the modern practice of calling the Police “The Law”) and “go along to get along” meaning, convenience is more important a social value than Conscience.

I learned that there are always Retarded Groups who can be counted on to Back The Badge no matter how corrupt the Pig who wears the badge. People who will say “Well, you obviously didn’t learn Your Lesson

Ah, but I DID learn several lessons. Like I said, the most important ones are that the PIGS are Cowards, who can’t fight one-on-one even against somebody who is shackled. And that their supporters are Equally Cowardly.

The Chickenshits who say “you didn’t learn your lesson”, you know who you are.
And the direct translation of that is “somebody else needs to teach it to you again, but not us, because we’re not only Morally and Intellectually Cowards, but Physical Cowards”
I’m sure you Chickenshits would, if you had enough of your coward brethren present to embolden you, attempt to “teach me another lesson”.

Believe me, though, your words and actions already taught me a lesson, and reinforce it daily. It’s just, you know, not the lesson you hoped to teach.

I didn’t fail to learn, YOUR chickenshit PIGS failed to teach. And they always will.
Alyana Jones, age 7, you PIGS sure did “teach her a lesson” didn’t you?
Taught us all a lesson, yep. “Don’t defy our Divinely Appointed Authority or we’ll crash into your houses and kill your kids”.
The way you do routinely not only in Detroit, but also Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, if your Thug Leaders get their Satanic way, soon it will be Iran…

As always you’ll need your Gang to help you.

I forbore from writing this earlier, because the one lesson deeply imprinted on my brain is that of a sneering PIG with a club striking me and saying “I’m going to teach you a lesson” and “Who’s gonna believe YOU? All we have to do is say that you’re CRAZY and we’ll get away with it… we ALWAYS do”
The Murdering cowardly PIG who snuffed Alyana won’t face charges. That’s guaranteed.
Neither will any of his accomplices, including the Detroit District Attorney who won’t fight for an indictment, the Detroit Judge who’ll dismiss any charges, and especially the Coward Ass “Back the Badge” RETARDS. They’re the most important link in the chain of Police State crimes.

Detroit Police taser then jail epileptic having seizure

In Detroit, yet another example comes to light of how police are continually using their new torture toy, the taser. There, they tasered a man in the middle of a seizure, charged him with resisting arrest, put him in a mental facility, and finally released him 3 weeks after being in held custody for what can only be called the police abusing their own power. Once again, the police will probably walk on this one.

Sad to say, if shooting down and murdering a 92 year old woman in her home in Atlanta is seen as normal by so many Americans, then wer’e going to see a lot of dead people following tasering by police in the years ahead. See news video